Thursday, April 30, 2009

Letters and numbers

Mommy made a neat new game for us to play on the computer. I love to watch her work, and I always try to help, so she made this for us to do together. We do all my letters and then my numbers. There is also a part for colors, but it's not on this movie. She tells about it over in one of her stories if you want to use our game at your house.

(Mommy note: This kid has blown me away with this slideshow. The very first time we did it she knew quite a few of the letters on sight, without prompting. I literally had my mouth gaping while she was doing it. Unbelievable! She has some times that she gets probably 15 letters on her own and other times when she seems to want to just say them after I do. The numbers she can do pretty consistently 2-10 after I give her 1.

This video was not her best, of course, because when do they ever perform for the camera like we want them to. But it gives you a little peek at how she does. I'm very proud, I admit! Some days it gets discouraging watching her try so hard in her mobility issues, as she is still quite a ways off from standing on her own or walking, but it helps to know she's making strides in other areas.)

Links to access the slideshows online

Flashcards for the Numbers with counting shapes.

Flashcards for the colors.

Flashcards for the plain alphabet and numbers 1-10. (No pictures or colors.)

Note that there is a full-screen option in the lower right corner of the viewer.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twisty hair

Last week Mommy tried a new thing with my hair because it is always getting in my face and in my mouth. She has these little clippy things that she uses in her hair and she asked me if I wanted to try one. It looked a little silly since it was all sticking out, but it was easy to fix when I bumped it or when I rolled around and made it come out.

The problem is that when Mommy tries a new outfit or hair thing she has to take TOO MANY pictures and I just get tired of it!

(Mommy note: Seriously, though. It's adorable! I just kept staring at her because she looked so grown up!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mommy life: Easter dress value

If you are very observant and have been around for more than a year, you might have noticed that Braska's Easter dress looked familiar. It is the only one she's ever worn in the 3 Easter seasons she's had so far. Grandma C got it for her when she was only a few months old. It's a 3-6 month size. It still makes me giggle to think she can wear it. This year it was a little short, but still plenty big. The little bloomers that came with it are still way too big around the waist. My little skinny minnie!

4/1/07 (Palm Sunday, but she was in the hospital the next week on Easter so it was good that she wore it early that year!) She weighed just under 11 lbs at 4+ months.

3/23/08, 16 months, 15+ lbs

4/12/09, almost 29 months, 21 lbs

You just can't beat that for getting good use out of a dress. Plus Kinlee can wear it sometime very soon, I'm sure. Fun fact: Both Kinlee and Braska wore 3-6 month dresses this year. Amazing!

Just for fun, here's a couple more pics from Easter of my little chicks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catch-up: Trip to C-U, part 2

On Easter Sunday, we went to our old church and saw lots and lots of friends. Everyone said I was SO big and they were surprised to see KiKi since she wasn't in Mommy's belly yet when we left.

After church, we went a little bit away to another town to a new El Toro!! Miss Martha was working there so we went to see her. She was so happy to see us, especially me!! I got to go all around with her while Mommy and Daddy were eating.

Mr. Randy, Miss Karen, Maddy, and Gracie went with us because they love Toro too and they are moving away. We will miss them, but maybe we will go visit them in their new place.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sliding at the play place

We've been going to the mall alot so I can have fun at the play place. On Sunday I took Daddy to show him where it is and to show him what I can do. Just a few days before that I was there and learned how to slide. So Daddy and I did it a bunch of times! I told Mommy to take a movie so you could see too. We're gonna keep going a lot because it's good practice for me to climb on stuff and crawl around with the other kids!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Catch-up: Trip to C-U, Part 1

Last weekend, we went back to where we used to live. It was nice to see alot of people, but I didn't remember some of them. Mommy says they all knew me when I was a tiny baby, but I'm a big girl now!

Friday night we went to a little party for our friends who are moving away. This is Miss Zoey, she used to go on trips with me and Mommy to talk to me in the car and help Mommy with things. Mommy really wishes she lived close now that there are two of us, me and KiKi. We hope maybe she will come to St. Louis for college!!

The party was for Miss Karen and her family, so I sat with her for a while too.

Saturday morning KiKi and me played on the bed for a while at the hotel before we got our baths. We were tricking Daddy for a while because he thought we were asleep.

But then we couldn't keep from giggling about it!

At lunch on Saturday, we met Sophie and her brother and parents at our old favorite restaurant. El Toro!!!! We just love Toro!!! I had some beans and some salsa and some gwak-a-mo-lee. It was so yummy!

Then we went to Miss Karen and Mr. Randy's house to see them again. We went to visit this weekend especially for them, so it was fun to play with Maddy and Gracie and color with Miss Karen and Maddy.

Here's a little movie of Miss Karen helping me with coloring.

Saturday night we went to see my friends Olivia and Hunter because it was Hunter's 1st birthday party! There were lots and lots of people there. Hunter has a BIG family with LOTS of kids!! I had fun crawling all over and following all the kids around. Happy Birthday, Hunter!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mommy report: Words in action

Here's a little sample of some of Braska's favorite speech progress. Some are clearer than others. She gets excited and things get sloppy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

After-bath hair

Mommy says she loves my "after-bath hair." It's all soft and shiny and it moves around when I shake my head. So the other day we took some pictures before I got all dressed for school.

(Mommy note: When this girl's hair get so long!?! How did it sneak up on me? I am thinking we may have to do a trim sometime soon, since it's always getting in things, usually her mouth, but I kind of hate to mess with it. We'll see...)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Catch-up: Regular days

Mommy and I are going to try to do a bunch of catching up with pictures and stories this week. We've got a lot of things to show you!!

Me and Kinlee always sit in the big, soft chair in the morning. Mommy puts us there while she gets breakfast for us, and we just talk and stuff.

Sometimes we get to sit with Daddy in the big chair too.

I got some new p-jammies, but they are a little bit big. I crawled down the hall and my legs got all caught up in there. Daddy thought it was funny. I didn't laugh.

Last week it was cold again!! After it had been so warm outside, we had to get our coats and hats out again when it was time for me to go to school.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter day

Lots of stories and pictures to come this week!

Hope you had a great Easter Day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sister bath time

Mommy decided this week that we would try to take our baths at the same time, me and KiKi. So she put KiKi's little tub in my big tub and we had a pretty fun time. Kinlee wasn't scared because I told her it was going to be ok and the water wouldn't hurt her.
We got all soaped up and washed off. Kinlee liked laying in the water and I splashed a little.

Mommy washed my hair and it was all bubbly.

I think this sister bath time thing is gonna be more fun when KiKi can splash too!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Play day at the mall

Today Mommy took us to the mall for a while. Jack and his mommy were there too! We walked around a while and just looked at things, then we looked at some cute clothes and stuff. Well, the mommies looked while me and Jack watched TV in the store. It was a good show!

Then we went to the play place. It's always fun there, and there were alot of other kids there today. I crawled around alot, and I kept trying to go out to the stores by the play place. People kept picking me up when I tried to leave, though, so I couldn't get to them.

I decided to just play inside the play place. There is a neat fish there.

Me and Jack took a ride in the car. I let him drive.

He tried to stand up and tell someone to get out of our way, but I told him he needed to sit by me and drive!

It was alot of fun, and there's lots more pictures, but I have to go to bed, so they will have to wait til later.