Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My superstar friend

I’m sorry I haven’t been telling many stories.  It’s been extra super busy lately.  Jack played at my house for a couple weeks and now he’s hanging out with someone new.  My new friend is so cute, and she’s going places and playing with us just like she’s always been here….

Who is this superstar??
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It’s DASHLYN!!!  She’s home and we are having lots of fun!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A good day to be 4

I had a great day. It was really busy and there’s lots of pictures to show you, but I’m gonna go to bed and get some rest!

Happy birthday to me!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday baking and cupcaking

I had a GREAT day today! 

Me and  Mommy went to Miss Cheryl’s house (Uncle Ethon wasn’t there so it was just a girls party!) to make my birthday cake for tomorrow.  KiKi got to stay with Daddy today and go with him to take Belle to get a haircut.

Did you remember it’s my birthday tomorrow??  I’m gonna be 4!

Well, Miss Cheryl knows about making cakes (you can see some of her other cakes over here) and she sent some neat pictures to Mommy to get ideas about what to make for my birthday.  They put some of the ideas together and made me a super cool cake! It was made of cupcakes, isn’t that fun?  Like lots of little birthday cakes all together.

First we put the cakes on the white board.  Cooper was watching in case I dropped it.

Do you see the neat wrapper things that are on the cupcakes??  Look who is on there!

Then we put some red stuff called icing all over the tops of the cupcakes. Miss Cheryl helped me so I didn’t make an oops.

Then I decided I would rather go watch my Happy Birthday Signing Time movie, (We got it from the library so I could remember my birthday signs and songs!) so I let Mommy and Miss Cheryl take over the cake stuff. (I also liked looking at Miss Cheryl’s book of cake pictures that she has made… )

Miss Cheryl kept working on my cakes. Can you tell who it is now? 

When they showed it to me, I knew who it was right away!  I said, “It’s Elmo!”

See?  Doesn’t he look so good?  All furry just like the Elmo on my TV.

There’s more to my cake, though. You can check out the other parts on Mommy’s stories.

I can’t wait til it’s my birthday tomorrow.  I even sang “Happy Birthday” for  Miss Cheryl today.  I’m practicing for when we sing tomorrow!

Thank, Miss Cheryl!!! I love my Elmo cakes!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My baby cousin

Auntie Skye had a baby this week.  Uncle Jody was there, too.  I haven’t got to go see her yet, but Mommy did and she said she’s pretty cute.  We found this picture Auntie Joy took, so I can see how little she is.

That’s Auntie Skye’s mommy and sister with her.

Before we just knew her name was Baby A, but now we found out her name is Arden Mae.  Me and KiKi have been looking at pictures and KiKi says, “That’s Ardie Mae!”  She doesn’t say her name right, but I think it’s kind of cute, so I say it that way, too. 

Did you know that I’m the one who gave KiKi her new name, too?  I didn’t want to say all of Kinlee when she was a baby, so I just called her KiKi.  Now everyone does!  I’m smart with names!

Mommy tried to get us to say it right, but we don’t listen very good sometimes. We hope our new baby cousin doesn’t mind that we already gave her a new name!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

She’s Dashlyn Now!

Remember how we have been waiting for Jack’s new little sister to come home?  Well she’s not home yet, but very soon!  Miss Julie and Mr. Allan got to go over to where she lives and meet her, and the people there said she is all theirs now!  So her real name is Dashlyn now!  Isn’t that exciting?!? 


Isn’t she just the prettiest little poonchin!?!

She’s gonna be my new BFF, and I can’t wait until she can come play at my house.  Mommy says she is gonna be part of my Christmas present this year, and I think that is the best present ever!  I’m gonna show her how to do her hair pretty with bows and how to say funny things and how to wear the cutest little outfits and how to walk like a big girl.  I know about that stuff, you know.  We’re going to have SO much fun! 

Go over to her blog and see lots more pictures and read the stories about her playtimes with her new mommy and daddy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday yesterday, Auntie Julia!

I’m a little bit late on this one.  It’s been very busy at my house with Jack coming over every day and ALL THE PLAYING that we have been doing!  That takes a lot of time, you know!

Yesterday was Auntie Ju’s birthday.  She’s 15 now. 
(That’s Auntie Ju and Grammy.)

We have a lot of fun with Auntie Ju when we go stay at Grammy’s house sometimes.   She is really good to play with us and stuff.

Here’s what she looked like 10 years ago. (Wow! That is a LONG time ago!)  This was on her 5th birthday, at Mommy and Daddy’s wedding.

Randa's Wedding10 (3)

I hope you had a really good day, Auntie Ju!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Very nice big sisters!

One of my new baby bloggy friends has two big sisters who did special movies because they love their baby sister a lot.  They are pretty good, I think!

Here’s what Mommy wrote about them…
These two very neat videos were done for a PTA project by a 9-year-old and a 2nd grader who have a 2-month-old sister with DS.  I’ve recently come to know of this family through one of the forums I frequent.  I think the fact that they wanted to do this for their project is wonderful, and I’m happy to share them for you to enjoy as well.

(Two embedded videos below.)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grandma C Birthday Dress Up Day

Today is Grandma C’s birthday!  And on her birthday, we dress up in fun outfits and play with our friends and we get candy!   Yesterday we went to a party at her church, but she wasn’t there because she’s visiting Miss Karen.  I wish I could go visit Miss Karen.  Maybe we’ll take a trip there someday.

Tonight we went to another party, and we took Jack with us!  First we stopped at Miss Linda and Mr. Gary’s house to show them how cute we were in our dresses.  And Jack was a handsome boney guy.

(Mommy note: Sorry these pictures are kind of weird.  I’m using a borrowed camera…that I love…but I’m not good at using it CORRECTLY quite yet apparently.  And enjoy all the shots of Jack…remember, his mom and dad are on the other side of the world, so we have to share lots of doses of Jack cuteness!)

After we said bye to Miss Linda and Mr. Gary, we went to the party at our church.  They had games and lots of fun things to do.  Auntie Rachel was there too and she went around with us to play and get candy.  Jack threw the ball in the basket on his first try! So he got to pick out some candy.

I wasn’t feeling very good during the party.  I finally fell asleep on Daddy while everyone was eating their hot dogs and nachos.

KiKI got a little scared sometimes when people would come by us who had things over their head or if they looked scary.

She carried the candy bag for us because she is so strong!  Jack also helped carry it for a while, too.

And look at this!  A picture of KiKi smiling pretty at the camera!  Auntie Rachel took this one, and we think it’s pretty cute.

We got to see some of our friends from playgroup, and we saw some of my helpers from school.  It was fun for KiKi and Jack a whole bunch, and it was fun for me just a little since I slept some.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dress up party

Today we went to PaPaw’s church for a dress up party.  There were lots of people there all dressed up in funny clothes.  Me and KiKi wore our bug dresses, and everyone thought we were super cute!

KiKi doesn’t like people who are dressed up a whole bunch, like where you can’t see their faces or when it looks like somebody on TV or something. So she stayed close with Mommy most of the time.

I walked around by myself for a while because I’m not scared of the dressed up people.

There was a great big bouncy house for the kids, and I wanted to get in.  I don’t really jump much but I like to sit and let the other kids bounce me.

And I said Hi to Daddy through the strings.

And I slid down the big tall slide REALLY fast and fell over at the end.

I wanted to go do more, but there was a bunch of big kids in there and I was too small to play with them.  They were bouncing a lot bigger than I could do.

So I went and found a little seat to rest in.  It was close by Miss Cheryl and PaPaw’s cars, so I just rested with the beads a nice lady gave to me.

But KiKi had to come over too.  She likes to do whatever I do.

She wanted to go in the bouncy house, but she wouldn’t have liked everyone yelling and running over her.  So she just watched outside.

Soon it was time to go back to our church, and we were tired of the sun in our eyes.

KiKi even took her hat off.  And if you don’t do the dress up, you can’t stay at the dress up party.  So we said bye bye to everyone and we left.

Tomorrow night we get to do ANOTHER dress up party!  I can’t wait!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pretty good Friday

Today we just hung around in our p-jammies for most of the day.  That was fun.  We didn’t have to go anywhere so we just played at home almost all day.

After nap, KiKi went shopping with Auntie Rachel and me and Mommy got ready to go to dinner with Daddy.  We got a present to go out and eat at the place with the olives, so we did.  I colored and we had a fun time just me and Mommy and Daddy.  KiKi and Auntie Rachel went to dinner with Uncle Patrick, and they had lots of fun, too.

Tomorrow Miss Julie and Mr. Allan are leaving to go see Dashlyn!!! They’re going to be gone a little while, so Jack’s going to be at our house A LOT!  Me and KiKi are SO excited!  He’s gonna go to school and eat lunch with us and take naps at our house and play with us and we’re going to have bunches of fun!

They don’t get to bring Dashlyn back this time, but Miss Julie and Madelyn go back really soon and then she gets to come home! Woo!  My new friend will be home before it’s Christmas time, and she’s gonna be the best present ever!

So get ready for lots of fun stories and pictures of the three crazy friends next week!  Anyone else wanna come play??

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tiny baby me

Me and Mommy were looking through some pictures to find something good to show you.  And look what we found!  This was me when I was a tiny baby and was still living in the hospital. 

I’m so glad I don’t have that silly tube in my nose anymore!

In case you want to see some more pictures of me when I was little and didn’t have much hair, you can click here or here.  OR you can check out a couple stories Mommy did a few days ago about me when I was a tiny baby here and here.

Psssst…Next month I’m gonna be 4!  Can you believe that?  I’m so much bigger than the tiny baby up there!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A busy bee day

I gotta go to bed, but here’s a quick peek at what we did today.

First I got dressed for school.  I put on different stuff than usual so I could put my bumblebee dress on at school easier than changing all my clothes.  Everyone at school liked my outfit AND my bumblebee dress, too!

(This is the look I give Mommy most of the time when she takes pictures.  She just wants me to look and smile. But I get her every time. It’s what the cool kids do.)

Then I got down on the floor before we left for school and looked at my book by the mirror.  It makes TWO books when you do it that way!

Then we went to school. Mommy came back to school early today, and we put on my bumblebee dress and hat for my teachers and friends to see.  But I only got to stay a few minutes because I had to go see Miss Sue.  Mommy calls it “feeding therapy” but I just think it’s like a snack that I have to work really hard for.

After school, we went to a place with a playground so we could have a little party for Jack’s birthday.  It was fun with me and KiKi and Jack.  We climbed and ran around.  Jack could do a magic trick where he stuck his foot WAY up and then got up on top of us.  I don’t know how he did it!  He is SO strong!  See his foot way up there??

When we were done playing, we had some ice cream.  (I really like ice cream!  It’s one of my new favorite things!)  Then we took a couple of pictures before we went home. 

Jack: Braska, you’re silly.  You never look when your Mommy says to say, “Cheese!”  You’re supposed to smile like this…

Braska: I give up.  Someone just take the picture so we can go.  Hip Hip Hooray.

After we slept on the way home (and after KiKi got sick all over her car seat and her clothes), we felt better and played for the rest of the day.

Happy Birthday, Jackson! See ya tomorrow for your Day After Party!