Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Partyin' with Pop

Tonight I got to go out with Pop to a party for his work. He forgot to bring the camera, so we don't have any pictures, but I'll tell you about it. I think Pop just wanted to take me along because he's not good at what big people call "small talk,"and he thought I'd be good to keep him company.

We went to a nice dinner place where there were lots of people from Pop's work. I got to meet a whole big bunch of new nice friends. I even got to cuddle with a few nice ladies like Miss Cathy, Miss Donna (I remember her from when I went to work with Pop once!), Miss DeeDee, Miss Linda, and Miss Cindy. If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry! I didn't get to sit with Miss Julia , but she said next time I would get to. They were all really nice, though. Everyone was eating yummy pizza, but I didn't get any. Pop had root beer! I didn't know he ever drank anything but Dr Pepper! Everyone said that I was pretty and sweet and must look like Mommy. Pop just made a face when they said that and said Ha Ha, but he wasn't smiling. I think they were being funny.

I cried a little bit because it was kind of loud in there with everyone talking and stuff. Some people tried to help me be happy again, but they didn't know the trick like Pop does. I like when people pat me on my back real good. Some of them were just afraid they would hurt me because I'm little, I guess, but Pop showed them how. He's good at making me feel better when I'm crying. He just bangs on my back and I know he's got me and it's gonna be ok. My Pop is strong and takes care of me good. People always look funny when he helps me be happy, but I like it.

Mommy had gone to dinner with some other friends, so when we got home Pop told her how good I was. Then he went to play cards with the boys. Thanks for taking me out, Pop! Nice to meet all of you, work friends!!

Busy day!

First Miss Robin came, then Miss Tami came. She comes to play with me on Tuesdays so Mommy can get work done or run out to do things. Isn't that super nice of her?! Today we played with a new toy that I got from Aunt Chris and my cousins. It makes music and lights up, and that's my favorite things. I practiced sitting up some more with her, and I played the music. It was very fun. I think Miss Tami was letting go of me little bits, but she didn't let me fall over.

At lunchtime, Pop came home and took a little nap with me. He's very good at napping, and it was pretty cozy.

Then I went out with Pop (I'll tell you all about that soon).
And tonight I sat with Mommy in my new favorite spot...right next to her in the big squishy chair. It feels so comfy that I fell asleep while she was working.

It was a pretty good day!

10 seconds is a long time!

This morning Miss Robin came to see me. She made me work hard again, like she always does. But she thought I did a good job trying to sit up. I was playing with some stuff while we were practicing sitting, and she let me go for a while and I didn't notice. I heard her tell Mommy that I was holding myself up for over 10 seconds. Mommy and Miss Robin thought that was pretty good. I've been doing better and working more to stay up instead of flopping over, and it's getting more fun to play that way. I still don't like to sit with my hands on the floor to hold me up. I can't do anything with them then! So I'm just trying to be strong so I can sit by myself and play with things.

Maybe by my birthday in a few weeks I'll be able to sit for a bunch more seconds.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sweet treat and fun faces

Miss Melissa at Banana Migraine gave me a neat award! This is what she said about Mommy and me and some other blog friends.

"I have the pleasure of passing along this fun treat to three other sweet bloggers, all of whom brighten my day with their insightful entires, and of course, pictures of their little cuties."

Thanks Miss Melissa!! We feel so special when friends think of us!!!
We've met some new friends lately that we think are pretty sweet, so we'll pass on the award to some of them!
Miss Deborah at Sunflower Stories
Miss Michelle at The Zoromski Chronicles
Miss Melanie at Baeten Family
Miss Valerie at Rylie
Artie's Mom at Doin' it Down to Earth

Check out these new friends and say hello! It's always good to have more friends!
Today Mommy put a new outfit on me that my Great-Aunt Hyla sent to me. It has the greatest colors on it! I just kept staring at it because it was so bright! Mommy tried to take some pictures, and she took a bunch, but some are kind of silly. We tried to pick a few to show you, but we just couldn't decide, so here's alot of them!
I was feeling pretty silly.
I got all grinny but then I started to fall over!
Mommy remembered that I had a neat hat that Miss Rivkah from next door gave to me.

Now I'm just showing off...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mommy life: A big evening!

Braska's been holding out on her therapists. In the therapy sessions, they try and try to get her to reach for things, but she's completely uninterested in any of the zillions of toys that have been presented. She just recently, like in the last few days, has been starting to reach for my hands when I go to pick her up, and that's been fun for us. She doesn't really reach up, like she's asking to be picked up, she reaches out to hold the hands, but only if I put them palms facing I'm miming a window between us. I say "hands" and she giggles and reaches up to grab my hands. She's done it for her Pop too, and that was good times.

She has also been extremely interested in her tubing while it's hooked up for her bolus feeds to the G-tube. She spends the entire feeding--granted, it only takes about 3 minutes (perk of the situation)-- reaching and following the tubing around when I move it to add more formula or to try to evade her grasp. She's been showing great attention and focus for extended periods compared to just a couple weeks ago.

Tonight, she really went crazy though. Pop was relaxing on the couch with some Sudoku and Braska came for a visit. She took an instant liking to that little paperback book and spent the next 25 MINUTES grabbing, shaking, giggling, kicking, and generally getting a crazy good workout while loving every second. This is a record by far for activity, focus on one object, strength in her grip on something not very easy to hold, and plain old fun. Here's a couple snippets that were about 15 minutes into the fun time... she'd slowed down just a tad and was relying more on her feet.

Every time we'd take it away, thinking she was done, she'd reach out and grab it again. This was right as she was heading to bed, and she was pretty tired, but it didn't stop her from being super jazzed about this book. When she finally did finish, I filled her little belly and off to bed she went. She was out like a light...even more than her normal instantly-to-sleep pattern. Both of us watched her playing with big looks of amazement. It was great to see. I wish I'd have caught more at the beginning. Even though she looked like she was finished at the end of the second video, she went on for another 6 or 7 minutes. She almost seemed obsessed! We're going to test it out again tomorrow to see if the same item is as interesting.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Food face!

Mommy's been talking to me about eating lately, but I haven't been in the mood. I've been taking a few days off and just letting her feed me with my belly tube. I don't have to do anything and my belly gets filled up! But today Mommy gave me some apples and bananas and I ate the whole jar. It took me a little longer because I have learned some fun new things to do with my mouth. Mommy laughs, but she says it sure makes a mess.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Work is hard!

Miss Robin came this morning, like she does every Tuesday, and just like always, she made me work very hard! I complained and tried to tell her that I didn't want to do this stuff, but she didn't listen to me. Well, she said she heard me, but she still made me practice sitting and holding myself up.

I showed off how strong I'm getting, and I held myself up on my hands and knees for longer today than I have before. Mommy and Miss Robin were pretty happy with me.

Miss Robin had a new toy today that had lights and played favorite! So I sat for a little while and played with it. But I only like doing that for little bits of time. I'm starting to stay up for longer though, if I have someone to help me just a little.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy 11 months, Braska Bear!

Bears win it on my day!!

1 month old
11 months old

The outfit was a little big last year (a lot) and it's still plenty big!
There's a different pair of then-and-now shots over here if you're so inclined.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Going to work

Today I went to work with my Pop for a while since Mommy had a meeting. He just had to go in for a bit, so I went too. I tried to help him, but his desk has lots of computers and my arms weren't long enough to reach.

I tried to sit up like a big girl in his chair while he took the picture, but I ended up on the floor somehow right after the big light came from the camera. I bonked my head, but I'm ok. I guess I'm not ready to get out of the chair by myself just yet.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

No hands!

I'm practicing sitting up, and I'm getting stronger. I like to prop up on Mommy's lap. It's my favorite place. She doesn't even have to hold me up anymore.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mommy life: Techie tips

This is from a post on my other blog (the Mommy blog?) that, after talking to some of you, I thought might be helpful here also... I kind of forget that just because you might read this one doesn't mean you also read that one. Silly me! Hope it's helpful!
Here's some little things that have come up recently in conversations about blogs and internet in general, so I thought it might be helpful to share the info. Many of you will be in the "been there, done that" category, but maybe there will be something new. I really appreciate that many of you are not big "internet junkies" like some of us, so the fact that you check in with us regularly makes me feel very special!
~When you see a highlighted word of phrase, like this, it's called a "link" and means that you can click on that word or phrase and it will take you to another web page or another place in the current blog or page. This is very helpful in avoiding alot of retyping and copying what others have written. Don't be afraid of a link!
~In Blogger (blogs that have "blogspot" in the address), the pictures used in a post can be clicked on in order to see them a bit bigger and more clearly. So anytime you can't quite see something as big as you'd like, just click on the picture.
~For those of you that have a bunch of blogs, or even a few, that you check frequently, I highly recommend Google Reader. And especially as a part of iGoogle. Google Reader is a feed reader that you can set up to tell you when your favorite blogs, news sites, and other internet pages update, post new items, etc. This saves you from having to keep checking blogs to see if they've posted new things. iGoogle is great for a home page for your internet browser, and it can incorporate the weather for your area, a to-do list, jokes for the day, news info, and a host of other possibilities customized by you specifically. Both can be used with your Google/Blogger account, and they're super easy to set up. If you don't have a Google account, sign up for one! It's quick and gets you access to lots of neat places. Here's a screen shot of my home page, Google Reader is on the left side, and you can see that Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes has put up a new post.
I'm not a paid endorser, but the functionality of these tools is great. If you have questions about getting it set up, send me an email. It's in my profile.
~If you click on the title of any given post in Blogger, and most other blogging formats, it will show you the post as well as the comments that have already been posted. Just another way to see the post.
~Bloggers love comments, and they don't have to be anything especially clever or witty. It's just a way for us to see who's checking us out and have some feedback of what others are thinking. I've learned a whole lot from the comments made here and on others' blogs...tons, really. So when you read a new post, take a minute and let the author know what you're thinking. In Blogger, just click on the link for comments at the bottom of the post, type in your comment, then click on "other" and put in whatever name you'd like to use in the "name" box. You don't need to put in an email or web address. If you have a Google account, then you have the option to use that as well. Then just click "Publish your comment." It's like an online hug! Send a comment!

Happy birthday, Mommy!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bear Bummer

It's Sunday. I saw lots of friends at church today and got to spend some time with some nice ladies I hadn't seen in a while. It was so fun to see so many people who want to say hi to me.

Then after church we came home and changed into our Bears wear. It was time for football!

Mommy's been teaching me how to cheer and get all excited at the right times. She says maybe someday I can be a cheerleader like she was a long time ago.

There was lots of times to cheer, but there were also some times to be sad. In the end, the Bears didn't win. Bummer.

Tonight we had some nice friends come over and help us a WHOLE BUNCH! Mommy told the story here. Here's me and Kaylee watching everyone else work.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mommy life: Blog suggestion box

Alright, it's time to come out from the blog lurking shadows. I know there are hundreds of you checking in on us every week, and that's GREAT! But I'd like to know what you'd like to hear about or see in pictures. Are you interested in therapies, doctor visits, and progress? Are you into Braska's social calendar? Would you like to know more about the feeding process and the tube transition? Do you prefer the "normal life" kind of stuff? Would you like to know any specific things about Down syndrome, heart defects, or feeding issues?

Come on, take the plunge....leave me a comment with what you'd like to see or what your favorite part of Braska's little blog is. You're taking the time to come by to see us...we'd like to make it worth your while!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Stylin', smilin', and growin'

I went to see Miss Lynn at Dr. Y's office today, and she put me on the silly scale. Guess what? I finally made it over 14 pounds! Mommy was hoping I would get to that before I have my birthday, so she was happy.

(14 lbs 2.5 oz)

Since it's been kind of cold here the last couple days, I got to wear a new outfit that Auntie Rachel got me. It has a jacket and everything. I must have been looking super cute because Mommy took a whole bunch of pictures while she was trying to get me to smile.

I finally gave her a nice one since she was trying so hard.

And here is a little movie thing too, especially for all my family far away.
Mommy and me had lunch with Miss Sara and Ali P today, and we also worked outside on the pool for a while. It takes a long time to close the pool since I can't help Mommy, so she has to do it by herself. I think we're gonna get it finished tomorrow, so I'll get to bundle up in warm clothes and go outside and watch her. She says these are days for hot chocolate, so maybe I'll get to try some.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Jody!

Today is my Uncle Jody's birthday. This is a picture of us when I was just a tiny baby, not quite one month old. He's a veder-in-ary-in or something like that. He takes care of big animals and sometimes little ones too. Some people call him Dr. Joel, but I already have plenty of doctors, so he's just Uncle to me! Happy birthday, Uncle Jody!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lunch out

Mommy and me met up with Miss Janet and Miss Pat for lunch today.

Mr. Nathan also came along later to eat quick with us girls. He's married to Miss Janet, so that's why we let him come with us. Mommy used to work with Miss Pat, and she was really happy to see her. It's been a long time since she got to see her before. And I hadn't ever met Miss Pat, so it was fun. She talked to me and played with me. And she took a picture of me and Mommy showing off our Patty Cake funtime.

Hope we can have lunch with them again soon!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy days

Mommy's been busy trying to keep up with the 31 for 21 thing she's doing, so I've been trying to do my stories by myself. I haven't figured out how to get Mommy's computer open, though.
It's been a pretty fun few days though. Pop had to work on Saturday and Sunday, so that was no fun. But he had a day off on Monday, so we got to play some on that day. Mommy's been happy that I've been eating better, and she's been trying to get some good smiley pictures.
This one was a cute smile, but I stuck my foot up there just in time to hide it from the camera. Mommy said I was sneaky!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Hangin' with Miss Karen K

Miss Karen K came over to play with me tonight while Mommy and Pop went out for a while. We had a good time playing. She kept trying to take pictures of me smiling, but I was pretty sneaky. I know that that camera is for, so I always trick them. This is the closest she got to catching me. But it was fun to watch her try over and over and over.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Me and food

Since everyone always asks Mommy about if I'm eating or not, I thought I'd tell you what's been up lately. The good news is that I'm starting to like eating food, even though I'm still not into drinking anything. Today I made a real mess, and Mommy let me do it! Miss Louise always tells Mommy to just let me make a mess, but usually Mommy likes to keep things clean while I'm eating. But this time, she took my shirt off and let me play. I ate pretty much of the little jar, and I chewed on my hands a little too. They taste better when they have food on them. But I did sure end up in a mess.

Look what Pop did last time I got all messy with food. Mommy told him no more of that!

Mommy life: Over 20,000!!!!

Today we went over 20,000 hits! You all rock! That's in less than 8 months!

Thanks for coming so often to see how we are and what's up in Braska's little head.

Also, I forgot to mention on this side that there was a Braska post on Just RK with some case you're interested.

Make it a great day!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

C is for Cubbies

Happy Tuesday, Grandma C!