Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have been busy did these spots get on my dress??

Daddy's been trying to help me have some here to see how he's doing it. Funny stuff!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My new friend Jack

Today I met a new friend that lives really close to our new place. He is "extra" cool just like me. I wanted to talk to him about who he likes for people who teach him stuff like crawling and playing. It's always good to get the inside tip, you know. His mommy, Miss Julie, and my mommy both talked about alot of stuff, so I think we'll be able to play together soon. He's good at eating and crawling, so Mommy says I need to have him teach me some things about that.

(ETA: Don't miss Jack's blog!!)

This is how it went for us when Mommy sat us next to each other.

Jack: Ummmm, there's someone new next to me.
Braska: Ummmm, there's someone new next to me.

Jack: Hey, she's kind of cute. I wish she'd look at me.
Braska: Uh oh, I think he's looking at me. Is he looking at me?

Jack: Oh. Maybe she's gonna look over. Should I say hi?
Braska: Hey, is he still looking my way? Should I say hi?

Jack: Maybe she's not gonna say hi. What's she smiling at?
Braska: He's cute? Maybe I'll look. Just a quick look. Because I like cute boys!

Jack: Oh no. She's looking at me. What do I do now?
Braska: Hey! He is cute! How fun is that?! Hi Jack!

We finally got to chatting a bit. He is a pretty smart guy! He's about 3 weeks older than me, so I bet he knows more stuff for sure. I think we're gonna be buddies! (Pssst...Sophie, come be our buddy too!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun with stuff

Today was pretty fun for me. We didn't really do much, but I found all kinds of good stuff to get into. Mommy thinks it's funny how I can get all over the living room and stuff now by scooting and rolling and stuff. She is surprised when she's in the kitchen and then I just show up!

First we watched a little HGTV. Mommy always laughs when she notices that I'm watching. It's not as good as Food Network, which is my favorite, but I like to see all the colors and pictures of neat places.

Then Mommy started taking pictures of me being silly. Sometimes she takes too many pictures. You'll have to excuse her.

And then, in the afternoon, after I'd made a mess all over my shirt and was playing in my "naked baby" outfit as Daddy calls, Mommy caught me playing with new things.

(Mommy note: This qualifies as a grandparent video. It's cute and all, but it might be too long for some. But hey, it's got great music, so enjoy that for a little break. )

I found out today that Daddy has lots of fun things to play with on his shelves.

I even found some Magic cards, but then I was sad because it was just an empty box. But then the box ended up being pretty fun too!

Tonight Auntie Rachel came over and played with us. We went to the store and then she stayed to watch a movie and have dinner. It's nice to get to see her more now. She takes very good care of us!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yay for short drive!

Now that we are in St. Charles, we've been doing regular stuff again. I'm hanging out with Daddy some when he comes home for lunch and after work.

Monday we went to Uncle Ethon and Miss Cheryl's house. It's nice to only have to drive a little bit to see Grandma and Grandpa and the uncles. We even get to go back home the same day! I wasn't so sure about everyone, so I sat with Mommy most of the time. I did play on the floor some, and I liked watching when they were playing games on the TV after dinner.

Today, we went to see Dr. G at the DS Center. She's always so nice. We got to see Miss Alison too, and she always helps us with stuff to make sure we're all taken care of with my other doctors. It was so neat to go to the appointment and be home by lunch time!

First I read my book a little while we waited just a minute for Dr. G. They took me to the silly scale too, and I'm 18 lbs 7 oz now.

Dr. G looked me over and said I was doing really good. She said my size is just right, so I don't have to worry about getting big all fast, just slow like I have been doing. She's happy that I haven't been sick at all, because most kids don't get to be well all the time.

Tonight I watched some Baby Einstein, the one with the arms and legs and nose and eyes and stuff. I like this one alot! Mommy put my hair up kind of funny, too. I think it looked silly.

See my toys on the floor? I have a new one that's my favorite. It's called paper plates. I found them on Mommy's shelves, and now I just love playing with them. They're all over the living room now!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cloudy nap day

Today we're trying to get all these boxes out of our house. There are alot of them, but Mommy's getting rid of them one at a time. Daddy and I helped a little while this morning, but then we thought of something better to do. Shhhhhhhhh....Don't tell Mommy we're not working.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

18 months

Tomorrow I'll be 18 months old. I think that sounds pretty grown up. Since I'm having that birthday, I went to see Dr. Y last week on Thursday so he could see how good I'm doing. We won't get to see him anymore since we're moving to St. Charles. That's kind of sad, because he's a very good doctor for me.

I got on the silly scale again. It said I weighed 18 lbs and 1 oz. 18 pounds and 18 months!

Dr. Y said I really need to try to gain some more, but I think I've got enough on me for now. Otherwise, he said I was doing really good. Miss Courtney gave Mommy a package of all my papers from there, so we can take them to our new doctor.

On Saturday, lots of people came over to help us load up a big truck. It was like people all over and they kept carrying our stuff around. I just stayed out of the way and played by myself. I thought they might accidentally put me on the truck too! Mommy even had to go get another truck so they could load it too!

On Sunday, Daddy and I went to St. Charles earlier than Mommy and Grammy. We went to find our new apartment. I had to show Daddy where it was, because he hadn't ever been there and I had been. When we got there, we had to wait a while for Mommy and Grammy to get there with the trucks, so we played on the floor. My hair got all fuzzy.

We got all our stuff moved into the apartment, and Mommy tried to get a few things put away but we were all tired. Then Monday morning Mommy and I went to Children's to hang out with Sophie and Miss Jen so that they wouldn't be too scared about Sophie's surgery on her eyes. She did really good and was brave like a big girl. There's a story about it on her blog and there's even pictures of me in there! Go check it out!

We came back to Champaign with Sophie and Miss Jen and stayed at their house last night since our house is empty. Today we did lots of errands and went to Toro. I got to play with Miss Martha, and then tonight, while Mommy went to dinner with her friends, I went to Miss Martha's house to play. We had a good time reading books, and I napped on her for a while too. Now it's time for bed. Tomorrow, we will go back to St. Charles to get things all unpacked. Someday, maybe we won't have boxes all over. Mommy says maybe not. I'm just tired of all this driving, and I'm ready to be at our new home.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy and bored

Things at my house are really messy. Mommy is putting all our stuff in boxes, and it is making for a real messy place. I don't hardly have places to play anymore, but she says it will be done soon.

Since everyone has been busy doing things, I've had to find stuff to keep me from being bored. Daddy was packing some books, so I looked through a few of those.

I also thought I'd help by packing up the trash in Daddy's room. Mommy said I should find something else to do.

On Monday morning I found some neat lines on the floor while I was waiting for Miss Judy to come.

Miss Judy said this is the last time she would see me. I guess she's not coming with us to St. Charles. She showed me some pretty fun bubbles that come out of a little stick. I thought it was really neat! I even tried to do it myself.

Here's a little movie of me playing with the bubbles.

After Miss Judy left, Miss Andrea came over with Josiah, Ty, and Levi. She helped Mommy and played with me. Josiah showed me how some toys worked too.

On Tuesday, we went to St. Charles. Zoey went with us to keep me company. She's good at showing me books and getting me toys that I like while we're driving. And she makes me keep my glasses on too.

We went to our new house, but it's not a house that's just ours. It has a bunch of other people in a big house. Mommy called it an apartment. We're only going to be living there until we can find another regular house. This is the living room and the playroom and the office all in one. It didn't seem big enough to me, but Mommy says we'll make it work.

We picked up Grammy in St. Charles and brought her back with us to help get packed and ready. She and Mommy worked all day yesterday on things, mostly putting stuff in boxes again. I found one of the boxes and got inside. I got tired of waiting for someone to play with me so I just layed down because I was bored. Soon I hope we can play more again.

And last night I decided I could try to help Belle eat her food. I took it out of her bowl and threw it, then she went to find the food and ate it. It was a pretty fun game for us since everyone else was busy.

Only two more days till we have to get this house all empty, so I better let Mommy go back to packing. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy AND Daddy Day

Today is Mother's Day, so I gave Mommy a big hug this morning extra special. Happy Mothers Day to the grandmas and all too!

It's also Daddy's birthday, so it was his special day too. I took a nap on him today at lunch.

After church we went to lunch with Mr. Dan, Miss Jennifer, Olivia, and Hunter. Then I spent the day playing while Mommy packed and worked on the house, and Daddy painted a little and played on his computer and watched movies. We have alot to do, so I better go help Mommy some more.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Friends to play with

Last week on Friday and Saturday, my friend Olivia came to play with me for all day both days! Her mommy and daddy and baby brother Hunter were moving to a new house, so she came over to our house while they worked. It was fun to have someone around to play with. We thought it would be fun to take a bath and splash alot, so that's what we did. Olivia can splash better then me, but I got her good a couple of times.

Then we got out and dried off in our big towels.

After our bath, we watched Baby Signing Time together. We both have poky dot shirts on too!

On Monday we were in St. Charles and got to have lunch with Auntie Rachel. She liked my Cardinals outfit, but she should...she gave it to me!

When we got back Monday night, Miss Jen came over with Sophie and Alexander. She got a new computer that Daddy was helping her with. We played while they worked. I'm gonna miss my friend Sophie alot.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Simulpost: Heading south

It's big news time--We're moving to St. Louis. Well, actually St. Charles, just NW of St. Louis. It's where I lived before we got married 7 1/2 years ago and I moved to Champaign. It's where M got a new job, just finalized yesterday after a whirlwind process that only began late last week.

It's a bittersweet time, as we will miss Champaign a whole lot. This is the longest I've lived anywhere in my life, and that's something. It's been very good to us, and sometimes it's been a little cruel to us, but that's life in this world. All in all, I will think on my time here very fondly.

We are excited about being close to family, close to friends in that area, close to Braska's doctors, eliminating the trips down for appointments and such, trading a 3 hour drive for about 30 minutes to downtown. The new job is very good, and it seems like it will be an easy transition for M to slide right into. He starts in 2 weeks, so the chaos will be overwhelming for a while, but in the end, I really believe life will be much simpler and that's a BIG deal to me.

Big kudos to my husband for making this move. He is not a fan of change, to say the least, but he is putting his family--specifically Braska's best interest--first, and for that I'm immeasurably grateful.

More details will come as we know them. It's all so very fresh still. So far things have been miraculously smooth, so we know this is the right path to take.

(While I blabber on, here's how M announced it.)