Saturday, March 29, 2008

Retropost:Cory, Mary, and Easter

Our friends Mr. Cory and Miss Mary came to visit last weekend. They moved away right after I got to come home from the hospital when I was a tiny baby. First they moved to Oregon, but now they live in Wisconsin. Mommy and Daddy were very excited for them to come see us! They came to our house at bedtime on Thursday night and went home at lunchtime on Easter Sunday. We had alot of fun doing all kinds of things while they were here.

On Friday, we played a game Mr. Cory brought. I didn't understand it one bit. But I know there were something called zombies. Mr. Cory likes zombies alot, so we weren't surprised he had a game like this. I sat with Mommy and with Miss Mary some. Neither one of them seemed to be having alot of fun. This must be a boys game. I thought the cards were fun to chew on, though.

On Friday, I also did a new trick...I picked up a ball with both my hands. I even licked it! Mommy was so surprised, because usually I don't like to try to pick things up that are too big for one hand.

On Saturday, we dipped eggs in little bowls that made them different colors. We had stickers and special crayons that helped make the eggs pretty. I mostly watched because I didn't want to get messy.

On Sunday, Mr. Cory and Miss Mary had to go home to Wisconsin. We miss them being around. Maybe we'll go see them soon.

After they left to go home, we went to Miss Karen K's house for Easter dinner. It was like a big family, Mommy and Daddy said. All the girls got to sit together at the little table. That's me, Gracie, Olivia, Maddy, and Ali.

The other girls are older, but I think the 16-month-olds (that's me and Ali) stole the show!

Miss Karen, Miss Jen, and Miss Sara had made a very nice dinner, and Miss Karen had a really pretty big-people table.

The girls at the little table got a little silly for me, so I went to sit with Mommy at the big table. I even tasted some yummy things from Mommy's plate. There were some good sauces, and I like sauces these last weeks, but only in little bits.

After dinner, all us little girls got to look for eggs that the big people hid around the house. Most of the eggs got found by the other girls, because I'm the only one who can't run around by myself yet. So Daddy helped me find some that were especially for me (and him) to find. It was pretty fun to find eggs with Daddy.

The other girls were nice and shared their eggs with me too.

Then the mommies wanted to take a picture of all of us girls together. Here's how it went.

We all sat down at first.

Then things started to go wrong.

The girls started to be silly.

Then it all came apart.

And all the sudden, I was the only one on the couch.

Thanks for coming, Mr. Cory and Miss Mary! And thanks for a nice dinner and egg hunt, Miss Karen and all the friends!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stand up play

I'm really getting behind on my stories! Mommy and I have been so busy, and now we're in Columbia, Missouri, for a quick visit and getting ready to head back through St. Louis and home today. I just gotta catch up soon!

Til I get a chance to do that, here's a couple shots from last Sunday night when I was practicing standing with a new playtable that Miss Robin brought me.
Mommy puts the stretchy wrap around my belly so I don't mess up my second belly button when I scoot up and down on the table. It's kind of fun to stand up and play!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Second Easter Day!

Today is Easter Sunday! We had a really good day, and I'll have to show you more pictures later when we it's not almost bedtime. We have a whole bunch of pictures from today!!! And we had a very fun weekend with Mr. Cory and Miss Mary who came to visit us from Wisconsin. I'll show about our weekend later too.

Right now, look at how big I've grown since last year!
This is me on Easter last year.

This is me today, all smiley this morning. Look, Grandma C, I got to wear it for 2 years!!

Yup, it's the same dress as last year!! I can still fit in it! Mommy thought this was funny, so we wore this one again since it still fit, and we saved the one Auntie Rachel got me for Easter to wear later in the summer when I'm bigger. And the little size tag on this says 3-6 months. Most little girls don't wear that size when they are 16 months old! Mommy thought that was pretty funny too. I'm kind of little, I guess!

This was me and Mommy last Easter.

And this was us this morning, cute as can be. I was trying to tell her she was too close.

And this is what the Easter Bunny brought me when I woke up this morning! I don't really wanna eat the candy, but the little soft bunny is my new friend. In a few days, Mommy will tell more stories on her pages about what this basket means besides candy.

I hope you all had a very happy Easter Day! What was YOUR favorite part of Easter Day?

Friday, March 21, 2008


That's my new favorite math problem. Mommy says I have some more to learn about math. My math problem is because today is 3/21/08, and for me, it's about T21, which is what some people call Down syndrome, and 16 because I'm 16 months old today!! So we'll have to do a big party for both!

If I'm the only kid with an extra chromosome that you know, make sure to click on some of my friends' links over to the right under "Blog Friends" and say hello to them today!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mommy life: My wish for my daughter

This is a wonderful video posted by Kari at Chanelle and Tristan. My wish for my daughter is that she finds this kind of friendship. I'm sure that's the wish of all parents, regardless of the chromosome count of their child. But for me, it's a deep and pervasive hope, one that I will do my best to make possible. For Braska doesn't have siblings, and she may not, so her friends at church and school will be vitally important. I moved alot, never went to the same school for more than 3 years, about the same for churches too. So I never knew that "friends for years and years" thing growing up, and I don't want that instability for her. How I'll make that happen? Who happens. But I'm going to make it a goal and a high priority to be an important part of our family's decisions.

Andrew is a super cool guy who is so very fortunate to have these friends. Even if your kids don't have extra chromosomes, I'd encourage you to view this kind of example as a picture of how you can teach them to reach out to others and build friendships based on compassion with those around them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Talking with my head

Monday morning Miss Judy came to see me. She had a couple of new toys to play with. One of them I remember from a long time ago, but it was alot more fun now. It was like a big circle blanket with colors on it and we made it go up and down, up and down. I thought it was LOTS of fun.

Mommy said she would get me one for me to have for myself and my friends. We'll have so much fun!

After Miss Judy left, we got dressed really quick and went to Sophie's house for playgroup. She was all dressed in green for the holiday for a guy named Patrick. (Mommy says it's not Almost-Uncle Patrick, though.) She's always looking so cute!

We played with some of her great toys while the mommies had goodies and talked about stuff. Miss Jen had lots of things that Mommy said were yummy, but I didn't want to eat anything.

Sophie's big brother Alexander even let me play with his really neat train! I got to see it go around and around. I even turned myself around to keep seeing it. Thanks, Mr. Mark, for getting it all set up so I could play too! Alexander is lucky to have such fun things!

Tuesday we went to see Mr. Jim. He helps Mommy and Daddy know about how to take good care of their money and stuff. We had to go talk to him about some things that are changing and some questions about our house and fixing it a little. Mommy talked to Mr. Jim about what was going on while Daddy and I played on the floor. It's a good thing that Daddy could come to the meeting for his lunchtime because I wouldn't have had so much fun just listening. Then I sat with Daddy while we talked about what we were going to do.

And if you wanna see my own private meeting I had with Mr. Jim, you can click here.

This morning I was practicing some of my new moves with myself when Mommy saw me. We've been working on how I can tell Mommy things just by moving my head. It's kind of fun, and it sure helps me get things that I want, like more ride-the-horsey game. Miss Louise thought it was pretty neat, too!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More family weekend

Wow, I've been so busy, and there have been so many people all around me! Usually it's just me and Mommy and Daddy and Belle. But these last days I've had lots of people to play with me. Mommy says they're all going home tomorrow, so I will have to get used to playing by myself again.

On Friday, since we were still in St. Louis, Mommy and me went with Grandma C so the big girls could get their hair fixed. They both had these silly shiny things in their hair, and I sat with Grandma C for a while just seeing how funny she looked with those things.

Then we finally came home, even though we didn't get my new glasses pieces to fix them because it would be a few more days. And we were ready to come home.

Saturday morning I went to playday at the big college, but I'll tell you about that later, maybe tomorrow, because I have other stuff I wanna tell you about my family that came to visit. In the afternoon on Saturday, Grammy and Papa, Auntie Joy, Auntie Julia, and Uncle Ryan came to see us. I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving, so it's been a while. (Except for Grammy...she was here a couple weeks ago.)

Uncle Ryan played ride the horsey with me, and it was alot of fun.

I sat on Grammy's lap for gametime.

On Sunday morning, I tried on a new dress that Auntie Rachel got me a few months ago. It's still a little big, but I liked it. I even had matching shoes with the little pink horses on them.

Sunday afternoon Grammy gave me some bean stuff that she had, and it was pretty good. Belle even wanted to get some.

We played more games in the afternoon, so I sat with Grammy again.

After church at night, we went to Toro with the whole family. I ate some food from Grammy again. But I didn't want the chips in my way, so I moved them.

We had a nice weekend visit with them, and they always help us alot around the house to get things done. They'll go home to Missouri tomorrow morning, but maybe we'll get to see them soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Visiting Dr. R

Today went pretty well. Mommy and I went to see Dr. R, and he said I looked good and my button does too. I got to talk to some nice people in the waiting room. I like to sit up big in my stroller and say hello to people.

The nurse put me on the silly scale, and I've gotten a little bigger. 17 lbs 2.8 oz and 27.5 inches.

Tonight we went out to dinner with Grandma C, Grandpa J, and Uncle Ethon. It was a fun time at a place kind of like El Toro, but I didn't eat anything because it wasn't the same. I did talk to Uncle Ethon and tried to show him what I wanted him to order. And I played with Grandpa J too, standing up big and sitting down again.

Grandma and Grandpa week

It's been a big week for me. Lots going on and some of it not so fun. I'm feeling better now, so I'll tell you about it.

Sunday night Mommy and I came to Grandma and Grandpa's house to stay so that we could get my glasses fixed and stuff. Monday morning Grandma C gave me a bath, and we played and splashed. Then she got me all lotioned up by the fire where it was toasty warm.

Then I played some with my toys, but it was hard because my glasses kept falling off. There's a picture to show you how they're broken. And there's one to show you how Mommy tried to make the broken part soft so I could use them a little. But they just felt funny on my nose because they didn't fit right.

We did go out for a little bit and shopped for some stuff for me. Grandma C got me some new socks that I needed and some sleeping outfits. It was fun to go shopping. When we got home, me and Grandma C went for a walk too, because it wasn't too cold outside.

Tuesday morning we went to the doctor's office since they didn't call Mommy back on Monday. Dr. S checked me out and said I could just get my glasses fixed because they were still the right kind. (Here's Mommy's stories about Monday and Tuesday if you want big people details.)

After we saw Dr. S, we went over to the place where I got my glasses. Mr. Terry helped us again--he helped us two weeks ago when we were there because I had bent my glasses--and he is really nice. I tried to watch him do some work, but it was too high for me to see.

Then we went in the other room where the kids glasses are. There was someone sitting in my chair with me, but I didn't want to look at her.

Mr. Terry was able to fix my glasses so they would stay on while he orders new pieces for them.

Then Mommy decided maybe we should get another pair for me in case something happens again. (But she sure told me I better be a good girl!) We looked at some that were kind of cute but not very comfortable because they touched my face in alot of places. I just kept pulling them off.

So we decided to get another pair that is more like my regular ones. That way I will maybe leave them alone better, Mommy says. While Mommy and Mr. Terry were finishing up, I found someone to play with.

When we got home and had dinner, Grandma C took me to play in the bath again. She fixed my hair afterward, but I didn't let her play with it too much. I don't like my hair played with, but someday Mommy says it will be fun.

I went to bed after my bath, but I woke up in a little bit because I didn't feel good. I didn't feel good all night, so I wanted Mommy to hold me and not put me down. I got very hot and it was not fun at all. It was a very long night, Mommy said, and we didn't get much sleep. Grandma C got up and held me for a while so that Mommy could snooze a little, and I slept good on Grandma. In the morning, Mommy sneaked me into a big blanket that was cooshy and I slept for a little bit there.

When I woke up later in the day, I was all smiles and Mommy was so happy!

She kept giving me the medicine to help me feel better, and I played a little bit. Grandma and Grandpa came home from work, and Grandma C took me on another walk because it was warm outside. Mommy and I went to bed early last night so we could make up for some sleep we didn't get the night before.

The good news is that I slept all night, and so did Mommy! Yay for us! I have been playing this morning, but I did have a little uh-oh. I fell over when I was by the fireplace, and I scratched my head on the corner. That didn't make me happy at all, but Mommy kissed it and made it all better. We're feeling pretty good today and we're going to get ready to go see Dr. R so he can look at my button. Then if we can pick up the new pieces to my glasses, we can maybe go home today! That would be really good!