Thursday, September 26, 2013

Braska Cameo on TV!

Mommy reporting: Check out this link for a story on a Special Olympics event Braska was a part of yesterday morning.  She got to skate with some of the cast of Disney on Ice… and Mickey Mouse!!  I saw this reporter there with a camera yesterday, but I didn’t know her and just assumed it was SO promo stuff.  So when M was walking through the waiting room at his office and saw this on TV today, he called me. “Um, I just saw Braska on TV!”

She’d never been skating before, and I was amazed that she could even stand in the skates on the carpet.  Once she got to the ice, it was a bit more challenging, but they were great. The coach of the SO hockey team that was there ended up skating around the ice with her for almost an hour, holding her. braskaskate1
(photo by
And she LOVED it!  She begged to go back out when I would take her for a break.  “Mom, I wanna skate more!  Mr. Tim, take me back to skate, please!”  It was plugged as a Young Athletes event in the info I got, but Braska ended up the only little one. The rest were teens with the hockey team, but they were great with her.  She just looked especially tiny next to them!

She was one totally jazzed little girl about the whole thing, even kind of curious about Mickey (and we’re not really a big Mickey house at all…though she knows who he is, of course).  By the time I took her to school before lunch, she was wired and talking all about it.  Pretty fun to see.

(Note to self: When going to an ice rink, to go ice skating, don’t forget the ICE element, and put the child in something more than a t-shirt.  Thankfully there was a fleece jacket in the car and she borrowed some gloves.  And Mr. Tim kept her warm while he carried her, too.  So great… )

Icing on the cake…. We got 4 free tix to the Disney on Ice show!!  But don’t tell the girls, it’s gonna be a surprise Sunday evening!

I’ll post more pics from the skating event soon…

Monday, September 23, 2013

Going to sleep

Mommy reporting: Getting ready for blow by gas and then IV. It's no fun watching her get disoriented...  But she won't remember. Thank goodness.

Teeth get out!

Braska reporting : I'm at the dentist this morning. They're gonna make me sleep and take a few teeth out... Like this big one on the front. It keeps getting farther down but won't get loose like it's supposed to...  Silly tooth.

I don't really like when doctors put me to sleep, so I hope this is better than sometimes when I get scared. I'm already asking mommy to take me home. But she says I'll be fine. And she is usually right. My dentist is special and he is real smart about helping kids sleep easy when he does stuff.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rehearsing hellos

Mommy reporting:  Braska loves to visit the private school that she attended last year, where Kinlee still attends.  We love that place, and someday she’ll be back there, I know it for sure.  Things are in the works… 

Whenever she goes with me for any reason, like visiting for lunch and recess with her friends, or stopping by to pick up Kinlee, she always says she’s going to go tell everyone hello.  She has great plans of what she’ll say and so on.  But when she gets there lately, she kind of clams up. 

When she was a student there, she was quite verbal with her teacher and friends, though somewhat picky about who would receive the blessing of her greetings outside of the classroom…. little diva.  But she seems to be re-discovering again when we pop in for little visits.  (She’s fine on the playground, of course, not a problem there.)

So recently she’s started acting like she’s seeing everyone when we talk about going.  Like she’s practicing.  So I got a little video clip of it yesterday so that those who she picked out to address would get to see how excited she is when she’s not actually looking at them in person and staring in an aloof fashion.

And why not share with the blogosphere, right?  There’s a couple little peeks at her goofy little personality in there, too.  (“I gotta think in my mind!”)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Family Bears Day

It’s that time again!!! FOOOOOOTBALLLLL!

Braska reporting: Uncle Ethon and Auntie Cheryl have “the ticket” this year, so we’re going to their house for Bears on Sunday after church.  This was our first week, and we got ALL dressed for it!

And Kinlee got excited!

Mommy and I practiced our cheer poses with her, but we didn’t jump this time.

We won! So yay Bears!  Bear down, Chicago Bears!