Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Grandma C Day Everyone!!

Today is my Grandma C’s birthday and it’s the coolest thing! Everyone all over is celebrating with her! We went to her church last week for a party for her, and there was lots of kids all dressed up for her birthday. I was a cute pink monster, but we don’t know her name. (I heard Mommy call me Princess Monster Snot-a-lot, so maybe that's it.)

And today we’re gonna put on our Grandma C’s Birthday outfits again for a party at church tonight! There have been people all around today with funny outfits on for her birthday. Isn’t it nice that everyone is helping Grandma C celebrate so fun?? I didn’t know that so many people knew my Grandma C!!! Happy Birthday Grandma C!

Oh, and it’s my friend Georgia’s little brother Rainer’s birthday too. He’s 1! So maybe some people by where he lives are dressing up for him too. Happy Birthday Rainer!

And there’s another special birthday that happened too…I’ll tell you about it soon!

Monday, October 26, 2009

31 for 21: Silly girl walking

I’m working hard on my walking with only holding one hand of Mommy’s and taking steps by myself sometimes too!  Here’s a movie we made at Grandma C’s and PaPaw’s on Sunday.   I was showing off a little, but everybody kept cheering for me!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

31 for 21: Twinkie sisters

Me and KiKi think it’s so fun to wear pretty clothes that look the same.  We don’t have very many of them, but it makes us giggle when we have the same clothes on!  This was a present from Auntie Rach and aren’t we so cute!?!

(Mommy note: Kinlee’s outfit is 6-9 months, size 3 shoes—she’s 8 months old.  Braska’s outfit is 18 months, size 4 shoes—she’s 35 months old.  Crazy.)

Monday, October 19, 2009

31 for 21: Signing with Jackson

Jack is my friend. You probably know that if you read my stories very much because we’re always playing together and he is in my class at school too.  I think he is pretty cool, and we always say hi and give fist bumps. (He calls it “pound it” but it’s ok with me.)

A few weeks ago, I was at Jack’s house so our mommies could make some fun shirts for us for the football games. (Mine is in this post if you want to see what we made.)

We played and climbed up the stairs (when mommies weren’t looking!!) and we even let KiKi play with us a little too.  Before we left to go home, we showed what we could do with our signing, the ones that both of us know. Here’s how it went…

Ok, Jack, you ready?
We’re gonna do some signing!
Hey, we’re gonna do a show, are you ready over there?

Let’s start with touchdown! No?
Ok, how about fish…
And hat…
Sign bird…
And cracker…
This is dog!
Sign baby… (we were very tired and ready for naps, can you tell?)
And now, we are All Done!

Friday, October 16, 2009

31 for 21: Go Spartan Sparkles!!

One of my friends sent this to Mommy today and we thought you would like to see it.  It was on the news tonight, so if you watch it you might have seen it there.

Click here for the whole story.  (There’s even a little movie in there.)

Cheerleaders in Iowa are doing a really neat thing!  I can’t wait til I can be a cheerleader!  My mommy started being one when she was little like me, too.

Here’s a peek at the super cool shirt we made for me and KiKi.  (Jack has one too, but he’s not gonna be a cheerleader, probably.  He’s gonna play football or something like that.)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

31 for 21: New pretty blog stuff

Since it’s all about telling people about what Down syndrome is this month, me and Mommy worked on a new fancy look for my blog.  Come look at it if you are using a cool little Reader like we do.  Whatta ya think?  I told Mommy I think it’s pretty before she even asked me!  She was excited!

Mommy was playing with her fun program that makes all the pretty stuff tonight and this is how we got started…


Mommy always calls me Little Beauty.  So she was trying to make me a cute shirt.  You want one too??

(Mommy note: I made several of these with different words, so if there’s one you’d like let me know.  And I’ve debated throwing some up like on CafePress or something… think anyone would want a hat or shirt or other item with that on it??)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

31 for 21: Walkin’ in the Park

A couple weeks ago we went to the Walk in the Park.  It’s a day when all of us with the extra cool chromosome get to have a little party and go to a baseball game together so everyone else can see how cool we are.  I think, that’s what it’s for anyway.

First we got dressed.  This is always important, you know.  I put on my “bird shirt.” That’s what I call it.

(Happy face)

(Too-cool-for-school face)

I got to wear my super cute bows from Miss Courtney and LC!!

Then KiKi and me got in our picture spot and showed our matching cuteness.  Our shoes are the same, our jeans are the same, and our white shirts are the same.  Our red shirts are kind of close.  Both of them have that bird on there.

Here’s our whole family that came with us.  It was SO cold!! We had to be all bundled up!

KiKi cuddled up to stay warm.

I watched everything from up on Daddy’s shoulders.  They had music and everyone was dancing.  Can you tell from this picture where I live??

After the party time, we got to walk down by the grass. Most people don’t get to do that. I went around with Daddy.  Mommy didn’t get to go because there was a little problem… but after it was done she came in later.

This is where the guys hit the ball during the game.

Here’s me and Mommy… I had a face like this most all day.  I just thought there was alot of stuff to see and it made me kind of quiet. And I didn’t feel very smiley since it was cold!

And this is Mommy’s favorite picture of me for the day. Can you see me down there?   I did some walking with her and Auntie Julia, and I even tried the stairs.  See how high up we were??

It was a fun day, but we hope next year it won’t be as cold!

Monday, October 12, 2009

31 for 21: Giggles x 4

My Grammy sent me this. It’s really funny. And in some ways, a little creepy, if you ask Mommy.  But wow, that’s alot of giggling in a small space! Check this one out.  Could you handle it in your house??

Friday, October 9, 2009

31 for 21: Signing Time Sale TODAY ONLY

Today is Miss Rachel’s birthday!!! So at Signing Time they are having a big sale, just for today!  Since it’s already night time (and Mommy’s computer is just now back to working), I thought I would tell you about this in case you want to buy anything today!

Happy Birthday, Miss Rachel! Here’s our present for you!

These are the shirts Miss Rachel sent for us in our box.  See how they have her name on them on our shoulders?!?  Can you tell what the weather is like here today?? (Mommy translation: Cold…fists up, like a shiver. Sign for cold. Braska always says Brrrrrr! Cold!)

I have to go now because Mommy says she needs the computer to go shopping at Signing Time!

31 for 21: Snackin' with Jack

Mommy's computer is broken or something, so we can't do our regular stories. We're borrowing Daddy's computer downstairs, but we have to be real quick.

Jack came over today for a while, and he had some lunch. I like to do whatever he is doing, but I don't like to eat alot, so I just sat by him and watched. We did some songs that we do at school and our mommies danced and were silly too. I like when Jack comes over!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

31 for 21: Serious coloring

After we watched the Bears win on Sunday (Woo hoo! I got to say “Touchdown!” alot!!), we took a little trip in the car, and then we went to eat dinner.  The nice lady there gave me a paper and colors. And I was doing really good til Mommy kept flashing her camera at me.

Can you tell what I was trying to say to her with my eyes?

“Mom. Please. Let me color. Enough with the pictures.”

(Mommy note: Since we’re highlighting DS this month, note Braska’s little pinky finger on her left hand. See how it’s a little crooked.  It’s a trait of DS. And we think it’s adorable. Interestingly, it’s also not uncommon in M’s family.)

Monday, October 5, 2009

31 for 21: Daddy’s post

My daddy put up a picture of me on his page.  He thinks I’m really cute when I get sad face.  You can look if you want.  I think he’s a little weird sometimes, but he’s my daddy, and I’ll keep him!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

31 for 21: PT Days

One day every week I get to go see Miss A, or she comes to see me, and we do some fun stuff. We call these PT days.  If she comes to my house, we go up and down the stairs, but she doesn’t carry me. She lets me climb up by myself, and then I go down, too, but I still have to have a little help sometimes.  I’m getting better though!

Last week, we went to school to see Miss A.  First I had to get some comfy clothes on.  We work hard, you know, so I have to be able to move alot.

Then KiKi wanted to get in on the pictures.  She thinks she has to do everything I do!

I sat down to wait for a few minutes before it was time to go.  But KiKi wanted up in the chair too! 

This week Miss A had some little thing that she put on me called Ther-a-togs. They are supposed to help me stand up better or something. We always do the letters on the wall.  It’s one of my favorite things. I can say most all of the letters when she gives them to me.

That one is H.  I like H.

We also do the tricycle and we climb steps and do the slide, and sometimes we do the swing.  And my favorite thing??  It’s the Space Maze!!!  It’s the best for sure!!!  Here’s a picture of me from a few weeks ago in the top part of the Space Maze. (There’s 3 parts.) I can go all the way up by myself now and I love it!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

31 for 21: Extra special girls night out

On Tuesday, we went to see one of my best girfriends, the Fabulous Miss LC!  She was here in our town to see some of my awesome doctors that I’m going to share with her.  I told them to take very good care of her!

First, we had to get dressed.  KiKi wanted to get in on my pictures, so I had to tell her how to do it.

“Stand right here, KiKi. I’ll show you what to do.”

”Ok, now look at the camera and show your pretty face.”

”If you have any questions, just stick up your hand. That’s what we learn to do at school.”

”Hey, who told Belle she could get in our pictures??”

LC was napping when they got to the restaurant, but she woke up in just a few minutes. Probably because she knew we were there to see her!

She sure loves her Daddy!!

Then she decided to sit with MY daddy! And she kind of liked him too.

LC found out she could get my hair while she was on Daddy’s lap.

If she wasn’t so darn cute… but she is!!!

Then she went to give some cuddles and giggles to Mommy.  She’s such a superstar! 

We had so much fun, and before we left one of the nice guys there took our picture.

I’m so glad we got to see LC and her parents.  They are all so much fun.  And guess what… it’s kind of a secret… for my Mommy’s birthday, we get to go to LC’s house for a big party for LC in a few weeks!  That’s going to be like the bestest thing ever!  See ya soon, girlfriend!!