Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Super fun toy!

Miss PT left a fun toy with me last week. I didn't understand it at first, but it didn't take me long to get it. I can play all by myself now. Here's a little movie of Mommy trying to help me learn it. I was a bit more interested in something else this time.

Then we tried again, and I started to get it. Check me out!

I'll have to give it back to Miss PT soon, but maybe we'll find one so Mommy can buy it for me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Family Bear Party: Week 4

Hey, does anyone smell fried chicken?????

The family came to our house this week for the Bears party since it was on Sunday night. I had lots of good times getting into things tonight!

I wore my Bears outfit from last year. It has 3/6 months on the tag inside, but I can still wear it! Last year we thought it was funny that I could wear it because I was 9 months old. Now I can still wear it and I'm 22 months old!! I just had to have a t-shirt under it since my belly was showing! But I didn't want to wear the hat that goes with it. It covers my pretty bow!! And don't worry, Daddy says this is the ONLY time I'll get to wear words on my bottom. That's not allowed in Daddy's house!

Remember last year?? Who is that tiny baby??

Miss Cheryl's cords were fun to tap with.

Daddy practiced catching like the Bears guys do it, but he used me to throw and catch!!

Grandma C has neat shoes that match my Bears outfit. And strings are the BEST!!

Here's a movie of our party night! And a new trick I learned!

I showed Miss Cheryl how to do my new trick too. She learns so fast!!

I tried to show her another one of my favorite things, kissing my toes, but she didn't learn this one so fast.

I even showed Grandma C how to do TOUCHDOWN!!

Daddy and I practiced our fist bumps too. It's like saying hi to people. It's what the cool kids do.

After all that fun, I cuddled with Uncle Ethon for a while. He's very comfy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chatty chickie

Here's a little movie we made to show you some of my signs and talking. We forgot lots of them, but that's ok. We'll just do more movies soon!

Pretty in Pink

Mommy always tells me, "When you look good, you feel good!"

It's so hard being so pretty!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Playing with food

I've been working alot on food and eating lately. I really like my new therapist, Miss OT, who has been letting me play with food alot. I like to put pudding in my hair and make it sticky.

Miss OT came yesterday and we made cookies! She had mushy stuff and we pushed on it and the put these fun shapes on there to make a duck and a square and things.

Then we played in the fluffy stuff that was left over.

I ended up with it on my face, but I thought those shape things were really fun!

Here's a movie of me doing one of my new things. We call it touch and taste. I'm still trying to get it right, but I'm getting better!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Braska BEAR

On most Sundays, we go to Grandma C's house to watch Da Bears play. They have special channels that we don't get. I have a cheerleader dress so that I can help them win!

When I got hot in my cheer dress, I borrowed a shirt from Shaylin. Then I found Cooper's food and had a little fun.

I also have been riding my horsey a little bit. I'm getting big enough to hold on!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BIG bounces!

Saturday night we went to see some friends that Mommy and Daddy have known for a long time but I had not met. They used to live where we did but now they live down here closer to our new place. Miss Sarah is a doctor for animals like my Uncle Jody and Mr. Jason used to work with Daddy a long time ago. They have two girls, Amber and Katelyn, that were fun to play with, and they have lots of toys!! Look at their fun basement!

This was a big bouncy thing that we played in. It even blows itself up! Amber showed me how it works. Then Katelyn came in too.

Here's some movie of me playing with the girls.

I got sad face at the end so Daddy came to get me.

Katelyn has a cool kitchen, and she makes some good stuff!

Later we watched some movies and played with toys upstairs after dinner. It was a good time! Thanks Mr. Jason and Miss Sarah for having us over!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First doodle

Last Sunday night, Daddy's side of the family came over for Family Football Sunday to watch Da Bears. I got to wear my new cheerleader dress. Shay brought a neat toy that I thought was really fun. It has a special marker that only writes on the special paper thing. Mommy and Daddy were pretty excited that I did my first drawing.

Here's a little movie of me doing my drawing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mommy report: Therapy update

Thought it was about time for an update. Braska's sitting in the bathtub having a good ole' time and I sit next to her with the laptop catching up on some blogs and other online items. It's been a CRAZY week...how does that keep happening?!?

Many of you have asked about Braska's therapy since we had a bit of a sad incident and misunderstanding with a couple of our therapists in July. The good news is, we LOVE our new therapists, she interacts with them very well and is not overwhelmed. This is VERY good.

The PT has been impressed with how she's doing, and so have I. We've worked on many things in the little break we've had, but I always feel like I've not done enough. But Braska is just now starting to do some cruising along the bathtub and the couch, and she's picking it up quickly. She's still loving climbing on the couch, boxes, stairs (a little) and whatever else looks to her like the right size and shape to climb on. She loves to practice her "steps" and when it's time to change her diaper or go to her room for some reason, we go down the hall very slowly with her holding onto my hands and she takes steps down the hall. She really loves doing it, and often asks several times afterward to do "more" (signing) and saying "up" (verbally). We're doing alot of practice of sitting down and standing up (like baby sqats) to strengthen her quads, but she is so darn cooperative that it's not bad at all.

Our new OT is also very good. She has a perspective I like and I think Braska will respond to. We're going to work on letting Braska do some non-eating type things with food, like helping to prepare things in some way. Tearing lettuce, which I think she'll love since tearing paper is a FAVE, will no doubt go over well. But I have to get some lettuce first, I guess. Braska has been doing well tasting things still, eating small quantities of pudding or yogurt (maybe a tablespoon at a sitting) and she's loving taking sips of very cold water from my glass or her nosey cup. She loves tomatoes, though she still only kind of gnaws on the soft part a bit. If any "bits," as we call them, get in her mouth, they're rejected pretty quickly, but not messy-like, which is nice.

We've added nutrition to her list of appointments, 2x per month, and she comes here. I like her alot too, and I think that's due alot to her perspective that we'll keep working on Braska and her eating, but she thinks that the best thing for Little Miss Stubborn and her eating will be to see her new little sibling partaking and loving it. So if we have to wait til that point for her to take off with eating, so be it. In the big scheme, what's the problem with another year or so, really?? I like that... keep trying, but no big pressure for *right now*!

Speech is our highlight with this little chatterbox. It's nice that she's doing so well. She imitates verbally more and more, she's adding signs and words, and it's fun to see her being able to communicate better. When M walks in from work, she signs Daddy. She can say "water" pretty clearly, and that's fun, so she uses it alot for her cold water sip requests along with "please" and "more" signs. She can open or close a door on command, and she lays down when told for diaper changes or whatever. (And she does it slowly and controlled, not flopping, so that's nice.) She says "diaper" pretty well, though she sometimes forgets the D sound. Today she's been right on, so yay! Our ST is just wonderful, and she's so good about getting through to Braska, who has finally become more cooperative the last few visits with her. She's a big fan of bubbles and can say that word on occasion too. She loves loves loves to sign baby... sometimes just because. She's very into shadows, and she spends alot of time in the morning finding the wall where the sun is shining so she can get in the light path and make funny shapes and things by dancing around and waving and such.

We're so pleased with the progress she's making overall. She's becoming much more willing to play with other kids, not getting overwhelmed as easily, and following them around as fast as her little scoot will take her. I think Shay, her cousin, is mostly to thank for this, and I look forward to seeing how they continue to do together. We are also just getting a pretty neat playgroup of littles with DS together from our little corner of the county. Two boys and two girls, though we haven't met the other little girl yet since I was sick last time they met. I think this will be great for Braska, plus she gets to see her buddy Jack! Wouldn't it be too cute if the couples ended up together? Ok, maybe I'm ahead of myself. :o) I just think it would be so cool to look back on this in 18 years or so!

It's time to wash this little prune and get her clothed again. Thanks for keeping up with us. Thanks for caring so much for our little princess. Thanks for taking the time to visit. It means SO much, I can't even tell you. Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Visiting old friends, meeting new ones

Last weekend we went on a little trip. We went to see our friends who used to live where we used to live, but now none of us live there anymore. We had a good time, and I played with the boys pretty good. When I was a tiny baby, I used to get scared sometimes with other kids, but this time I just played with them and it was fun!

Saturday morning we woke up and played after breakfast. Mr. Matt played songs, and I liked that ALOT. Connor played on his drums too, and Lucas just ran all over. He likes to go and go! Mr. Matt played lots of songs for me even when Connor got tired of playing drums, and I really liked his songs.

They have alot of neat things in their backyard, so we went out to play some. There was a swing that looked like a car, and it was lots of fun!

Here's some movie of me riding the car swing.

Then I sat on Daddy and we got in the big-kid swing.

We tried out this thing they call a slide too. I had never tried that before!! It was pretty fast! But Daddy didn't let me fall, so I did it a few times again.

Saturday night, we went to see some friends from before and meet a bunch of new ones. There were a whole bunch of kids there like me with extra goodness! They came from all over the place, lots of hours away, and they had played together all day. I didn't get to go for all the fun, but I did get to play some with them.

Here's me and my BFF Sophie! Isn't she so pretty! I hadn't seen her for a while since we moved, so we chatted about some stuff. Her mommy put up some pictures of our get together too, so you can see them over there.

Here's my new buddy Jack who went to meet people too. He likes food alot! Mommy wants me to take lessons from him.

I got to meet lots of new friends, but Mommy was so busy talking to people that she forgot to take pictures!! I got to see my friend Larkin, and I got to meet one of my blog buddies Mayson. There were a bunch of other friends that I met too, and most of them are from Downsyn, where Mommy can learn alot from other mommies and daddies when she talks to them on the computer. It was a really nice time, and I wish we could have been there a little more.

When we got home that night, I got a boo-boo from rolling off the air bed when Mommy told me to sit still. It wasn't a far fall, but I hit my face on the floor. My glasses got all bent funny and I had little owies on my face. I'm ok though, but it wasn't any fun, for sure.

It was a good weekend! Thanks Mr. Matt and Miss Nico for letting us visit! And it was so nice to meet all of you new friends and get to see all you old friends. Everyone should come to St. Louis so we can all see each other all the time! For now, I'll hang with Jack!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My first magazine!

I found out today that Parenting.com liked one of my pictures and put it with a bunch of other ones for people all over to see! Check it out!

You can look at the other galleries of my friends here for Round 1, and here for Round 2.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Who's coming?

Mommy and Daddy keep telling me someone's coming to live with us in a few months. I don't know about that, but they keep trying to get me to show it, like with my hands. I haven't been practicing much, so they were really surprised when someone said it the other day and I just showed them right away! So Mommy tried to get me to do it again, but I was tired of showing her. You might hear me tell her just HOW tired I am with my little complaint at the end. (It's kind of dark, so you have to look it just right to see me...sorry.)

We're going to see some friends this weekend. And we are going to meet some new friends who have the "something extra" like I do, too. I've got to figure out what to wear!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My new senator friend

Tonight we went to Miss Cindy's to meet up with our family and some new friends. Well, they are old friends of Grandma and Grandpa and Daddy and the uncles. Mommy knew them from when she was dating Daddy, but this was the first time I got to meet them.

Mr. Jon and Miss Sharla are from Montana, that's how my family knows them, but now they live in Washington, DC, some of the time. He's called a Senator, and he works with some pretty important people. I thought it was pretty neat to get to meet them, though I was kind of shy tonight. I was afraid he was going to ask me who Mommy and Daddy were gonna vote for!! (Shhhhhh...I think we're on different teams. Don't tell! Its ok, let's just play cards instead!)
We had a good time. They were all still playing cards when we left to come home. Miss Cindy's so nice to let us come to her house so much!! Here she is with Shay...they had some fun looking at the fish pond and blowing bubbles.
Thanks for coming by to visit, Mr. Jon and Miss Sharla!! It was very nice to meet you!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time with Daddy

This weekend was very busy even though Mommy said we were gonna relax some. Me and Daddy did some relaxing and we had some fun too. On Saturday Mommy went to Cousin Lindsay's wedding, and I stayed home with Daddy. We had a good time playing and watching movies, and he even did my night-nights with me since Mommy decided to stay the night.

Mommy got back on Sunday morning and we all went to Miss Cindy's for a swimming day. Daddy wasn't feeling very good, and I hadn't had my nap, so we hid in the sun room and napped.

After I woke up, I was ready for some splashing. I played with Grandma C, Cousin Shay, and Uncle Ethon. (Mommy note: You should really click on that last pic in the pool with Ethon. Check out Braska's bit o' attitude. Cracks me up.)

After swimming, we went to Uncle Ethon's house to watch the Bears game that he saved for us. Me and Shay played in the kitchen. I think it'll be fun to have a cousin now!

Monday was a no-work day for Daddy, so we got to play some more. Uncle Levi and Shay came to see us and me and Shay played with my toys while Uncle Levi cut our grass. We had fun in my play corner and I even found her when she went to my room to play. She's faster than me, but she's 9 months older, so maybe I'll catch her some day.

When it was almost dinner time, Uncle Levi and Shay had to go home, but Grandma C, Grandpa J, Uncle Ethon, and Miss Cheryl came to have dinner with us. We sat outside and watched the boys be silly and stuff. We even cooked our food outside...that's funny, I think. Miss Cheryl brought some really yummy food too!

It was a pretty fun weekend for us. Did you do any fun stuff??