Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Silly scale again

Back when I was a tiny baby, I used to have to get on that silly scale over and over and over and over.  A lot.  Doctors always wanna know how big I am, so they have to check all the time.

Today Miss C came over to check on me and see how good I’m doing with my eating and drinking.  And of course she always brings a silly scale with her.

Mommy used to take pictures of me every time on the scale, and there were lots of scale times… like here, and here, and here.  But she hasn’t done that for a while. So she thought it was about time for another one.

And do you know what the silly scale said??
26 lbs 2 oz.  A new high!!! 
And I’m 36 3/4 inches tall, too.
(Mommy note: I’ve talked before about my feelings about growth charts…  But since some of you like to know how the comparison looks, I’ll humor you.  I’m feeling generous today. On a typical growth chart, she doesn’t even show up. 5th percentile for typical would be 32 lbs 39 1/2 inches.  On the DS chart, she’s at about 5th percentile for weight and just a hair over 25th percentile for height.)

KiKi decided to get on the silly scale too, but she didn’t want to take her clothes off like I always have to do.



KiKi’s numbers were really close to mine. 
27 lbs and 36 inches.  Miss C said that without her clothes on, we’re probably just the same numbers on the silly scale.  But I’m still a little taller!!

(Mommy note: KiKi hits about 20th percentile for weight and about 40th for height.)

Miss C said I was doing pretty good!  She gave Mommy some good ideas of new things I could try to eat so I can get all my healthy things I need in my food. 

And in case you wanna know… I haven’t had to use my tube to put milk in my belly for over 5 weeks!!  Woo hoo!! That’s a long time!  I’m working pretty hard to drink.  And I’m even trying to crunch crackers when I have special snack and practice times with Miss J and Miss S.  

We’ll talk more about that next month… it’s a big month (remember this??) and we’ll have lots of stories to tell.  Don’t forget to click over there by “Braska’s Best Buddies” to be in our buddy list or get on our email list at the top of the side there so you won’t miss any stories!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

20 birthdays

Today is my Uncle Ryan’s birthday.  He’s had 20 of them.  I can count to 20, but it’s way up there. 

When we went on a trip last month and saw all our family for a few days, Uncle Ryan gave me my first class about guitars. 

I really like guitars.  I like pictures of them and I like to see them on TV.  But I ‘specially like to get to see them for real.  I watched him play for a very long time.  And every time he was playing or Auntie Julia was playing I had to go sit by them again.  It was very fun.

And guess what?  Uncle Ryan even let me play his! 

Someday I’ll get another guitar class.  Maybe at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I can’t wait!

Happy birthday, Uncle Ryan!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dance class 2--Movies

Here’s a few little movies from dance class on Saturday…  Me and KiKi do the princess walk, and then we get to REAL fun dancing!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dance class #2 plus cousins

Today was time for dance class again!  Me and KiKi went right in and sat where we were supposed to.

KiKi did better this time and she didn’t cry or run away. 

Shay and Xander were visiting Grandma C today, so they came to watch us, too.  Mommy made us line up for a picture.  Xander didn’t really want to.

We have some dance movies to show you from today, but we’ll have to do them another day.  Maybe tomorrow!!  It was lots of fun today, and we’re already excited for next Saturday!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Good ears!

A couple weeks ago, me and Mommy went to see my ear doctor.  We stopped on the way and left KiKi at Daddy’s work with him.  She had a good time and helped a lot, he said.  He gave her snacks for all her hard work.

We went on to the doctor’s office, and waited for them to be ready.  First we went to see the ear test ladies.  Usually, they try to show me toys and want me to look at the dancing elephant in the light box when they play a sound.  I haven’t ever liked doing that.  I usually just look wherever I want. 

I talked a lot to the lady and counted with her.  I would wait nicely until I heard the sound in my ear, then I would put the piece where it was supposed to go.  We did it over and over.  They said I listened and did what they wanted me to, so Mommy was glad.

The trick??  This time Mommy took some things I like to look at, (FLASHCARDS!!) and she told the ladies that I like to count and do my letters and words.  So they did more things I liked, and I did GREAT on the test!  It was the best scores I ever got!  They gave me a sticker, but I don’t really like stickers to play with.  I just give them to KiKi.

Then we went back to the waiting room for a while.  We had to wait a little bit for Dr. M.  So I played!!


I watched a boy do something for a few minutes.  Then he left, so I tried it myself.

Then a big girl came and started doing my toy at the same time.  She wasn’t sharing, she just moved me out of the way.  Mommy wasn’t very happy, but I just moved over and did another toy.

Mommy made me come over and talk to her, to see if I was sad.  But I was only sad because she made me stop playing!!  I went right back to playing again!

They called my name, so we went back to a room.  Dr. M gave me a high-five when I walked by him, but then he had to see another kid.  So we waited a little more.  I looked out and watched the cars going by for a while.

Then I asked where Dr. M was.  “Mommy, where is he? Mommy?”

Mommy just took pictures.  So I showed my goofy “cheese!” face.

I’m so funny.  And kinda cute.  And I know it!

Dr. M came in later.  He looked at my ears and said we had to go next door to the room I don’t like.  They hold me down and mess with my ears.  Mommy says they’re cleaning and making me all better, but I don’t like it at all.  And I yell about it a lot!

I heard them say that my tubes were out.  I’m not sure where they were at first, but I guess in my ears somewhere.  Dr. M said I don’t have to put them back in right now.  So that’s good I guess.  He said because I talked good and say all my words just right, he doesn’t worry about it too much unless I start to get sick a lot.

I was tired when we left, so I took a nap on the way home. 

I don’t have to go back for a few months, and I’m kind of glad.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The other Braska girl!


See her?  Isn’t she cute?  Her name is Braska!  Mommy just found out that she got her name because of me! 

She needs to find a mommy and daddy to bring her home!  She lives far away on the other side of the world.  And it costs A LOT of money to go and get her.  Since she is my name buddy now, we’re going to see if YOU wanna help us find her a family!

You can go here to read more about her.   Can you give her a little bit of dollars so she can come home soon??  And maybe someday I can meet her and play.  That would be great!

(Mommy note:  The kiddos on Reece’s Rainbow are listed with names other than their birth names for privacy and safety reasons.  A dear friend who I know through the beauty of the DS community happened to have the privilege of picking the name for this little one.  She said her given name in her country was similarish to Braska’s full name, so it just seemed to fit! And I think that’s very special!  In honor of our girl, sharing the love for her new “name buddy,” if you can give any amount to her grant fund, we thank you!!  Please pray her forever family finds her soon!!)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Presents from work

Mommy came home with some goodies for us today.  She got them from her work.  She works at the Y.  These shirts have too many letters on them, but she says it means the same thing.

We were just playing around after our naps, so we had crazy hair.  But I think we do a good job of looking cute for her work.  She said they didn’t have any smaller shirts, so we’ll have to grow into them later. When we’re like 10 or something!

Anybody know why she got us these colors??

Friday, September 16, 2011

Reading and waiting

We are at a new dentist today. I don't usually like to go to the dentist but we are trying a new one that we hope I like.  I'll let you know.  Mommy says you should pray for me. And her.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dance class #1. Swim class again.

Last Saturday we went to our first dance class.  Me and KiKi got in our pretty pink outfits with our white skinny pants.  (Mommy tried to take a picture while we were still watching Word World.  Of course we’re not going to look at her then!)

It was a little chilly that day, so we thought we better wear our sweaters, too. Dance class was at Grandma C’s and PaPaw’s church, so we knew where to go.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         dancesisters2

When it was our turn for class, we all sat down in a line and waited for Miss SJ to show us what to do.

I really thought it was fun!  I even got to practice the princess walk with Miss SJ.  I tried pretty hard to do what she was doing. (There’s a little movie down here if you can’t see it.)

KiKi got upset a little when another little girl cried.  And she didn’t want to do the group things we did.  But I think she will like it more next time. 

After we did some more fun things, it was time to go.

Then we went back to where we live and hurried to get to swim class.  KiKi swims with Daddy while I swim with Miss S.

It was a busy day, but we had lots of fun!!! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just because I’m goofy!

Sometimes Mommy wants to take pictures.  And I might start to be good and smile….

But then I always get kind of silly…

Why? Like I have been saying a lot lately… I’m goofy!

(Hey Sophie, I still love your team shirt!!!)

(Mommy note: Braska’s favorite phrase lately is “Hey, you goof!”  And then following it up with, “No, YOU are!” if someone begins the exchange with her.  Teachers, therapists, and anyone who dares engage her is getting the “goof” treatment.  After a while, she’ll say, “Ha ha, Mommy, I’m so goofy!”  It is kind of adorable.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What were we looking at last week?

Remember when I showed you this picture

Well I was reminded today by Miss C at school that I forgot to tell you more about it!  Sorry!  (Hi Miss C!!) Here you go…

Uncle Jim and Aunt Karol were in our town last week to see Jamee.  She lives here now to go to school because she’s really smart.  We just love that she lives closer to us now! We get to see her sometimes, and me and KiKi always get really excited when we go pick her up.
(That was her chocolate yummies after dinner…BIG!)

They invited us to go to dinner with them at a place I hadn’t ever gone to, so we went and had a really fun time.  I liked sitting with Brock and Jade for a while.

Then I sat with Aunt Karol for a while.  KiKi was being super silly.

We all got BIG foods!  Jade’s sandwich was almost as big as her! 

Brock’s was really big, too.  And KiKi helped him with his bunches of fries.  She is sneaky like that.  She said she was just going to “borrow” them, but Brock didn’t want them back after she chewed them up! Ewww!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

KiKi likes Brock a little extra, I think.  She called him, “the orange guy” cuz she was being goofy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         brockkiki

Mommy had a big sandwich too, and she was pretty excited about it!

I had a big boat of mashed potatoes, and they were really yummy, too.  I couldn’t eat them all, but I tried!

We like their family a lot.  We count them just like our family, they just live away a little.  We missed Grant and Moise since they stayed home, but it was a really fun visit!

Oh, and what or *who* were we looking at in that picture from the other day??  Well I don’t remember for sure, (edited to add: Aunt Karol reminded me we were looking at the moon because I spotted it in the sky and told them it was there, and I signed moon real good.) but Mommy and us look up in the sky and say “Hi!” to Laynee sometimes, especially when there’s really pretty pink clouds.    And since she couldn’t have dinner with all of us like we sure wish she could, I think maybe we were just smiling at her to let her know we didn’t forget her, not for a minute.

(Psssst…. Laynee, I gave your daddy an extra cuddle hug for you, don’t you worry.)

Thanks for fun times, Aunt Karol and Uncle Jim!  Love you guys!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finally off to dance!

Here we go!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday fun: Tot lot, shopping, lunch

On Thurdsays, I don’t have school.  It’s my day off.  So Mommy says on Thursdays we’ll try to do something fun, just me, KiKi, and her. 

Today we went to the new playground Mommy and KiKi found yesterday.  It’s called the Tot Lot, and it’s just for little kids like us.  It was REALLY fun!

We had snacks, played some more, and then it was time to go.  I got sad in the car and started crying really loud.  Since I don’t cry very often, KiKi always gets upset and sad when I do because she thinks I’m hurt.  So she started crying too…  Mommy said we were the pathetic twins.

But then we calmed down a little and Mommy took us to our other favorite place… Costco!  We did some shopping, had some samples, and then we got a little lunch.  Even ice cream!

It was a pretty good Thursday.  What did you do today?