Thursday, July 26, 2012

207/366 School doctor visits

Before we can go to school, we have to get a note from the doctor to tell our teachers that we’re healthy.

First we had to wait a little. But we didn’t mind.

Then they had to see how big we were.  We’re both 29 pounds and 38 inches.

Then we checked out some of the stuff the doctor will use.

We giggled when she looked in our ears.  It tickled.

Later, while Mommy was busy at Auntie Rachel’s, KiKi read some books on the iPad. She’s pretty good at finding stuff on there.  I don’t really like to mess with it.

We passed our doctor test, so now we’re all set for school!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

206/366 Block towers!

What’s the best thing to do?  Build with blocks!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

205/366 My turn at the dentist

It’s time for my teeth to have an appointment with the dentist. So first we had to get dressed in happy bright colors.  Mommy says that’s important when we go to the dentist.

My favorite part of the dentist we go to see is that they have a neat fish tank and good movies on the TV.

The nice lady let us brush the dragon’s teeth when we got a little upset.  KiKi was just here a couple weeks ago but she was still not very happy to be there.

I didn’t like to lay down. Not one bit.  So they let me sit up for a while and they tickled my teeth like that.

For lunch, KiKi had ed-uh-mom-ay for lunch, and she made a silly mustache with one of them.

Then she tried on the sticky mustache she got from the dentist office toy machine.  Funny girl!

Then we told Mommy she had to try it, too.

I had swim with Miss  S.  I’m doing a lot of good swimming and kicking now!

We went to Grandma C’s house, and since we didn’t get naps at home, we took them in the car.

Miss Karen was visiting Grandma C and PaPaw, and we always like to see her!!!  She teaches kids to read better, so I was showing her how good I can read. And  she was impressed!  Then she showed us some really neat places to read stories on the computer.

KiKi tried doing foot rubs like Daddy and PaPaw like. It was like a foot rub party!

Monday, July 23, 2012

204/366 Hot stunting

(Been updating a lot, trying to catch up… so if you haven’t seen the latest stuff, look at the last few weeks here! There’s pictures and movies!)

It is SO hot at cheer!!!  But we practiced tonight anyway.  Because we’re trying to get good!

See how hot KiKi is?  She’s all wet from sweat!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

203/366 Cheer outfit

Tonight Mommy and I went to cheer just for a little bit.  The big part of the cheer place where we practice doesn’t have cool air when it’s hot.  And it is REALLY hot here.  So we tried on my new uniform to see how it fits…  it’s a little bit big, but it’s the smallest they make!
We’ll have to make some adjustments, I think.

Then we played a little in the cool part of the building since there were only a few of us there.  We love duck duck goose!

We found out my first show that they call a comp-uh-tish-un is on October 6.  We’ve got lots of practicing to do!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

202/366 Chimi’s buddies

We went to dinner with Miss Linda and Mr. Gary.  They are our Chimi’s buddies.  Mr. Gary likes to go there, and they’re so nice that they like us to come with them!  Me and KiKi like to put pennies in the fountain, and we really like their food, too!  But the best part for me is always getting to sit with Miss Linda.

Friday, July 20, 2012

201/366 Scissor practice

We have been practicing our skills for school.  Today we did some cutting with scissors. Here’s a movie of me doing my practice. It’s especially for Miss Jenny, because she’s the one who has helped me learn to do so good! 

(Mommy note: For those of you who ask for video of Braska talking, there’s a bit in here… psst, Hi Ellen! Smile)


Here’s a quick one for KiKi too.  She’s pretty fast!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

200/366 The last last day at my school.

Today was the last day at my school.  I’ve been at that school since before I can even remember.  More than 3 years, since I was just a little 2-year-old.

If you weren’t around back then, here’s the story about my first day. (I was so little and cute!)

(Mommy note: Here’s a bit from that other post, in case you’re one of those who can’t be bothered to click ALL the way over there. Smile

She's 25 months old. That's a 9 month shirt, 24 month "skinny" jeans with the adjustable waist cinched to the max, and size 3 shoes that are still PLENTY big. Oh, and underneath is a 9 month onesie. She could wear 9-12 month jeans since they fit around her waist but they're too short. These are a little long still, but better than short in the winter. Eventually she'll even out...maybe.

The funny part to me about that is that today, at over 5 1/2 years old, today she wore a 3T shirt, 24 month capris, size 7 shoes.  She’s taller, and she weighs almost 10 lbs more than she did 3 1/2 years ago, but if it’s not for length, the same size pants still fit her.  In fact, she still wears some of the same shorts as she did that summer! Amazing.Going into kindergarten, still hanging at 29 lbs.)

At the end of school, Mommy did take a couple pictures. She got there right as we where finishing circle time.  Everyone got up and went to get their backpacks and things.  I just waited a bit until Miss A came to tell me it was time to go.
It’s the last time I’ll get to sit at circle time there. I’ve been in Room 411 for two years and one summer. It’s a good room.

I got my backpack and was ready to go.  Mommy took one more picture in my classroom. 

Then we went out the doors, and Mommy took another one there.  It says “preschool entrance” and I am not in preschool anymore! 

I’ll still come to this school building to see my favorite buddies who help me learn to write letters and eat better, but no more school here for me!

It’s time for kindergarten in just a few weeks.  And if Mommy ever gets the time, she’ll give you all the big details of the new changes there. We thought we had it all planned out good, but God had something even better that he waited to show us! 

Thank you, school, for being my favorite place for these last years! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

199/366 School stuff. New backpacks!

We’ve got lots to do before school starts.  So we went shopping.  We got pencils and crayons and markers and paints. But first, we looked at the fish.

And then we got to pick out our own backpacks.  We have to get the big kind now, and we only have the little kid kind.  This is the one KiKi picked.

I picked one with a frog on it… but I’ll wait to show it off til my first day of kindergarten! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

198/366 Braidy curly hair

Today before we left for school, we took some pictures outside.  Our hair was in braids yesterday, so today we took them out and had fluffy braidy curly hair.

Silly faces!!!

We like to play games on the computer, and KiKi is good at starting them up and doing all the clicking and letter pushing.  We played for a while tonight while Mommy was cooking.

Today was a big day because we found out that I’m going to get to go to a new school.  The same one as KiKi is going to.  It was a very big deal at our house.  Miss Amy and Miss Jenny even came over to visit about it.  While they were there, I did some of my reading for them.  They were pretty excited, I think.

Monday, July 16, 2012

197/366 Sparkle puffs

We got to try something new tonight at cheer… I think they look like sparkle puffs, but Coach Melissa called them poms.

But I do know that they were fun! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

196/366 Bright summer princesses

For church, we wore new dresses that we got as a present.  Mine is blue, and KiKi likes magenta.  She likes to find things that are magenta.  I think she just likes to say it.

After our showers, we got dressed and watched a little Sesame Street.

After we got all ready, we went outside to take a few pictures in our pretty dresses.  KiKi didn’t have her shoes on yet, though.

Sometimes I get to making silly faces…

”Hey, did you see that one, KiKi?  That was a good one!”

Saturday, July 14, 2012

195/366 Class, cousins, and cuddles

KiKi started her first swim class with friends.  She was pretty excited about it. 

Then we went to Grandma C’s house.  Our cousins were in town, and we always try to visit with them when they come to Grandma C’s.  I didn’t really feel like playing much, just did my own thing with the flashcards today.  That’s my favorite game.  Throwing flashcards all around.  braskacards

Shay and KiKi and Xander ran all around like crazy kids. But they stopped to take a picture of us all together before we came home.

Daddy and KiKi had some cuddles after we got home.  That’s one of KiKi’s favorite things to do.  And Daddy’s too.  Even Belle got in on it under Daddy’s legs.

That’s a pretty good day, I think.  Lots of fun, then home for family time.

Friday, July 13, 2012

194/366 Artists at work

We love to paint! And Mommy loves when we paint at the table for a good long while. She always seems to get the kitchen nice and clean while we paint.

KiKi likes to make rainbows lately.  This was a nice one.