Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mommy life: Just plain swamped

Thing are very very busy. I’m sorry we’re so behind around here.  I’ll put a couple little videos from cheer this past Sunday below so you can have a little something neat to see. They're preparing for their first competition on 10/6.

I’ve got LOTS of great pics and Braska’s doing GREAT in gen ed kindergarten at the new private school.  I’d love to be able to document all of it like I used to, but life has other ideas.  I will make a point to catch up very soon I hope.  I’m trying to finish making about 30 cheer bows for the girls’ cheer squads right now, as a way to make a few bucks toward their costs.
(Peek at what I got done yesterday.)


Oh, and Milford, Indiana… I’d love to talk to you if you have questions about anything.  Thanks for visiting and catching up on so many old posts! Smile Email me at braskasmom atgmail com if you wanna chat.

Here's cheer videos... In the first, Braska's in the middle, in the dark pink tank top.

And in this one, Braska's the "flyer" (one being held up) in the second group from the left. The girls holding her (base) are also members of the squad, not just teen buddies, so it's very cool!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Big kindergarten stuff

I went to my new school today.  I went to my new kindergarten class.  I like my teacher a lot. And I like the new friends.  There’s 8 of us in my class.  They are all way bigger than me though.  And everything there seems big, I think.

Like my backpack hook. It’s WAY up there.  I can’t quite reach it but there are lots of nice people who will help me when I’m reaching high as I can.

We will show you more pictures and tell you more stuff about school soon. But there’s a lot to do when you’re a big kid like me in kindergarten. Even homework. So I have to come back later to finish more stories.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mommy report: BIG feeding news!

First, just watch.  Really. If you even know an inkling about Braska do NOT miss this.

I won’t say much, as I don’t have time to share the whole story.  But here’s the highlights.

  • Last Friday, new eyes on B for a behavioral feeding consult. New protocol given.
  • For the last 7 days, we’ve rearranged pretty much everything to abide by the new protocol (including 45 mins 3 x day for focused work).  I admit I’ve missed a couple I just couldn’t figure out how to avoid.
  • Today at lunch she did really well eating her little tiny squares of graham cracker. So I thought it wouldn’t be to far a jump to cheerios.
  • She was watching Sesame Street this evening, and I handed her a cup of milk and a little cup of cheerios and told her to practice her crunchies.
  • It took some prompting, but she took one each time, chewed it, and kept it in.

Read that one again right up there….  that is BIG in our world!  HUGE!!!!!

So I had her sit up where I could get video for her feeding team, and she cooperated pretty well.  I can’t believe it, but we’re celebrating here!

(By the way, it’s still VERY new that she just handles a straw cup like a pro.  So the combination, looking so “normal,” is just about overwhelming!  Long way to go still, but hooray!)