Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last school day, for now

Thursday was a big day for me.  It was the last day of school for a while.  And it was the last day with Miss Natalie and Miss Sue.  They are my favorite teachers, so I wish they could just always go to school with me.

Before school, we took some pictures… you probably figured out by now that Mommy ALWAYS takes pictures. 

Mommy says this is my Sincess Kennedy smile.  It makes her think of my friend Kennedy when I make this cute face.

Then we went to school.  This is my classroom.

When we first get there every day, we have to wash hands. First we turn on the water.

Then we get soap and wash wash wash! I love looking in the mirror, and Mommy tries to get me to look at my hands so I can do a good job.  But it’s way more fun to make silly faces in the mirror!

After we turn the water off, then we get a towel.  We pull on the handle 1, 2, 3, and then we stop.  We tear it off and dry our hands.  Then it goes in the trash.

Then we can get our nametag off the table and go play.  Well, after we match our picture on the board with our name.  But I just like to go play!

When it’s almost time to go home, I get to sit in this little chair when we all sit around on the floor and listen to a story and sing some songs.  I like to sit in it even when we’re not singing or reading.
When it’s time to go, we all get our backpacks and sit at the table.  Jack is sitting like a good boy at the table waiting for his mom.

Here’s me and Jack with Miss Natalie.  She is our teacher.  We like her a lot!

This is Miss Sue, and she helped me a lot when I wasn’t big enough to walk yet.  She is SO nice!

I gave Miss Sue some extra hugs while we were getting ready to go.

It was a pretty exciting day.  Now I have a few weeks to do other stuff with Jack before I go back for Summer School!  I can’t wait! I love school!

For Sweet Ella Grace


(This is for my friend Ella Grace. She is sick with loo-kee-mee-uh.  It’s a very bad sick.  But she’s going to get better!!  And she’s so funny! You should go tell her hi and see how cute she is.  She loves BabyLegs, just like me!)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pink dresses for church

Last Sunday we decided to wear some pink to church.  We have a lot of pink in our house!  But these were dresses we have never worn before, so this was a good day to try them.

I’m Mommy’s good girl because I like to stand by the door for pictures.

But sometimes I get silly!

KiKi was busy with her phone and didn’t want to look at Mommy.

"Who is calling me NOW?”

"I need to go in the other room and take this call.”

“Seriously, Mom!  No more pictures!”

“Can we hurry this picture thing up please?!”

”Hey Braska, I got the funniest text!”

“You are SO right… way funny!”

“Ha! I have to go show Daddy!”

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Naptime 5-23-10

Mommy’s been doing alot of pictures of me and KiKi when we’re sleeping. You can go here and see them if you want to.  Here’s one from the other day… aren’t we so cute?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Me ‘n Jack: Shopping big!


Me and Jack and KiKi all went to the store today with Miss Julie and Mommy.  It was a new store, and it is BIG!  They have lots of BIG boxes everywhere, too.  They have some stuff like what we have at home, except it was BIG!  I think it would take us bunches of years to eat a box of Cheerios like they had! 

We got some good yummies for a party tomorrow night.  I’ll tell you about that after we get home!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Uncle Patrick!

Today is Uncle Patrick’s birthday.  He’s older than me, but not as old as Mommy and Daddy.  So I don’t know how many that is… but maybe we’ll be able to count the candles on his cake to find out.


Uncle Patrick likes baseball, especially the guys with red socks.  And he likes hockey alot too.  He’s good at that one, and he used to play all the time before he was all grown up.  You push a big circle thing around with a stick while you slide on the ice.  I think it might be fun, but I would fall down.  He also likes football guys who have his same name almost, the Pats.  Guess that’s why he likes them, because I don’t know why else he wouldn’t like the Bears like all us smart people.


He’s been married to Auntie Rachel for a while now, just last Monday it was a year.   They are looking at lots of houses so they can find one they like. Then we’ll have a new place to go play!!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Patrick!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you know your letters??

Here’s my last movie for you to watch. Here’s the first and the second if you missed them. At least until I make some more!  This was when I was working on my letters and numbers… you can say them along with me if you want to practice, too.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sayin’ my animals

Here’s another movie from last night.  There’s still one more movie for me to show you later when I work on my letters and numbers.  If you didn’t see the first one, it’s over here.

This one was when me and Mommy were looking at pictures on the computer of animals and stuff. 

(Mommy note: I have been told more than once that I need to show Braska’s mistakes along with her victories in order to show a balanced—more “real”—version of her skills and abilities.  I won’t digress too much about my response to that thought, but I will just say that this video has both correct and incorrect answers.  Hope that helps her seem “real.”)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I like it when…

We got a really fun book at the library a few weeks ago, and it is my favorite!  I know all the pages and I can even sit and read it by myself when Mommy is busy.  She saw me reading today and thought we could make a movie.  Usually she doesn’t talk to me when I’m reading, but she said this worked a little better to keep me going.  I can take a long time to read a book!

So here’s a little movie…

(Mommy note:  She had just refused a nap, thanks to a 5-minute snooze in the van.  She is a little sloppier than usual, but I think you’ll get the idea…)

There’s two more movies from today, but I’ll show them to you tomorrow. Make sure and come back to see them!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Growing up numbers

Today Miss Cathy came to see me.  She helps me make sure that I’m eating good healthy things and getting enough cal-lor-ees.  She has one of those silly scales that I have to sit on to see how big I am. 

My new numbers are bigger than I’ve ever been!  The scale said 23 pounds 4 ounces today.  And I was 33 3/4 inches tall!  Woo!  I’m getting bigger!

Mommy says I still got alot of growing to do, but it’s good that I’m trying hard.  My jeans have not been fitting me very well lately because my belly is getting smaller.  (And I don’t really have a belly anyway!)  I even had to change my pants at school today before Mommy left me for the day because my jeans wouldn’t stay up.  Ha!  I had droopy drawers, Mommy said.

Me and KiKi can wear the same pants, but KiKi is a little shorter, so I need my pants to be a little bit longer.  But when we wear our summer clothes, we can wear the same ones.  Isn’t that funny??  I need to get to working harder to grow so KiKi doesn’t get bigger than me real soon!

KiKi did her numbers today, too.  She was 21 pounds and 4 ounces.  And she is 31 inches tall.  So she’s going to catch me soon, I think.  She already has a bigger belly than me.  I think it’s funny when we’re in the bathtub to play on her belly like a drum because it’s kind of big and out there.

We’re getting bigger.  I guess that’s what we’re supposed to do.  But Mommy and Daddy are trying to get smaller, so I don’t know what’s going on with them.  Maybe they want to get little like me and KiKi because we’re so much cuter!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Kisses for Daddy

Today is Daddy’s birthday, so I gave him some hugs and kisses before he went to work this morning.  KiKi was still sleeping, so I didn’t have to share.  I didn’t get all 36 kisses in, though.  That’s alot.  36.  Wow.  I don’t know if I can do that much kisses in one day.

I helped him watch for Miss Linda to pick him up for work, but I didn’t get to go with him.  I’ll have to wait til after he gets home to give him more birthday kisses.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy’s Day pictures

Yesterday was Mommy’s Day.  I used to think it was just MY mommy’s day when I was little, but now I know that it’s for all the mommies.  So I hope you had a nice day if you’re a mommy.

Me and KiKi got dressed for church and did a few Sunday pictures.  We even stood still a little for Mommy since it was her special day.  KiKi kept walking away right when Mommy started to take the picture.  She’s not a good girl like me.

Then me and Mommy were doing a little signing and dancing while we were taking pictures.  This is “shoes.”

This is the hokey pokey… “shake it all around!”

Daddy was trying to get KiKi to give kisses… she was being silly, but she did give him one after a little bit.

Here’s Mommy’s new siggy that she made from our Mommy’s Day pictures on the porch.  We all look kind of funny, but she said that is what makes it a good picture. 


Friday, May 7, 2010

Windy Weekend: Part 4

Sunday morning we got up and got all dressed for church.  Before we left Connor and Lucas’s house, we took some pictures.

KiKi doesn’t usually like Sunday pictures by the door, but this time she went right to the door all by herself when she saw Mommy get the camera out.

But then she wouldn’t get out of my way when it was MY turn.  And she wouldn’t turn and look at Mommy to do a sisters picture either.  She’s just that way sometimes.

We had to go soon, so we just did the pictures even though she was in the way.  I told her with my eyes that she was being dif-uh-kult.

(Mommy note: About these outfits… Kinlee’s is a size 6-9 months. Braska wore it last year and can still wear it, though the top is almost too short.  Braska’s outfit is 12 months, and she wore it 2 years ago on Father’s day…click here for a peek back.  Some of her cutest pics ever, still faves of mine. Especially this one…)

Then we went to Aunt Karol and Uncle Jim’s house and went with them to church.  KiKi slept through most of it.  I drew pictures and colored and was a very good girl.  After lunch we got in the car to go home.

Mommy and Aunt Karol smiled for one more picture.

Thank you, Aunt Karol and Uncle Jim, and Jamee and Grant and Jade and Brock and Moise and Laynee’s hee hees and Stella and Donkey-otey, or however you say his name, and all the other super nice people we got to see.  Oh, and Miss Nico and Mr. Matt and Connor and Lucas, too!!! It was a really fun time!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Windy Weekend, Part 3

On Saturday, we got up and went to Connor and Lucas’s house.  They’re my friends who used to live in my old town. But they moved and we moved, and now they live close to Uncle Jim’s house!

We went over there and played for a while, then we took naps.  After naps, it was time to get dressed up in my pretty dress and go back to Aunt Karol’s house.

I didn’t want to look at Mommy for pictures. She doesn’t like when I do that, but I’m not in the mood for taking pictures ALL the time!

The boys made me laugh, though. They are SO funny!

Then Mommy snuck up and got right in my face! I looked away a little just in time.  

Why was I getting dressed up???  Because Jamee was all dressed up for a big party called Prom that night.  And I thought I’d look pretty, too!

We went outside to take some pictures.  Isn’t Jamee so pretty?!

KiKi walked around all silly, but she didn’t have a fancy dress. She’s still kind of cute, though.  For a little sister, anyway.

We went to the front of the house for pictures, but I ran away!  I’m getting fast, you know!

But Jamee was fast enough to catch me and we walked down the sidewalk together for some extra pretty pictures.

Jade and KiKi were watching…they’re pretty even though they’re not all dressed up.  But don’t tell KiKi I said that. Shhhhhhh…

Jamee had a very nice necklace, so sparkly.

Then they told me that I didn’t get to go to the party with Jamee.  I love parties.  That made me sad.

BUT—I got to go see all the pretty dresses and handsome guys.  There were lots of dressed-up people, but Jamee was the prettiest one down there! 

And the big news!  Jamee got a queen crown that night!  I was already in bed, but we were so excited!  Yay Jamee!!!  I just KNEW you would get it!

Ok, almost done with pictures…last ones tomorrow!