Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Heart Day to me!!

Did you know that two years ago today I was having my heart fixed!?!? Isn't that amazing that it has been so long!? And look at me now!!

Mommy wrote some more about my Happy Heart Day over here, so be sure to go read that. And if you wanna go back and read about my surgery and my good behavior with the nurses, you can click here.

Oh! And if you haven't seen all my pictures from lately, make sure to check out my last couple stories here and here. There are a bunch of good pictures there since so many of you ask for pictures all the time!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Back from Grammy's

I had a good time at Grammy's. I played with Auntie Joy alot, and I practiced my eating with Grammy. I've been eating some little bits every day that Grammy was at our house and when I was at her house. That's right... eating! I'm still only taking a little bit, but it's pretty yummy and Grammy and Mommy say I'm doing a good job!

Here's some pictures from Grammy's house when she made me some carrots. They were good!

(Mommy note: She is really doing well, and we're cautiously optimistic. If you've followed Miss Stubborn for a while, you know that she tends to do things that are encouraging, when it comes to food, and then she just quits it all. So we usually are a bit skeptical that new things like this will last, but she's been consistent now for close to three weeks. AND she's doing it for me, which is a good sign. She generally eats well in these phases for my mom and occasionally a therapist, but never for me. At this point, she's eating two to three times a day, about 3 tablespoons of food each time, either applesauce, yogurt, or pudding. I'm glad, and I'm doing my best in this new period of busyness and sleeplessness to keep up with very regular feedings. So far so good... we'll see how it goes as we move forward. We're celebrating this progress, though. I'm thrilled that she's taken these steps!)

On Sunday, after church, Grammy and Papa took me to see Mommy and Daddy and Kinlee. I was very glad to see Daddy especially! We had some lunch and then we came home.

Well, we didn't go home right away. First, we went to meet Baby Xander, my new cousin. He's just one week younger than Kinlee. He's pretty cute!

Then we went home because we were having friends come over. Oh, I forgot to tell you about my cute hair. Grammy put little braids in my hair, and Mommy and Daddy thought they were really great when they saw me at the restaurant! They're kind of messy here, but we'll do them again soon and take better pictures.

Our friends Amber and Katelyn came over with their parents to meet Kinlee and they brought us dinner, too! The girls are so funny. They were dancing and we played alot!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A week's catch-up

It's kind of been a busy week and Mommy's just starting to feel better, so we're a little behind with our stories and pictures again. Grammy's been here with me again this week, so I've been busy doing stuff with her. I think we'll do better keeping up soon!

On Monday, Aunt Hyla and Cousin Lindsay came to see Kinlee and let us meet Cousin Carly. She's so cute! I remember when I was just a little baby like that. But she is SO strong!

Miss Trish at Daddy's work sent me some cute clothes, like this shirt. Thanks, Miss Trish!

On Tuesday, we went down to the place where I get my glasses. They take good care of me when I need them fixed or if they don't fit right. They're so good that they are a big reason we moved here last year!

Here's me waiting patiently...

"Where did she go? Are they done yet?"

"I think they'll be done soon. Just a few more minutes."

On Wednesday night, Mommy and Grammy went to do some shopping and me and Kinlee stayed home with Daddy. I decided to go in and help Belle with her food. She always takes a bunch out and away from her dish, then she eats them one at a time. Then she goes to get more.

"Here, Belle, let me help you. We have to be quiet so Daddy won't hear us."

"I'll just put them here and you eat them. But don't tell Mommy."

Then today Mommy and I packed my new bag from Miss Karen so I can go to Grammy's tonight for a few days. The bag is nice and big, and it has my name on it! I could fit two or three of my friends in there with me!! I put in some toys, and my diaper bag, and my clothes, and my pillow and blanket. That should be enough for a few days.
I'll tell you about my trip when I get back.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Girly words

We are just being home these last few days. Grammy is here with me, and we are having all kinds of fun. Sometimes I sit with Daddy too and say hi to Kinlee.

I've also been working on saying new words and making my old words easier to hear. Checkout my newest one... it's what we put on my face everyday to keep it soft and pretty.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mommy life: Sister babies

Because my pal, Jen (AKA the flaming liberal...tee hee) asked... here's some Braska and Kinlee pics to peruse and compare. Yeah, I know...don't compare my kids. I hear you. But really, it's part of the fun at this stage.

Here's Braska's first wrapped-up pic in the delivery room.

And Kinlee, also moments after birth.

The first little family pic back in November 06.

And on Monday...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hangin' with my new sis

Grammy took me up to see Mommy, Daddy, and Kinlee today. I thought I'd check her out a little more today. Can you tell one thing we have in common that I noticed already?

(Pssssst.... we like to chew on our hands.)

I gave her lots of kisses today. She's really soft!

She's not so bad after all, I guess.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My sister's here!

Kinlee got here this afternoon. Mommy put up pictures and all her information at Kinlee's blog. I got to meet her too, but I just thought I'd rather be with Daddy and play. Maybe she'll be more fun when she gets bigger.

You can go to Kinlee's blog at .

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mommy's at the hospital

Mommy and Daddy went to the hospital tonight. The doctor is getting them ready for Kinlee to come tomorrow. Grammy and Auntie Joy are here with me, and some of the others too.

Auntie Joy has fun toys. We played music and I pushed buttons on her phone. I like to say "Ha-woh!" I'm gonna hang out with them until we go see Mommy tomorrow, and hopefully Kinlee will be here too!

Mommy's got more info on her page if you want, too.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Caught thinking

Sunday, February 1, 2009

P is for Pictures

It's been a long time since I told you some stories and showed some pictures!! Mommy has been pretty busy with alot of other things, and I've been getting into all kinds of things now that I can pull up on everything and cruise around the whole living room. AND I can crawl real fast now! So she's not getting as much done as quickly as before. But I'm having lots of fun going to my room all by myself and playing for a while. And Mommy likes that too. I like to play by myself and make big messes with my books and toys.

Here's a bunch of pictures from the last few days.

Mommy is not very good at bending over the tub now, so Daddy's been helping me with baths, and he's way more fun. I've been working on my music and drums, and we splash alot!

Last week, on Thursday, I went with Mommy and her friends to meet Miss Kayla for dinner. She is from far away, but Mommy met her online, so it was nice of them to all get to meet each other for the first time. We went to a loud place and I was loud right along with everyone else. And you know I just HAD to get dressed cute before we left! This is another nice sweater from my friend Larkin through Sophie.

And Auntie Rachel found me some cute tennies. My first pair of Nike shoes!! Mommy really likes them, and I think they are good to walk in too.

Friday night was my first special thing at my school. Grandma C and PaPaw came with us, and we had a very good time. This was in my classroom where they had stuff to play with, but I was not really interested. Then we went to the Romper Room where all the fun was!! I didn't get to take any pictures in there, but I played with my friends from school and some new ones too. Jack was there, too. We also visited Miss J in another room and I played with some great big blocks that were fun. After it was done, we all went out to eat and that was pretty fun too!

On Saturday night, we went to meet up with all Mommy's family for dinner and then we went to Uncle Ryan's basketball game.

I walked around with Grammy, and I got to meet another "extra special" little girl who was really funny and liked to give me hugs.

That's Uncle Ryan blocking a shot!! He's good!

This weekend, Daddy let me try something new in the bath. He filled it up a little more and turned the tub on! It turns on and makes lots of bubbles and splashes, and I thought it was WAY cool!

Soon Kinlee will be here, any day now! So keep watching for the big news!