What's with the name?

I like the sound of the name Nebraska. From the first time I heard it used as a person's name, I wanted it for my daughter. For years I prayed for Nebraska (Nebraska Ann, in fact) but when it became apparent that I'd never be a dad I quit.

The name embodies the personality of the girl I'd like to have. Starts off with the "N" sound so it's solid, a good start, not wimpy but not overly aggressive. I want a daughter who won't be pushed around because she won't allow herself to be.

Then it rolls into the "brah" sound which is soft and feminine. Though I don't want her to be kicked around, I do want her to be girly. I want her to beautiful and lovely. She will be the kind of girl whom the boys will love regardless of her appearance because her heart is that of a genuine beauty.

Next you go to the K at the end and it gives a little kick. A hint that she's tough, not the kind of girl that is going to be a doormat. This is the part that shows she can take care of herself. Though she will someday get married and love her husband with fierce intensity, she won't need him to do everything for her (though she will allow him to do as much as he wishes). She won't be afraid. She will be confident and strong and all without betraying that she is in every sense of the word feminine.

That's the girl I plan to raise. That's the name that will remind me of my duty. That's the name of the baby I've spent so many years loving and crying over long before I even met her mother.

As an aside, I'm not worried about her name getting made fun of. It will. No kid has ever not been made fun of for their name no matter how normal it is.  She will have a name that is uniquely hers. She will stand out from other people. The girl I'm going to raise will not be bothered by any teasing of that sort. She will be proud to have a name given to her filled with love.  She will not be bothered mostly because she will know what's important. As well as the toughness the K implies, she will not be hurt by stupid jests of others. And in the times she does get hurt she will learn what it is to be a woman. She will learn what makes a woman regal, what makes a woman more than just being a female.

Those are my thoughts. --Muncher, June 2006 (He's my Daddy!)


  1. What an incredible daddy you have, Braska! I can see all that your daddy wanted for you inside of you already! I've never met a Braska before you, but I sure am happy that I know you now! May your heart always be filled with the love your mommy and daddy have had for you long before you were born ... when God gave your name to your daddy's heart and sent you to him ready to be the great Braska you are today!

  2. You are so lucky to daddy like him Nebraska, And you are so pretty, I am going to a have a special, very special baby like you, soon. What an amazing personality you have got sweety, such a sweet little cutie. May God bless you in every walk of life.


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