Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Nebraska meets Indiana

Braska's reaction to meeting the very kind Rory Feek and his beautiful daughter Indy.  I missed the part where Braska said Indy was sooooooooooo cute!  :)

Our dream would be a photo showing the two most beautiful "states" together, right?!?  :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Streamlining the blogs

I know it's been forever, and yes, Facebook is much to blame.  For as long as I held out and didn't join, now I see it's simplicity (and it's ability to suck up all my online time!!).

BUT--After much pondering, I've decided I'm not giving up on blogging! Sometimes a narrative or story will be better served in a blog format, so I'm combining blogs into one.  Intentional Family is our new all-in-one blog for the goings on of our family, Braska's progress, celebrations, and challenges, as well as the amazing rise of little sister Kinlee.

Other places you could check out if you so choose would be our new business Larae Photography LLC on Facebook or on the web at www.Larae-Photo.com, or the page for my hobbies-gone-busy Just RK Designs.

So if there ARE any blog readers still out there, please come on over to the new place and join up for the ride.  All the old posts from the 3 previous blogs will be there soon so you can catch up if you need to!  I hope to catch up with all of YOU, too!

Thanks so much for being so faithful for so long! Blogs have been a pivotal part of our family story, and I look forward to our next chapters!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When Daddy stays home

Braska reporting: Yesterday Daddy stayed home from work because KiKi was sick and Mommy needed to get a lot of her job work done.  Then my school decided it was a snow day, so I got to stay with them.

I like to hold Kinlee sometimes when she isn't feeling good or when she's sad. That's what good big sisters do. Even though she's bigger than I am now. So I gave her some cuddles for a while. I think it helped.

And then we both watched Daddy do some of his work on the computers. We are good helpers!  It's a fun day when Daddy stays home.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Sleepover at Grandma C's

It's clean up time at Grandma C's house. The cousins come play tomorrow!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A quick little sassy video

After much resistance and hesitation, like years worth, I’ve joined Faceb**k. And maybe I’ll learn how to tie all this together or something… for a tech-ish girl, somethings still escape me….but in the meantime, if there is anyone out there still reading the blogs, here’s a clip for you. A peek into Braska’s after-school demeanor. Sassy with a touch of bossy.  You’re welcome.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Expanding line for DS Life shirts! Mosaic and Screen Print

Things have been overwhelming since the release of my DS Life design this week.  We’ve gone global… well, I mean we have international orders… but still!

What was just a sparkly rhinestone design is now also a screen print design for the less-blingy types and the guys who want to get in on this. (Yep, guys want in…)

And by request also, we adapted the image for a rhinestone version for mosaic DS.  Options!


The original rhinestone design is still the most popular so far. Orders have been coming in for 3 days now.  People from 11 states have ordered so far! Wow!


Click HERE to go check out all the details or get yours! How fun will it be to see all these walking around in Indy this summer…that’s what I keep thinking!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Watching the snow

When I got up this morning, I found Braska sitting by the back door corner. (Three doors in not enough space.) It kind of acts as our mud room for drying snowy dog feet and leaving snowy people shoes. During wet or snowy times, it's not a place we sit or stay.

But Braska circumvented the hall gate (really only meant to slow her down and cause enough noise for me to hear the girls getting up) found flashcards she loves, and apparently decided a seat with a view to the snow falling in the back yard was her pick.

When she looked up to see me, the remorse was obvious. Or her nose was itchy. Judgement call.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Down syndrome awareness bling!!

Most of you know that I’ve been doing rhinestone and custom accessories and such for a little while.  After just about bursting from excitement, I can finally release my newest original rhinestone design! Specifically for DS!!

**Perfect timing as we countdown to World Down Syndrome Day!
**Great gifts for teachers, therapists, family members, and friends! (And yourself!!!)
**Make sure you and your “posse” who are all meeting up in Indy this summer are decked out! 

Details about how it works,  what it benefits, and how you can get one –including PayPal checkout--are on this page...Just RK Designs
Or you can find out about how to win a FREE one at the Just RK Designs Facebook page.

Share the word, spread the sparkle!!!   Please link and repost!  Smile

(By the way… if you’re not into bling, I’m looking at doing this design in screen print.  If that’s more your speed, let me know and we’ll make that happen!)