Friday, July 30, 2010

Mommy life: Personality changes

Lately, Braska has been showing signs of some changes. Not only is she growing physically—which she IS doing, though SO slowly—but she is really exhibiting changes in her personality.  Some are fun, and some are quite frustrating.
She’s 3. Someone must have told her that 3-year-olds are famous for being difficult.  Now, in fairness, and because I know there are some who will defend Miss B, she is nowhere near a “difficult child.”  But she has found her independent streak a little bit, and she has decided that she knows best in many cases.  These are good things, great milestones, really.  But it sure has made life more interesting and challenging around the house.
One nice thing is that when she disagrees with an instruction or does not want to cooperate in some way, she says, “No-fank-you” very quickly, like one word, but at least it’s polite.  It’s a hit with people who offer her a bite of food or something like that, generally people who don’t know her background.  They love that she is so polite about her refusal.  It’s cute, but it gets in the way just a tad sometimes.
On the positive side, she has really found a silly sense of humor.  She is laughing at appropriate times in TV shows or her learning DVDs.  There is always a “Ha Ha! So funny!” offered when Kinlee does something silly.  And the girls chase each other in small circles and tackle each other quite frequently.  The laughter is nice, I admit.
Yesterday, she did something else new.  She is usually very mellow in her high chair.  She sits there to eat or to get her tube feedings.  It’s usually a uneventful situation, except for the occasional, “Eat your food!” that she barks at Kinlee while tapping her tray.  But yesterday she had energy from somewhere like never before.  She just started bouncing around in her chair suddenly. The thing I found most impressive, which was prior to the video below—of course she wouldn’t repeat herself like I wanted—was that when I asked her “What are you doing?” she said, “Jumping!”  Answering a “what doing” question, as they’re called in her IEP, is a big deal, something we’re working on. And it is something that she’s not all that strong at recently. 
But this day was different… so I captured a piece of it.

New place to swim!

Don’t we look so excited!  (Me and KiKi have not been very good to give Mommy good pictures lately.  She takes A LOT,  you know!)

Some very nice people made it so we get to go to the Y now.  Thank you!! We tried it out yesterday to see if we liked it.  AND WE DID!  At least the swimming is very fun there, so I think we’ll do that a lot.  They also have a fun play room where we can go when Mommy and Daddy want to go and do big people stuff, too.

Mommy looked very tired when we got home, though.  It took us a very long time to get to the right place and to get dressed and all.  And sometimes me and KiKi like to go away from where Mommy is.  And since she’s carrying all the stuff, like our bags and floaty boats, it’s a pretty fun game to go look at other stuff instead of walking with her like we’re supposed to do.  She doesn’t like that game much.

But we had lots of fun. Mommy pushed us in our boats while she was swimming up and down.  Then we got out for a while and splashed with our feet.  We got to see some nice people and there were some kids swimming so me and KiKi liked to watch them. 

I hope we get to go back and do some more swimming soon.  Mommy says if we don’t listen like good girls and stay with her, we might not be able to go without Daddy coming to help us.  So me and KiKi are gonna try to be good, because we love to swim!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Sunday Style

This week on Sunday we got dressed and did our pictures again.  We haven’t done them in a while because someone has been sick on the last few Sundays, so we have missed church.  This week, we got dressed and went to PaPaw’s church. (See note at the end about these clothes.)

(Mommy note: That one above is one of my favorite pics of the girls, and check out this crop from it of Braska.  Gorgeous!  I never get this good a shot, but Daddy took this one and must have said just the right thing.)

KiKi wore some of my clothes.  We share alot of them lately.  She always wants to wear my stuff.  Isn’t this funny???  I wore the same thing a few weeks ago.  Same clothes!

KiKi gets pretty silly sometimes.  She likes to show her belly lately!

After church, we all went to eat before PaPaw went on a little trip to see his mommy and daddy.  They gave me and KiKi these hats to wear while we were coloring. 

We went to Grandma C’s house after we got done eating and me and KiKi napped and then played a while.  It was a fun day!

(Mommy note: About these outfits…. I realize I probably get more amusement out of this than anyone else, but there are a few of you who can relate to the fun of tiny little girls.  Braska’s currently 3 1/2, just hit 24 lbs, and is almost 34 inches. Her top in the pictures above is a 12 months size, the skirt is 18 months.  Kinlee’s just at 21 lbs and 32 inches at almost 18 months old.  She’s wearing a shirt that is 24 months and a skirt that’s 18 months.  The girls can swap out all these items between them. I’m guessing this fall we’ll have only one group of clothes for the both of them completely.)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good to be home

We had a really good time at Grammy’s, but it’s nice to be back home again.  We’ve been playing around and being silly.

I was sitting on Daddy’s lap and chewing on my toe. Because I can. So Daddy thought he would try it to, but he’s not so good at folding up his self like me. 

So I just gave him my foot to taste so he wouldn’t have to hurt his leg or something. 

KiKi sometimes climbs on top of me after she knocks me over when I’m sitting on the floor.  She just grabs me and we laugh when we’re on the floor.  But then she gets on my belly so I can’t get up.

I try to tickle her when she’s sitting on me, but then she just laughs and flops over on me!

Hope you’re having a fun weekend, too!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Off to Grammy’s

Me and KiKi are going to play at Grammy’s for a few days.  We are excited to see PaPa, Auntie Joy, and Auntie Ju!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Big girl bed!

My bed is a little different now, but it’s the same bed.  It can be changed all around for little tiny babies and big kids, all the way to old people like Mommy!  I won’t ever have to get any other bed!

The other day, Mommy and Daddy were in my room doing some stuff while me and KiKi were playing in the playroom.  Daddy moved my bed a little lower to the floor and took off the thing on the side that made it where I couldn’t get out.

So now I can get in and out of my bed by myself, though I don’t really like to get out. I just like to climb in there and sit and play for a long time.  And I napped and slept at night time and I didn’t fall out or anything!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pretty Solana

Mommy just heard about this today… there’s a cute little girl who is in a contest to try to get her picture on the front of a big magazine.  She’s “extra” special like me, and we think it would be SUPER cool if she could win!!!  Right now she is in 1st place, but she needs to make sure and get the most votes.

Click here to see her picture and vote for her!  Tell everybody at your blog too!

(Mommy note: Registration is required to vote.  I know that can be annoying, but really, you don’t have to sign up for anything to buy or anything like that… and if we could get a little girl with DS on the cover of PARENTS magazine, printed for millions… that would be pretty cool!  It took me barely over 60 seconds. SO worth the time!)

Here’s part of what Mommy got to tell her about Solana…

My husband and and I have been blessed with two beautiful girls. Soledad is almost 5 and Solana is 2 1/2. When Solana was born and we were told she had Down syndrome our lives were turned upside down. Through our faith in God and the support of friends, family and various organizations, we quickly realized how one extra chromosome made Solana and all children with Down syndrome extra special!

A couple of weeks ago we entered Solana into the Parents Magazine Cover Contest. Between friends and family, co-workers and complete strangers around the world, she won the first round. Next week, starting July 7 and ending July 14th, everyone will have one last opportunity to vote (before it goes to the Editors at Parents) for the child that they would like to see on the cover.  If she were to win the contest, she would be the first known child with Down syndrome to grace the cover of the magazine. However, this is much more than a magazine contest. It is about giving the 5.8 million people in the world that have Down syndrome a voice.

Our goal is to have at least one vote from each of the 50 USA states and one vote from 30 different countries (please let me know if you vote via email with your country in the Subject line)! I would love to know that not only you, but your friends, family, state and local agencies and partners/members have joined forces with us in voting for Solana and getting the word out via email, Facebook, websites and/or blogs so that we can finally give Parents Magazine a new face and let the world know that Princesses can have Down syndrome too!

You can only vote once a day, per technology (iphone, ipad, cell phone, laptop, desktop, blackberry etc) so vote everyday!!! Here is the link:

Here is the link to vote:

By educating one person at a time we have an opportunity to educate one community, one county, one state and one country at a time. Everyone is looking for a way to make a difference. Lets give them one!

Watch this video to "meet" Solana:

Follow the Event on Facebook too!!/event.php?eid=137362816276529

With much love,
Andy, Sasha, Soledad and Solana

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We have a new game that me and KiKi like to play. Mommy showed it to us last week when we were playing outside while Daddy worked on the fence. KiKi calls it "Rosies!" and she wants to play it ALL the time!

Here's a little movie of the first day we learned it.
(Warning: Very annoying parental verbalizations in the following videos.)

And then we tried again last night when we were playing in the living room... silliness!

(Mommy note: I don't generally have the girls in the "diapers only" fashion, mostly because Braska doesn't want to leave her g-button alone when it's just right out there for the world to see. Braska was feverish a little earlier, so to try to cool her off, I stripped her down. Clearly, it helped some, as she was feeling a little better for a while.

These are the kinds of videos that aren't especially special, but they ARE the kind I think will be fun to have later, down the road, to look back and remember how they interacted at this age.)