Sunday, November 21, 2010

A good day to be 4

I had a great day. It was really busy and there’s lots of pictures to show you, but I’m gonna go to bed and get some rest!

Happy birthday to me!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday baking and cupcaking

I had a GREAT day today! 

Me and  Mommy went to Miss Cheryl’s house (Uncle Ethon wasn’t there so it was just a girls party!) to make my birthday cake for tomorrow.  KiKi got to stay with Daddy today and go with him to take Belle to get a haircut.

Did you remember it’s my birthday tomorrow??  I’m gonna be 4!

Well, Miss Cheryl knows about making cakes (you can see some of her other cakes over here) and she sent some neat pictures to Mommy to get ideas about what to make for my birthday.  They put some of the ideas together and made me a super cool cake! It was made of cupcakes, isn’t that fun?  Like lots of little birthday cakes all together.

First we put the cakes on the white board.  Cooper was watching in case I dropped it.

Do you see the neat wrapper things that are on the cupcakes??  Look who is on there!

Then we put some red stuff called icing all over the tops of the cupcakes. Miss Cheryl helped me so I didn’t make an oops.

Then I decided I would rather go watch my Happy Birthday Signing Time movie, (We got it from the library so I could remember my birthday signs and songs!) so I let Mommy and Miss Cheryl take over the cake stuff. (I also liked looking at Miss Cheryl’s book of cake pictures that she has made… )

Miss Cheryl kept working on my cakes. Can you tell who it is now? 

When they showed it to me, I knew who it was right away!  I said, “It’s Elmo!”

See?  Doesn’t he look so good?  All furry just like the Elmo on my TV.

There’s more to my cake, though. You can check out the other parts on Mommy’s stories.

I can’t wait til it’s my birthday tomorrow.  I even sang “Happy Birthday” for  Miss Cheryl today.  I’m practicing for when we sing tomorrow!

Thank, Miss Cheryl!!! I love my Elmo cakes!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My baby cousin

Auntie Skye had a baby this week.  Uncle Jody was there, too.  I haven’t got to go see her yet, but Mommy did and she said she’s pretty cute.  We found this picture Auntie Joy took, so I can see how little she is.

That’s Auntie Skye’s mommy and sister with her.

Before we just knew her name was Baby A, but now we found out her name is Arden Mae.  Me and KiKi have been looking at pictures and KiKi says, “That’s Ardie Mae!”  She doesn’t say her name right, but I think it’s kind of cute, so I say it that way, too. 

Did you know that I’m the one who gave KiKi her new name, too?  I didn’t want to say all of Kinlee when she was a baby, so I just called her KiKi.  Now everyone does!  I’m smart with names!

Mommy tried to get us to say it right, but we don’t listen very good sometimes. We hope our new baby cousin doesn’t mind that we already gave her a new name!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

She’s Dashlyn Now!

Remember how we have been waiting for Jack’s new little sister to come home?  Well she’s not home yet, but very soon!  Miss Julie and Mr. Allan got to go over to where she lives and meet her, and the people there said she is all theirs now!  So her real name is Dashlyn now!  Isn’t that exciting?!? 


Isn’t she just the prettiest little poonchin!?!

She’s gonna be my new BFF, and I can’t wait until she can come play at my house.  Mommy says she is gonna be part of my Christmas present this year, and I think that is the best present ever!  I’m gonna show her how to do her hair pretty with bows and how to say funny things and how to wear the cutest little outfits and how to walk like a big girl.  I know about that stuff, you know.  We’re going to have SO much fun! 

Go over to her blog and see lots more pictures and read the stories about her playtimes with her new mommy and daddy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday yesterday, Auntie Julia!

I’m a little bit late on this one.  It’s been very busy at my house with Jack coming over every day and ALL THE PLAYING that we have been doing!  That takes a lot of time, you know!

Yesterday was Auntie Ju’s birthday.  She’s 15 now. 
(That’s Auntie Ju and Grammy.)

We have a lot of fun with Auntie Ju when we go stay at Grammy’s house sometimes.   She is really good to play with us and stuff.

Here’s what she looked like 10 years ago. (Wow! That is a LONG time ago!)  This was on her 5th birthday, at Mommy and Daddy’s wedding.

Randa's Wedding10 (3)

I hope you had a really good day, Auntie Ju!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Very nice big sisters!

One of my new baby bloggy friends has two big sisters who did special movies because they love their baby sister a lot.  They are pretty good, I think!

Here’s what Mommy wrote about them…
These two very neat videos were done for a PTA project by a 9-year-old and a 2nd grader who have a 2-month-old sister with DS.  I’ve recently come to know of this family through one of the forums I frequent.  I think the fact that they wanted to do this for their project is wonderful, and I’m happy to share them for you to enjoy as well.

(Two embedded videos below.)