Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Heart Day to Me! 3 Years!!

Can you believe it’s been 3 whole years since I had my heart fixed??  That’s right! Today is my Happy Heart Day!

Here’s where you can go back and see the story about all of it if you want to… I have some little friends who will be having their hearts fixed soon, so their mommies sometimes like to see how I did when Dr. F fixed mine.  And Mommy and Daddy like to go back and see how little and cute I was, and what a good girl I was in the hospital, too.

Every year we look at this picture, even though it’s scary sometimes for other people, for me and Mommy and Daddy, it helps us remember how strong I am and how much God has helped me.

And look at me now!!!! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mommy report: ENT visit

What’s new, you ask??

You might have seen on the Twitter gadget on my blog that we had several things to talk to the ENT about yesterday when Braska saw him.  I took my handy dandy fancy clipboard with my questions ready. 

We addressed her sleep issues, waking frequently, and apneic episodes that have been getting worse lately. 

We’re now waiting for the sleep center to call and schedule her appointment. Depending on what is found, she may be having tonsils and adenoids removed.

We addressed her hearing issues, the fact that she’s been getting lazy with her speech, and seems to show that she’s not hearing as well as she has in the past. 

After the oh-so-fun microscopic exam of her ears, she has fluid again, 4th time in 3 months, and we’ll be scheduling surgery to insert tubes after the results of the sleep study are in.  If we need to do the tonsillectomy, we’ll combine the procedure with her tube placement to avoid anesthesia twice.  Most likely her hearing issues are related to the fluid distorting what used to be clear to her.

We addressed her incessant teeth-grinding, letting him know that it happens when she has ear issues, and it lessens or stops when her ears are clear.

After the typical “kids just grind their teeth,” he did agree that it will likely help to have the fluid situation taken care of via the tube placement.

So that’s where we stand.  We’ll hopefully get the sleep study scheduled in the next few weeks, then after those results are in, we’ll set up the tubes procedure and whatever additional things need to be done at the same time under anesthesia… possibly even dental work that is soon due.

There. You’re up to date. Thanks for asking!

My new hair

Here’s a couple more pictures of my new hair. This was before school today and I was ready to go, so I didn’t want to stop and look at Mommy for the pictures.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Something is different


More pictures tomorrow when it gets fixed better. Mommy is a little sad but I like it alot better because it doesn’t hurt to comb my hair now. And Mommy says it will grow by summer, so it’ll be long again soon, but better this time. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Me ‘n Jack: KiKi’s party

This weekend me and KiKi are at Grammy’s house while Daddy plays games with his friends at our house and Mommy’s getting some quiet time by herself.  So here’s some pictures from last week to hold you over til I get home.

Jack and his mommy and his sister Madelyn came to KiKi’s party.  We had almost the same clothes on, and we didn’t even try to do it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's KiKi's Birthday!!!

My sister is 1 today! Make sure to go to her blog and give her birthday wishes!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sing along, Take 2

Some of you could see my videos from Saturday, but some couldn't get them to work. So I'll try a different way to show you. Can you see it now??
(Movie clip below for Reader readers...)

(Mommy note: It's not so much "singing" as toddler rapping of sorts, but the fact that she can string several words together on command, and often without any prompting at all...that's exciting for us. And to be fair to Braska, this was late in the evening, and her enunciation always gets a little lazy as she gets tired... but it's still neat to hear!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sing along with me

Listen to this...

Can you tell what I'm singing? I'll do it again for you...

Do you know that song??

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Like Christmas again!

See all this stuff???  All these super cool and really fun toys came from our friends.  Look at all that in the picture.  ALL of it (except the bouncy turtle with the orange ring on his head) came from our friends Amber and Katelyn!

But that’s not all!!!  Look at this!

And this, too!!

Amber and Katelyn didn’t need their toys anymore because they are big girls and they got other toys, so they gave these to me and KiKi!  Isn’t that so nice?!?

There were two butterfly outfits in the box, too. So me and KiKi put them on last night.  Mine was too big, but Kinlee’s fit just right.  Mommy said we were pretty cute little butterflies

We got coats for me and KiKi for next year and some neat pink pants that I can wear in the snow when I get bigger.  Miss Nico gave us another pair of those pants, so next year me and KiKi will be able to go outside and play in the snow together. I think that’s going to be fun!

We’re going to take some of the toys to Grandma C’s because she needs some toys there, too, and that way we can share with Xander and Shay so they can also have fun.  Anyone wanna come play at my house??

Thanks Amber and Katelyn!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Laynee’s fun family

Remember how I told you about Laynee’s birthday?  Well, back before her birthday, I got to go her house and play with her family some.  It was really fun.  I got to play with Jamee and Jade and Brock and Moise. And Mr. Jim and Miss Karol, too! Jamee and Jade are SO pretty! I hope I look as pretty as them when I’m a big kid. Mr. Jim was really funny and he gives nice hugs. And Miss Karol gave me some good snuggles, and we even have a couple little whisper secrets just between me and her. 

They had fun toys to play with, and they helped me know how to put the eyes and hats on Mr. Potato.

Jade helped me count these star things with holes in them.  If you pushed the button they went around. 

Brock was lots of fun! He gave me all kinds of cool toys to play with.  And he even had fun hair all sticking up and stuff.  I touched it a little, too.  He should come to my house and play, I think.

We had alot of fun. I didn’t get to meet Laynee since she is in Heaven with Jesus, but I’m really glad she helped me meet her extra nice family.  I hope we get to play again very soon.