Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby leg trap

I love to play with my slinky toy. It's one of my favorites of all my toys. But today it got me. I'm not sure what I did, but I looked down and my leg was stuck.

That slinky just wrapped right around my leg. I worked on it for a while but then Mommy had to help me get out. I'm gonna keep an eye on that silly slinky from now on.

I did some other really funny things today too, and Daddy told those stories at his blog. You can read about my visit with a very nice lady and the way Daddy carried me tonight.

Happy Birthday, Great Grandma J!

I hope your birthday is thiiiiiiiiiiis much fun!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jumping crazy

This morning it was Tuesday but Miss Robin didn't come to see me. Mommy says she's coming on Friday instead. But I still woke up early. Mommy looked like she wanted to sleep more again.

After I got my vanilla milk at lunch, I sat there for a little bit while Mommy made lunch for Daddy when he came home from work. I just got comfy, but Mommy thought it was pretty funny.

I played some at my little table today. I'm practicing playing on my knees, and today I did it for longer. It was fun to throw the little things in there, so I didn't mind being on my knees.

Mommy washed a whole bunch of clothes today, so she had alot of putting away to do. While she worked in her room, I jumped and danced to the fun music on the radio. Check out my big jumps!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend pics

We have had some good stuff going on lately at our house. Nothing all that special, but it's been fun. And we have been HOME so that's the best! I haven't had to go to St. Louis in a few weeks now! But Mommy's been pretty busy so she hasn't had time to help me tell my stories on here, so we've got some catching up to do!

Friday I wore another one of my outfits from last year. And it was pretty comfy! It has a thing that goes on my head, but I only let Mommy put it on for pictures, then I took it right off.

Here's what I looked like last spring in this outfit. Gosh, I was so cute! Ha ha!

I went to Sophie's house for playgroup. Maddy came too, so there was three of us this time. It was pretty fun, and the mommies had a good time too. And guess what!? Sophie's mommy has her own blog to tell stories on too, and she tells really GOOD stories! Go see her blog!

Saturday morning I woke up and Mommy looked very tired when she came to get me. She said it was VERY early, but I thought it was time to play. So we went to her office and got it cleaned up. Then she got the carpet sweeper out, and I love that thing! I always giggle when it gets turned on because I like the sound of it. Daddy thinks I'm funny about that. I found the cord to the sweeper, so I had fun listening and playing.

Saturday afternoon, we decided to go outside to play, but it was very chilly even though the sun was out. I got my hat on and a blanket and played in my swing.

After a while, I just cuddled with Mommy and we rocked in the outside rocking chair.

Daddy was napping in the hammock while I was swinging. Then I got in with him and even Belle jumped up there too. We had to be careful because we almost fell out when it tipped over!

On Sunday afternoon, Daddy read some books to me, and I thought that was really fun. He is a good book reader.

On Monday morning, Miss Judy came to see me. She wanted me to stand up and play with toys on the couch. She had the chair behind me so I could sit down and then stand up again.

Then she moved the chair around and wanted me move my hands from the chair to the couch and then back to the chair. I did it once, but I was pretty scared to do it again.

Monday night, I got sick and spit vanilla milk all over Mommy and the couch. It was a big mess. So I had to take a shower to get all cleaned up. I just love to play in the water!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Working with Daddy

This morning Miss Louise came to see me. She brought some animals that stick on a board. They make a really neat noise when she pulled them off, so I tried to, and it was fun! I pulled all the animals off the board and then I said bye-bye to each one.

We showed Miss Louise how I ate the ice cream yesterday, and she was so excited! After she left, Mommy asked me if I wanted to eat a little of her sandwich. It had peanut butter and strawberry jam, and it wasn't bad at all. The camera didn't want to take any more pictures, but we got just a little bit to show you and for Miss Louise too.

I took alot of bites, but I just like the peanut butter and jam part so I spit out the bread part.

After Daddy came home from work, he had to go do some more work but I got to go with him. We went to Miss Judy and Mr. Bill's house, and they were very nice. At first I just wanted to be with Daddy, but then I felt better and I played on the floor with Miss Judy.

Mr. Bill told me some pretty good stories, too.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nice days to swing

It's been pretty nice weather at our house for a few days. Sunday I got to wear one of my summer dresses to church. This is another one from last year, but it fits me better now.

Sunday afternoon we went out to the front yard while Mommy worked on the plants and stuff. I started out on the blanket, but then there was this tickley stuff.

I spent some time looking at my book while Mommy was cooking.

On Monday, Mommy and I went to lunch with Miss Mindy at Toro. We haven't been there in a while because Daddy says we're saving money now. Miss Martha wasn't there, so I guess we'll have to go back again later to see her.

Mommy and I went to the store after lunch, and we got a new fun toy for me. We saw the stories about my friend Logan playing in his swing this last weekend, so Mommy decided that was a great idea for me too. When Daddy got home from work, we put it up in the tree outside by the pool. I think it's GREAT!! Wheeeeeeeeeee! I even waved at Daddy to say thank you.

After a while, Daddy let me try his big swing that we call the hammock. I didn't like how that felt so much. I only like it when he's with me in there.

Today I got to wear another new outfit that Mommy thought would be the right size, but it was too big. I wore it anyway since it was kind of a sunny outfit on a sunny day. But I'll have to wait to wear it till I get a little bigger. Mommy tried to get me to stand up for a picture, but I just kept being silly.

So we took a couple sitting down, but I hid the pretty stuff on the shirt from Mommy at first.

This afternoon Mommy had a snack and she let me taste it. At first I didn't want to try it, but then it kind of looked like Mommy thought it was yummy, so I just opened my mouth and got a little when Mommy wasn't looking. She got so surprised! Here's what happened next...
It was SO yummy that I finished the little bit Mommy had left and she went to get me another one. I ended up a little messy too.

But tomorrow I get to try another one when I can get all messy with my hands. I don't know if I'll like that, but maybe it will be fun.

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Baby Hunter!

No, that doesn't mean someone is looking for babies!! Baby Hunter is here!

Miss Jennifer called to tell Mommy that Hunter decided to come early yesterday, so we went to see him today. I put on a new outfit since it's nice and warm, and he's a boy so he might like baseball. Auntie Rachel got me this outfit last year when I was a tiny baby, but it just now fits. It has 6-9 months on the tag inside, but it's still kinda big. It has a hat too, but I didn't like it very much, so I wouldn't let Mommy get a picture with it on. This is for Auntie Rachel's favorite team, St. Louis Cardinals.

We picked Daddy up at work for lunch time and we all went to see Hunter. Isn't he so cute?!?

Olivia is Hunter's big sister, and she's pretty happy about it. She gave me and Mommy hugs.

We played on the floor and she read me a book about animals. She's 6 months older than me, and she's really smart!

When we got home and had lunch food. And guess what? I spit it all up again. I don't know why, but my belly is not feeling good when the food goes in. I don't feel sick or anything, only when my milk goes in my belly.

When Mommy changed my clothes, she put a summer outfit on me again, and it's from last year when Miss Karen A and Grandma C got it for me. It finally fits like it's supposed to. It has 3-6 months on the tag. I only wore it once last year I think, and that was for this picture on 3/31/07. See how big I've grown!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Go all day!

This was such a busy day!!
First we took Belle to Miss Wilma's for a haircut.
Then we came home and I had my morning food.
Mommy did some quick work and we went back to pick up Belle.
I went to nap and Mommy took a shower.
When I woke up, we got dressed and went to Miss Amy's house.
I had my lunch food and spit up almost all of it.
My friends Larkin and Sophie were there.
We played while the mommies talked and had lunch.

Then we went to Zoey's house to meet her mom Miss Connie.
I played with them and showed off my tricks some.
Zoey's sister Andi played with me and then I feel asleep on her.

When I woke up, we were in the car again.
We went home and had dinner food.
I took a nap after Daddy got home from work.
When I woke up, it was time to get dressed.
Mommy tried to tell me what we were going to do, but I didn't want to listen.

We went to a meeting for families who have kids with extra chromosomes like me.
I played with Daddy and on the floor during the meeting.
The big people talked about something called "a-state planning" for kids like me.
We went home and it was bedtime again.
I had my bedtime food and spit up almost all of it.
Mommy and Daddy talked about why I was doing that but they don't know.
Then I went to bed.

Sleepy time

Mommy's been sneaking pictures of me sleeping. I love my super soft blanket that Miss Karen K made for me when I was a tiny baby. I sleep with it every night. See how my fingers can go right in?

Mommy keeps asking me how I got like this, all folded over, but I won't tell her. She found me like this the other morning for the first time. It's a secret between me and my bears.

And this one was probably just because she thought it was cute or something.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Learning cards

This weekend when we were in St. Louis, I got to learn some about the game that Grandma and Grandpa, Daddy, and the uncles play alot. It's called P-nuckle or something like that. I really like to sit up on the table so I can see good. This time I sat with Uncle Levi and helped him play.

Uncle Levi is a really good p-nuckle player. He taught me some good tricks. And sometimes he even taught me to make faces like him so the other ones didn't know how good our cards were. I think I look a little like him, and that's good because I have handsome uncles!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Quick Grandma C

We made a quick trip to Grandma's this weekend. I haven't had a chance to put anything up yet, but she did. So if you're in need of a new Braska pic, jet over there.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Play Ball!!

Tonight me and Mommy played some ball like the therapists like me to do. It's good practice for some things I guess. So this is another video for them, but we'll share it with you too. I'm learning how to play better and better. Mommy talks alot in this video, but they tell her she's supposed to do that even though she feels silly about it. It's fun to be silly, that's what I tell her!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kitchen talk

Today Mommy worked really hard to get the floor in the kitchen all clean. I like to play in there alot, and I can move all around real easy. I always make lots of noise in there because it seems like it's more loud than in the other rooms.

Miss Louise comes to help me learn to talk and eat, and she tells Mommy how she doesn't hear me talk much, so here's a video Mommy took today for her. I thought some of you, mostly grandmas and other mommies, might like to see it too. It's kind of loud, though, because I'm having fun!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not much happening

Our house has been pretty quiet lately, and Mommy says that's a good thing. We only have had one therapy instead of three this week, so that's been nice to have a break.

On Monday I got in some good cuddle and playtime with my Daddy. That's always fun. We always practice all my new tricks so I don't forget them.

Tuesday we went with Miss Karen K and the girls to a big store with lots of big boxes and big bags of food and other stuff. The carts are even big so both me and Gracie could fit in there together! Maddy walked because she's a big girl.

Today I played on my new play floor. It's kind of squishy and has neat colors. We got it at the big store yesterday.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Hi and Bye

This last week on Friday, my friend Ali P came over to visit. Her mom brought me a toy potato guy that you can put eyes and ears on. Isn't that funny? Ali P is only a couple weeks younger than me, and they are moving away to Ohio this week, so Mommy wanted to take a picture of how big we are. She's pretty smart! She can stand up all by herself! Bye Ali P! We'll miss you!

On Saturday, we went to say goodbye to Great-Papa F. It was nice to see our family that we don't see every day. It was a nice day, and I didn't even have to wear a coat.

It was sunny, so Auntie Rachel let me borrow her sunglasses.

Mommy didn't take very many pictures, but she did catch Auntie Rachel throwing me up in the air.

Then I showed them all what I could do when I acted like I was Superman!
(Mommy note: She is not mid-movement here. She was stiff as a board just like this for like 10 or 12 seconds. It was crazy! And they said she had poor trunk strength! Ha!)

And on Sunday, I showed Mommy a new trick I was just learning on Saturday.

Sunday night Mommy let me help her to pick out the names of the winners who get BabyLegs! You can check out the list here at Mommy's blog.