Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 for 21: Happy Buggy Hallo-birthday!

We got to see Grandma C on her birthday this year! She usually goes to have a birthday visit with Miss Karen, but this time she stayed home.  So we went to have dinner with her and then we went around her neighborhood to a few places with nice people.

Wanna peek at last year and the one before?? See if anything looks familiar?
Here’s when KiKi was 1 1/2 and I was almost 4. (2010)

And here’s when KiKi was 2 1/2 and I was almost 5. (2011)

And here’s this year, KiKi’s 3 1/2 and I’m gonna be 6 in a few weeks!!

I’ve worn the same bumblebee for 3 years!  The same one, not a bigger one.  And KiKi wanted a ladybug again, but she couldn’t fit in the one from before, so we found another one just like it only a little bit bigger. 

Next year, we’re going to try something new…

Hope you had a great day!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 for 21: First BiG concert!

Me and mommy are watching LOTS OF PEOPLE come in to this place called Family Arena to watch Tobymac. I keep telling Mommy and Daddy, "I am SO excited!!!"  

KiKi and Daddy are walking around looking at stuff. Mommy and me are taking cheese pictures before it get really really loud in here!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 for 21: Another tooth gone

Today I had to go to the dentist.  I don’t know if you know this, but I do NOT like to go to the dentist.  Dr. Lindsey is very nice, I mean, but she makes me lay down.  I do NOT like to lay down on my back in those kinds of places. NOT ONE BIT.  I had to go there a couple months ago to get my first tooth out, and when I got there this time, I told Mommy and Daddy very clear that I wanted to GO HOME NOW.

But they said I had to stay.  This time it hurt a little more.  I felt the big poke in my mouth for the shot.  That was NOT fun at all.  Mommy and Daddy have to hold on to me really tight, and they kind of lay on top of me when I’m crying really loud.  I keep telling them I want to get up and be all done, but they say not yet.  Mommy says, “I’m sorry,” a lot. 

Dr. Lindsey is really quick, I guess, but it feels like a long time.  They have to put this candy-smelling stuff by my nose, but I don’t like that either.  When they start to give me the shot, Mommy has to look the other way, but Daddy watches to make sure it’s all ok.

After I’m done, I get up really quick.  Dr. Lindsey shares some of her toys with us, so we get to go pick something.  I usually pick the bouncy ball.  I got another one today.

And they give me a balloon, too.  By the time I got outside, I was all happy again. 

And we took Daddy back to work still in his lunch time.  I told you Dr. Lindsey was quick!  But I sure hope I don’t have to do that anymore.  Mommy says the next time I have to go is in January.  That’s a long time away. I’m so glad.

(Mommy note: This girl is so tough.  At 30 pounds, it still takes two parents practically on top of her, holding her head, arms, and body still, while the dental assistant/hygienist is also helping and the dentist is holding on while she works.  I hate doing that to B, but it’s a must.  Her bottom front two adult teeth came in and the baby teeth didn’t even loosen one bit.  So one came out in August, and the other now.  Dr. L says that this shouldn’t be the case for the rest… and I sure hope that’s true. 

The great part, and the only thing that lets me get through the traumatic pinning of my girl for a few minutes, is that she recovers within 5 minutes.  Before we’re out the door of the office, she’s ready to go.  Credit to a great team and a tough cookie!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 for 21 : Sleep stackers

Daddy and KiKi like to cuddle. They cuddle in the morning time a lot when it’s Saturday or Sunday and Daddy’s still home when we wake up.  I’m not so into cuddling for very long, but this sleeping in a stack might be fun to try.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 for 21: Ella’s house

Almost every day I ask Mommy, “Can we go to Ella’s house?”  Usually she says, “Not today.” 

But today was Tuesday, so we got to go!  We go play with our friends while the adults learn Bible stuff.  Next month everyone’s going to come to our house each week.  Now THAT will be fun!

Tonight me and KiKi and Ella took some pictures outside.  We’re all pretty much the same size.  KiKi and Ella are 3, and I’m going to be 6 in a few weeks.

KiKi was trying to get pictures later with Cody and Landon, but they kept going away from her.

Monday, October 22, 2012

31 for 21: I smile. She swims.

Mommy is having fun with Auntie Rachel’s camera. So we’ve been doing a lot of “cheeeese.”

Sometimes I do my serious thinking face, though.

KiKi had swim lessons tonight, and she pretended to be a puppy. But she swam pretty good tonight! 

Then we went to cheer with Daddy while Mommy had a meeting.  We need a staycation, Mommy says.  And a blank calendar.

We watched a little baseball and football, too.  The Cardinals forgot to play at their game tonight.  But the Bears played great and WON!  Da Bears!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 for 21: Gooooooing up!

Tonight at cheer, I went ALL the way up! High as they could reach me. And I didn’t get scared at all. 

Coach Steve put KiKi up on his hand again, and he even walked around with her up there!  She didn’t get scared.  She’s really good at being up there and staying straight up.

We also practiced tossing tonight.  We stand on their arms and then they toss us up in the air.  I didn’t mind it, but I didn’t stay up like I was supposed to.  KiKi flew pretty high on hers.  Mommy caught a picture as she was coming down.

KiKi also helped Coach Becky with the rope on the Tinker Bell swing.  I didn’t know she was that strong, but she sure tried to pull on it.

We have some more of our friends who visited tonight and who are going to be cheering with us.  YAY!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 for 21: Full fall day of fun

First we started with some pictures in the backyard with the leaves. We didn’t want to take real pictures, so Mommy just got some of us being silly. But we’re still cute, I say.

KiKi just kept wanting to pose.

We did stand together. For just a second.

But then we wanted to just throw leaves in the air.

Then we went to the store and got a few last things we needed for the big picnic. It was the picnic for all my friends here who are “extra” cool like me.  KiKi tried to do monkey bars but Maddie had to help her.  She’s nice like that.

We had to leave the picnic early to go to see Coach Sara and Coach Steve at their game.  They teach us to cheer so we wanted to see THEM cheer at the football game!  Go LU!

KiKi sat with Coach Shannon, Coach Sara’s mommy.  I sat with Daddy.

The cheerleaders did a little show at halftime. Coach Sara’s up in the air.

Here’s a close shot of her.

Then Coach Sara and Coach Steve cheered in front of us for a while so we got to wave at them.

We had to leave before it was over because Mommy and Daddy had to be somewhere soon.  But we stopped to take pictures with our cheer coaches.

We’re SO lucky to have super great coaches!

Before we got in the car, Mommy wanted to take pictures of us in our shirts and bows that she made this week, but we were still just wanting to be silly.  Pose!

The cheerleaders did LU with their hands.  We thought we’d try…

And a moment of a sister hug too.  We like sister hugs.

Mommy and Daddy and Grandma C and PaPaw John and Grammy and Papa ALL went to a dinner tonight for our school.  While they were gone, Auntie Rach and Auntie Julia were here to play with us.  We even got to play Chutes and Ladders! 


Then it was time to get ready for bed. Grammy and Papa came home early to get Auntie Julia so they could go all the way home before bed.  We read our Bible story first.  I was really tired, so I just went to bed and right to sleep.

It was a REALLY busy day!!!  But we had lots of fun for sure!

Friday, October 19, 2012

31 for 21: Day in PJammies

We didn’t have school today. It’s our first day off school since we started. And we decided to just stay home in our PJammies. 

So we didn’t take any pictures. But we had fun!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 for 21: A field trip. Again.

KiKi’s class must have heard how much fun we had at the pumpkin patch yesterday, because they went today!  Mommy went both times, so I’ll let her tell you about their day today…

Déjà vu. We loaded up the van with cute little girls. Yesterday it was only Braska and a friend and the friend’s mom, today it was Kinlee and 3 friends plus 1 other mom.  Kinlee has a serious selection of shades that live in the van, so everyone chose a pair for the ride.

KiKi’s class went to the same place, but a different location.  So it was similar but different.  Keeping it interesting, which was ok since two field trips in two days could get boring…

Climbing the big hay pyramid…


For the most part, Kinlee was pretty excited about the whole event.

She liked the swing, of course.

The zipline was a BIG hit!

A little video clip of the zipline…

She kept refusing to take a picture with me… showing once again how strangely a 3-year-old brain can think. No good reason, just didn’t want a picture.  But we managed this one on the hay ride.

Tumbling down the big slide with her buddy C.

KiKi is the youngest and smallest in her class by far, since we bumped her up to the next class at school.  But she really has some sweet friends, and they’re all SO full of energy.  It was a fun day.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 for 21: Birthday Field trip

Today we took a field trip. My first one in kindergarten!

My friend helped me do lots of things. Like climb WAY to the top of this hay tower. Mrs. E was up there and we waved to Mommy from across the way.

Since it’s Mommy’s birthday we stopped for a smiley picture together.

All my school friends are so nice.  There are 7 other kids in my class.  They’re all way bigger and faster than me, but they always help me and invite me to go with them.  My friend E is one of my favorite buddies. We went around and did some fun things together. She even was my car buddy and her mommy and her rode with me and Mommy in our car.
(Mommy note: I can NOT say enough things about the kids in B’s class. They are just amazing.  That has a lot to do with a superb teacher in a really great school.  But the kids themselves are just so sweet, so wonderful with B.  Patient but not too patronizing. They just love her and want her to be doing things with them all the time. She has really thrived in this environment and I couldn’t be more happy with her class situation. I know I need to talk more about the whole private school/no SpEd/no IEP thing. I’ll try soon!)

I liked this horsey swing.  I wanted to go HIGHER!  My friend A’s mommy was helping but she was afraid to make me go high.

So Mommy took over and pushed me really high!  I LOVE to swing high!

And the big slide… it was WAY fun too.  I did it lots and lots.  There was a big bunch of stairs to get up there, but I’m getting pretty good at them so it wasn’t that hard.

Before bed, we had a silly picture with Mommy for her birthday.  It was a fun day!