Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cheer movie of ME!

We're really busy (we say that alot at our house!) lately, and so we haven't had time to put up stories.  My mommy has 3 jobs now and some days she does all 3 in the same day, so she hasn't had time to be on the computer much.

But she found this movie and remembered we never put it up for you to see!  It's from my competition routine in Joplin last month.  We did a super good job on this day, and Mommy got to get right in front to get the movie, so you can see me in most of it.  We even added little things to the movie to point to me!

I've got another competition in Cape Girard-O this weekend.  That's how I like to say it. Girard-O!  We'll be cheering on Sunday all day if anyone's down there and wants to come see us.

Hope everyone is having a great time getting ready for Christmas!