Sunday, June 28, 2009


I just love to swing. And when I want to go outside and play on my swing, I tell Mommy really loud! "A-side! Swaaaaiiiiing!" That's what I did today.

First we went to church, of course...that's what Sundays are for, you know. I wore a new outfit from Miss Linda from Daddy's work. She's so nice!

(Pssssst...don't tell Mommy I told you, but I wore this outfit last week too when we were at PaPaw's church for Daddy's Day. Mommy doesn't like for me to wear things two Sundays in a row, but since we were at different churches, it was ok. Just don't tell that I spilled the beans! Here's a couple pictures from last Sunday at Grandma C's house.)
bfashion1 bfashion2

Daddy took my Sunday pictures today since Mommy was getting dressed and was in a hurry.

Me and KiKi both smiled for Daddy. Mommy was surprised!

I got a picture of me with Miss Carrie and Miss McKenna today. They're my friends at Sunday School and they take very good care of me.

After church, we went to the store and came home. I got in some play clothes and we all went outside since it was a nice day. It's been so HOT at our house for the last few days! Today was much better, so we could go out for a little while.

Mommy says I look all grown up. I do because I'm a big girl! I'm 2!
standing1 standing2 standing3 standing4

Since it was so nice, when I asked Mommy to "swaaaaiiing!" she said we could!
swing1 swing3

Tonight KiKi tried out one of my old toys. I told her how to do it. She liked it alot. Maybe she'll put up some pictures on her page.

It was a pretty good day! I like when it's not so hot outside! And I LOVE to swaaaiiiinng!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Working hard with Miss A

Sometimes I get to go to my school to do PT with Miss A. I really love those days! It's so much fun to play in the big room there. There's lots of climbing things, and I just love to climb. But I always start by banging on this part and getting all ready to go.


Then I like to swing. Sometimes the swing is like my swing at home, sometimes it's a big hard board that I sit or crawl on, but this time it was different. I didn't know what to do at first, but then it was kind of fun.

Miss A put me on the thing called a scooter. She and Mommy didn't think I'd be able to do it since my arms are not strong at all. But I did it! I had to work REALLY hard, but I did it.

Here's a super short movie of me showing off on the scooter.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Daddy Rocks!

daddybraska braskadaddybraskadaddybdaddysit daddybraska mbraska1braskaslide2daddybraska  braskadaddy1braskadaddy2 braskadaddy 

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Going UP!

Last Saturday me and Mommy and Daddy went to see a movie called UP!  It was a special movie time.  Kinlee stayed with Auntie Rachel and Uncle Patrick at their house. I saw my friend Z from school, and I got to say hello to her.  It was a really fun time.

(Mommy note: A theater near us in St. Louis does a monthly "Sensory Friendly" showing of movies, along the the Autism group in the metro, where they leave the sidelights on and turn the volume down during the movie.  We can bring our own snacks and drinks and the kids can be free to do what they need, whether it's talking to the characters or standing/pacing at the side of the room.  The admission is cheaper than a matinee, too.  It's just a place where parents can know people aren't going to ask them to keep their kids quiet for kids that might struggle with that for whatever reason.  All families with special needs are invited.  We just found out this week, so we thought we'd check it out.)

I sat on Daddy's lap and watched the whole movie. He's my movie buddy.  We both love movies!  braskadaddymovie

I helped Daddy eat his popcorn, too.

It was fun to go to the movie, and I am excited to see what they're going to show next month.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Buddy Walk Sunday

On Sunday we got up and got dressed for church.  Me and KiKi wore new matching outfits that Auntie Rachel brought us a while back.  We both got big enough to fit in them now.

First we took our Sunday sister pictures.  There were a bunch of them, so check out KiKi's page to see some more if you want to.

When it was time for my pictures by myself, I wasn't in the mood.  "Please, Mommy. No more pictures."

After church, we decided to go to the Buddy Walk and meet up with Blake and his family.  This was our first Buddy Walk, and we didn't even have to walk much since we got there late because we went to church first.  But we did get to see some of our friends and lots and lots of people we didn't know.  There was some good music so I danced on Daddy's shoulders.

Blake had his lunch, so I thought I'd eat too.  Mommy brought me a pudding cup and I at the WHOLE THING!  Everyone was pretty impressed. 

Sometime soon I'll have to tell you about how good I'm doing with my eating stuff!

It was pretty fun to go to the Buddy Walk, but I hope someday they can put it back on Saturday so I can make a team and bring my whole family and everything.  That would be really fun, I think!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Early Father's Day Surprise

I received word today that this project was completed. Steven Curtis Chapman had invited fans to submit pictures of fathers and daughters as they wanted to do a compilation for a new Father's Day montage to go with the song Cinderella. I submitted one, and I hoped we would "make the cut."

This morning I watched to see if the picture was there... and then I was so proud...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My new friend Blake!

On Friday, me and Mommy and Kinlee went to play with Blake.  He's new to our town and our mommies just met a couple weeks ago.  I thought he was very nice, and he shared toys with me.  He had lots of them too!  I like playing at his house alot!! 
braskablake2 braskablake1

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fashion Show: June 09

I've been pretty busy with playing and eating (yep, eating!) and making messes, so I haven't had much time for stories and pictures. Sorry 'bout that. But I have been wearing some cute new things, so I thought I'd show you a few of them.

Mommy always takes pictures of the first time I wear an outfit. I stand in front of the big chair because it is soft and I don't mind leaning on it. If she tries to put me in front of the wall or the door, I sit down quick or yell at her because it's not soft and I don't feel like it will help me stand up like it's supposed to.

Mommy sometimes gets grouchy during picture time because I don't like to co-oper-ate with her any more. I look all over but not at the camera, and she says it makes her crazy. Here's a bunch of pictures so you can see what I do when Mommy wants me to look at her.

Sometimes I look down or over at Daddy. And I bunch up my shirt when she wants it flat and pretty.
bfashion4 bfashion5

Then I tell her "All done," but I still don't look at her.

She tries to get me to do the happy dance, and sometimes she tricks me to get a picture.

Once in a while, I look for just a second, so she has to be ready!

(Mommy note: We call this one "Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis??)

"Ok, here we go again."

"Maybe if I cover my nose, she'll stop..."

"Look away, don't look at Mommy. Is she done yet? Don't look!"

"She said to smile, but I don't wanna."
bfashion4 bfashion3

"'Avert the eyes.' That's what Daddy says to do."

"Have you got a good one yet? Ok, we're done here!"

(As always, you can click on any picture to make it bigger.)