Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mommy report: Eyes good. Fever bad.

Just a quick note for those of you who have been wondering how the eyes are doing postop. 

Bottom line: She’s doing great.

She is a champ and the recovery was really SO much better than I expected.  We have had no glitches in the postop process  There was a moment on Saturday evening when we thought there might be some concern, when she had some goo coming from the eyes that was very abnormal.  But with a couple days more of the antibacterial ointment, she was all good.  There is a little redness still there, but that’s within the range of normal for this point in recovery.

We’re seeing some much better alignment with the crossing issue, and she seems to be more comfortable in general, especially asking for her glasses when they’re not on.  The head tilt to the side is still there, but we hope she re-learns proper posture as her brain and eye muscles heal to their new normal.  The chin-up tip is still very there… we’ll probably be addressing that MLN issue with surgery in Sept/Oct.

Unfortunately, this morning she starting showing signs of something a-comin’.  She went to school and had a good day, but was very quiet according to her teachers.  When she got home, she was lying on the floor a lot, and that’s her first cue that something is not right.  She has a particular way of lying on her belly on the floor, the movement, the glassy watery eyes, etc… I was pretty sure there was a fever on the way. And sure enough, a quick check showed 100.4.  For a super cool little bug who generally lives in the high 96 to low 97 range, 100.4 counts as a real fever in our house.  The kind that usually brings her to a sad little halt.

I gave her some ibuprofen, some lunch, and she asked for some cuddles, in her oh so adorable little way. “Mommy? Please can you hold me?”  She was asleep in about 60 seconds.

So when this girl is in this bed before 1 pm, it’s a sure indicator that she doesn’t feel good.


I am thankful that she bounced back from the eye surgery quickly, and I hope that is the case for our little fever course as well.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Little more climbing

The other day I showed you a movie of me climbing on a big thing at the playground.  I forgot to show you a few more pictures from when we were playing! Silly me!

Here’s what I was climbing on in the movie… see how high it goes?? And I went the whole way by myself!!

KiKi did climbing, too, on the stairs. She didn’t want to do the other things with me.

She was going down while I was going up…

And I was going UP so that I could go slide down!!!

It was a good day.  I’m sure we’ll go there again soon, since it’s right by Daddy’s work. We can take him some lunch, maybe, and he can play with us.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Special surprise!!

A few weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy took us to pick up a “special surprise” at the store. Someone who loves us very much got us a special surprise!!!  We went and got a GRRRRREEAAT big box plus another little box.  We put the big one in the garage, and Daddy brought in the little one in the house.  He started to get things out of it and put them all together.

Me and KiKi tried to help, but Daddy said he could do it himself.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When it was done, we had a BIG jumper in our living room!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The big box stayed outside in the garage for a few days because Daddy said he was going to have to have some help to fix it up for us.  PaPaw and Uncle Levi came over to help Daddy one night, and the next day (after she had to dry it off from the rain!) this is what happened when Mommy said we could go see our big special surprise!

Can you believe that there’s somebodies who love us so much to get us a swingset?!?  It’s going to stay in our yard so we can go play whenever we want!

KiKi wanted us to go down the slide together.  It’s not very big for two girls, but we did it!

Then we tried the see-saw swing.  It’s a little big for us still, but if we hold on tight Mommy can swing us on it.

This is my favorite part, because I can go climb up there and sit as long as I want. This is the part that was why we got this swingset instead of a different kind.  So KiKi and I can sit together with Jack and Dashlyn when they come over, OR I can sit all by myself and just relax.

We played until nap time.  KiKi went in and went to bed.  I decided I would try Daddy’s hammock, since he likes to sleep in there.  It worked really nice, I think.

Thanks to our special somebodies who got our swingset for us! And thanks to the other special somebodies who put it together for us!  It’s going to be really good to have something I can practice my climbing on and work on my swinging to help me get strong. And it’s FUN!  We can’t wait for it to stop raining so many days so we can go out and play some more!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Me and Mommy time

Today was full of lots of different things…

First, we got up and had breakfast with Mommy. Daddy is on a trip to play games with his friends, so it’s just us girls hanging out. Then Mommy did some cleaning and me and KiKi played a lot and made more big messes.

Then Mommy had to go to work, so Auntie Rachel came to play with us for a while. We ate lunch, and we played, and then we took naps.

When Mommy got home, KiKi and Auntie Rach left to go to a party. KiKi’s going to stay in her room at their house tonight. So me and Mommy decided we would go out just us!

We went to a place close to our house that has lots and lots and lots of food. I like it because it has so much to look at and there are people all over the place.

We got to sit in a little seat in the corner, so we played a little while Mommy ate her dinner. First I did my flashcards…

Then we took some pictures, but I was being goofy and didn’t want to say cheese nicely.

Then we watched a little bit of Laurie Berkner on Mommy’s phone.

We had a really good time. I had some pudding and some water, but mostly I just played and talked to Mommy. I also told everyone BYE when we left!

After we got home, we used some new things that Miss T gave us at my visit with her yesterday. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The big things on my head play special music in my ears to help me learn better and to help me not grind my teeth as much. Mommy is really surprised that I like them so much. The yellow thing is for me to practice blowing. I can make it go TOOT, but it’s not a very big toot yet. But it’s fun to try. It is kind of hard work, though. I’ll keep practicing.


Before I got ready for bed, I talked to Daddy on the computer. I could see him and he could see me. It was kind of fun. I kissed him goodnight right on his computer face.

I also had some icky stuff in my eyes today, so we had to call the eye doctor. We’re going to try some medicine in my eyes again, and hopefully that will be better tomorrow. I do NOT like the medicine in my eyes, though. It makes me gooey and I can’t see very good. But I hope it helps me not have the icky stuff tomorrow.

I hope you had a good day, too!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Climbing up high

Sometimes I have to work extra hard to learn things and make my arms and legs do things that I want to do. I have lots of teachers at school who help me learn new things. Miss L helps me work on walking and running and climbing. And it’s hard! But I’m really having fun with all the stuff I’ve learned this year from her.

I didn’t used to be able to do this, and Mommy was so surprised that I did it this week at the playground! So this is for Miss L…and for all my teachers who have helped me get stronger and learn more and more.

Can you tell Mommy was kinda scared at how high I was going all by myself?? (I had to tell her, “Mommy, it’s ok!” Did you hear me?) But I did it!!!!

(Mommy note: There are SO many unbelievable things in this one little snippet of Braska’s life. This one peek speaks to so much progress. That she will even attempt a climbing structure still surprises me. That she can maneuver her feet on those little cylindrical rungs and balance is huge. That she can move her hands up at appropriate times and continue to move forward as the angle changes and requires her to readjust. That she is paying visual attention to where her feet go (though not as much as Mommy would like at 5 feet in the air!) is great, if still a work in progress.

Braska struggles in a BIG way with gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and visual motor. She is improving SO much these last several months. And seeing her just decide while at the playground that she is going to do this little apparatus is just an indication of not only how far she has come but the determination that will continue to keep her learning and growing.

Thank you, U.S. team of teachers and therapists, for investing in my girl another year. This little piece of video cuteness would not be possible without all your work. And Miss L, can you believe that girl?!?! Smile )

Thursday, May 26, 2011

KiKi’s Turn: Baby bath

We were looking at some old movies of when KiKi was a tiny baby, and we found this one of the first time she took a bath in the big girl bath with me. 

She had just had her birthday for 6 months old, and she was being such a big girl, I let her try my big bath tub out for fun.

We’re big girls now, but we still love our baths!

Monday, May 23, 2011

See my eyes?

I am at the doctor's office again today so he can see how my eyes are getting better after he fixed them last week.  I hope he likes how they look!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting better

I’m feeling pretty good.  My hurts are not too much anymore.  Sometimes my eyes feel itchy and Mommy makes me keep my hands out even though I want to rub my eyes to make them feel better. 

The funny red stuff in my eyes is getting a little better, too.

Thanks to all you nice people who have been asking how I’m doing.  I have to stay home mostly still, but I’m playing and doing more around the house.  Grammy has been here helping me for a couple days and Grandma C is coming later today.  It’s not fun to have eyes that are itchy and red, but it’s nice to get to see my grandmas!

(Mommy note: She’s doing really well.  She’s not 100%, but she’s much closer to it than I would have ever thought she’d be at this point.  I’m really thankful that it has gone so well so far, and I’m very aware of the role that all your prayers have played in her progress.  Big thanks to our family members who have given their time to help physically, money for easy meals/cooking, and moral support via regular checks to make sure we’re all ok. We appreciate all of the members of the Braska Fan Club, far and wide!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's dat mommy?

I looked in the mirror and there is some stuff in my eyes. I asked mommy what it was and she said that's where the Dr fixed my eyes a little.

I'm ready!!

Mommy asked me if I was ready to go and I said YES!! So here we go. I'm glad we are done. Thank you for praying for me!!

Home soon

Getting unhooked and ready to go home.

Semi peaceful sleep

She is resting ok but her O2 sats are a tad low. Going to add some blow by just to help her out.

Recovery. Still groggy but not upset. Has opened her very very red eyes to see who is holding her. We will be here a couple more hours to make sure she comes around well.

She is out. We r headed to recovery. Dr says all went well.

testing mobile/email blogging

Just a test. No new news yet. She's still in the OR.

More getting ready at the hospital pictures

(Mommy note: She’s still in… just thought I’d share a few more cute pre-op pics. To keep you busy, Grandma C. *wink*)
braskapreop7braskapreop3braskapreop5OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         braskapreop6braskapreop4

Playing at the hospital

I got to put on great big pajamas with fishes on them. And I’m working on my letter beads.  Everyone is so nice, and they think I’m pretty funny.  I’ve been really silly this morning because I got up so early.


(Mommy note: They took her back about 8:20am. She was the first case this morning, and we expect to hear from them in about another 20 to 30 minutes. She was in great spirits so far, and we are hopeful that the procedure and recovery will go as smoothly.  So many of you have been sending notes and texts letting us know that you’re praying. We do not take that for granted, and please know that we appreciate them very much.  God is good and he will care for our girl, no matter what. 

I’ll update more when we can.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pretty dresses that sparkle

Sunday we got to wear some new dresses that we got a while back after Christmas. (Our clothes fairy likes to shop good sales!) Since it was kind of cold again this weekend, we decided to get them out.  It’s never a bad time to look spiffy and sparkly!

KiKi gets all grouchy lately when Mommy wants us to stand by the door for pictures.  So she caught her walking around with her doll, Jennifer.  Can you see Jennifer has a matching dress to KiKi’s too??


We have more special and sparkly dresses that have to wait until Christmas this year.  They’re too big for us to wear yet.  Thanks, Clothes Fairy! :)

Tomorrow is a big day for me…I get to go to the hospital for the day. Don’t know if I like that or not.  Mommy’s going to talk about it a bit more later today on her page.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy Pop

Today is Daddy’s birthday.  We didn’t make him a cake because he doesn’t like cake.  We didn’t get him new golf clubs because he doesn’t play golf.  We didn’t get him a new car because he already has one.  We didn’t throw him a party because he isn’t really into parties much either.

Instead, we just got him a bunch of extra hugs and kisses to give him when he gets home from work.  Those are his favorite thing in the world.  He gets all happy when we give him hugs and kisses.  And since he’s a pretty good Daddy, we like to make him happy.

He plays with us, even when KiKi stands on top of him.
(Daddy’s family—Do you see something familiar in that face up there? Wow.)

He reads us stories every night before bed. And when Mommy’s at work, he tucks us in and brushes our teeth really good too.

He loves to sleep. A lot. And he likes it best when me and KiKi will cuddle, too.  He even let KiKi sleep in the living room one night on a big blanket when she wanted to.  And that’s not very comfy at all.

He takes us to fun places to play, sometimes.  And he always makes sure we have the best time!


Thanks, Daddy.  We love playing, and cuddling, and reading stories with you. (But not brushing my teeth. I still don’t like that one.)

Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ready for Mommy’s Day

Today is Mommy’s Day.  We tried to get ready earlier this week.
(Remember, clicking on pictures opens them larger)
First you have to find the right flowers.

Sometimes it takes a little while and lots of smelling to decide.

And it helps if you have some hugs from your sister along the way.

“Ok, KiKi, PUUUUUUUSH!  Maybe if we can get this open, we can wash Mommy’s car for her.”

Happy Mommy’s Day to all the mommies that we love so much!