Saturday, June 30, 2012

182/366 Best outside places

Aunt Karol’s house is the BEST place to play!  They have all kinds of fun room to play and cool stuff to play on. 

Our angel friend Laynee’s garden was so pretty.

They have a super fun climbing and swinging and sliding place.  I like to climb up high and watch everyone…

We got to ride all over on the little car that could drive in the grass.  Fun!

There’s lots of cousins and family and friends, and lots of people have fun animals!

The best part is the people, of course!!  Jade played with us a lot!

And we loved to get to see Jamee again too.  Can’t wait til she moves back to our town when school starts again!

There were yummies to be eaten…

And of course, baths at the end of the day. 

I’m not sure if we want to go home or not…   Shhhhhhhh. Maybe we’ll just hide in the closet so we can stay longer!

Friday, June 29, 2012

181/366 Sisters on a trip

Daddy was supposed to be home today when we woke up.  But he’s not.  And we’re sad.  He got stuck in Texas because they wouldn’t bring him home last night like they said they would.  So this morning they sent him to Miami. We didn’t think that was on the way from Oregon to St. Louis, but I guess we were wrong.  We hope he can get home today.

While Daddy was flying to Florida he took this picture to send us.  That’s the ocean. And we hope we get to see it and splash it in one day!

While Daddy was in Florida, we went on a little trip of our own.  It’s our special weekend at Aunt Karol’s!!  Mommy took us to a town in Illinois called Springfield that’s between our house and their house.  Then we put all our stuff in Aunt Karol’s car and off we went!  Yay!!

We got to go swimming!! 

And sometimes I just like to play in the water when I’m not swimming.

We LOVE that the big kids swam with us too!  Jamee and Dani let us play with them a lot.

KiKi likes to play with the little animals we always get to see at Aunt Karol’s house… I don’t like them *as* much.

And that’s just ONE day of our trip!

Make sure you go over to Aunt Karol’s story about our vacation too!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

180/366 KiKi’s Turn: Dentist!

KiKi went to the dentist for her first cleaning.  I was at school, but Baby Patrick went with her to make sure she was ok.  Mom will tell you about it…

___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___

Braska does NOT do well at the dentist.  That is a massive understatement.

So I had high hopes for Kinlee and her first cleaning.  She went last winter for the counting of the teeth, etc, but that was before she turned 3.  So now we were ready for her first real appointment.  She remembered going in December and knew there would be a treasure chest and goodies after she was done.  We practiced lying down and saying “Ahhhhh.”  We counted teeth, and she’s great with brushing, so I figure we were good to go.

First they did her x-rays.  She was ready to go in the big chair with the heavy “bib” on.


Then she got a little less ok with it when it was time to bite on the uncomfortable thing and be very still.  But she made it through.

She did NOT want to lay flat on the exam table.  They don’t have the moving chairs in this room of 4 tables.  Just flat padded tables. But she kind of freaked when it was time to get flat.  I was really surprised.  But the hygenist let her sit up and was able to talk her into a little polish, though not a complete cleaning.  She did fine while she was sitting.

Baby Patrick did great keeping himself occupied with 4-point bottle grip.

Then she had a little rinse and suction, and she did fine with that, too.

When it came time for the dentist to come in, I told her she had to lay back. We practiced for a few minutes before he got there. There was a TV on the ceiling right above her, and she got to wear cute shades, but it wasn’t enough to make her happy.  She did do as he asked and made it through the exam.

She got a good report all around.  Everything looked good.  And we’ll try again in 6 months.  She has a little bit of a cross bite, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

179/366 Daddy’s work without Daddy

Daddy’s still in Oregon.  He sent us this picture today. See that mountain? It’s name is Hood.  It has SNOW on it! 

Today we went to Daddy’s work for an appointment with Dr. A and for my xrays.  He checks my hips and legs and feet to make sure everything is right so I can keep walking right.  He said I look great!!

After, we went around the corner to where Daddy’s desk is.  He wasn’t there.  It was weird to be there without Daddy.  But Miss Liz was there, and we like her a lot.  She works next to Daddy, and she’s Mommy’s healthy eating helper.

KiKi decided to work on Daddy’s computer a little bit.

Daddy sent us a picture later.  It’s him and Uncle Ethon when they were little boys.  Aren’t they cute!?!  They found it at Great Grandpa Rod’s house.

We were ready for bed when it was time.  KiKi decided to put her blanket over her head for some reason.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

178/366 Daddy can fly

Our Great Grandpa Rod went to be with Jesus a few days ago.  Daddy and Uncle Ethon decided to go to Oregon to visit their family.  We didn’t get to go because it costs A LOT of money to ride in a plane.  I didn’t mind very much.  But KiKi was really REALLY sad when we took Daddy to the airport.  He told her he would talk to her a lot, and he would send her messages.  But she still cried pretty hard.

After we dropped Daddy off, Mommy took me to school. After a quick stop at QT to try to help KiKi get a little less sad, she went back to the airport so they could watch for Daddy’s plane to take off in the air.

First they went to one place to watch planes.  Mommy climbed in with KiKi in the back so they could watch.

But apparently they picked the wrong place to watch.  There were only planes coming TO the airport on that side.  So they moved and found another spot to sit in where they could see planes going AWAY from the airport.

KiKi showed me this picture…  She and Mommy got all comfy in the van when they were waiting.  It’s funny because it’s just their feet.  Ha!

Daddy sent a picture from the plane of him and Uncle Ethon.  That made KiKi happy.daddyethon
They finally saw the plane that they thought was Daddy’s, and they waved and waved. 

After they picked me up from school, we had some lunch and then walked down to the cinema that’s by our house.  We wanted to see Mirror, Mirror.
So we took some drinks and went to find our seats.  I was SO excited!!!  KiKi was glad to have some popcorn, but she wouldn’t open her eyes for her picture.

We didn’t stay for the whole movie.  There was some fighting that KiKi didn’t like at all.  I didn’t want to leave, but we had to go before it was over.  Mommy said it wasn’t as much a little girl movie as she thought.  I sure wanted to see the rest of it. 

Daddy was in planes all day.  In lots of cities.  So he would call us and tell us where he was.  We watched his planes on the computer… that was really cool!  We didn’t know you could do that!

It was sad to go to bed without Daddy’s Bible story and cuddles, but we let Mommy try to do it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

177/366 High, way high V

I don’t like to go as high as KiKi when we do stunting… it’s way high!

But tonight she did great and went all the way up!

Now THAT is a HIGH V!

Mommy life: Beautiful Fresh Art Photos

(More posts added below… catch up, right??)

Braska told you here about her photo shoot with Miss Jodie at Fresh Art Photography.  Today we were excited to hear that our sneak peek was available to see.  PLEASE go over and see the rest. They are just beyond precious.


We were graciously nominated for this session and I was really excited about seeing how Jodie captured them because I have been a big fan for a couple of years.  And she surpassed my expectations by FAR!

If you’re in StL or you will even be passing through StL in the future and you want excellent photos, this is where you will get them.  Fresh Art Photography. You will NOT be disappointed.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

176/366 Changing time

This was a busy clothes-changing day!  First we got dressed for church.
We took pictures. Of course.

Then we changed after church to go to have more pictures taken. This time it’s for the calendar with all my “extra” special friends who live in our town. 

We took pictures before we left. Of course.


Jack and Dashlyn came to take pictures for the calendar too.  We did a few all together.  Some of us weren’t in a very good picture-ing mood.  (Jack was a little bit grouchy, and it was really hot.)

After we got done there, we went home and changed AGAIN for cheer.  But we forgot to take any more pictures.  Oops.  That’ll just have to be enough for now.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

175/366 Bigger jumper

We have a little jumper in our playroom.  But now we have a BIG jumper in our backyard!

Grammy and Papa brought us theirs so we could have it to play with.

We are going to have LOTS of fun out there!  Thanks Grammy and Papa!