Thursday, February 19, 2009

A week's catch-up

It's kind of been a busy week and Mommy's just starting to feel better, so we're a little behind with our stories and pictures again. Grammy's been here with me again this week, so I've been busy doing stuff with her. I think we'll do better keeping up soon!

On Monday, Aunt Hyla and Cousin Lindsay came to see Kinlee and let us meet Cousin Carly. She's so cute! I remember when I was just a little baby like that. But she is SO strong!

Miss Trish at Daddy's work sent me some cute clothes, like this shirt. Thanks, Miss Trish!

On Tuesday, we went down to the place where I get my glasses. They take good care of me when I need them fixed or if they don't fit right. They're so good that they are a big reason we moved here last year!

Here's me waiting patiently...

"Where did she go? Are they done yet?"

"I think they'll be done soon. Just a few more minutes."

On Wednesday night, Mommy and Grammy went to do some shopping and me and Kinlee stayed home with Daddy. I decided to go in and help Belle with her food. She always takes a bunch out and away from her dish, then she eats them one at a time. Then she goes to get more.

"Here, Belle, let me help you. We have to be quiet so Daddy won't hear us."

"I'll just put them here and you eat them. But don't tell Mommy."

Then today Mommy and I packed my new bag from Miss Karen so I can go to Grammy's tonight for a few days. The bag is nice and big, and it has my name on it! I could fit two or three of my friends in there with me!! I put in some toys, and my diaper bag, and my clothes, and my pillow and blanket. That should be enough for a few days.
I'll tell you about my trip when I get back.


  1. You still are such a busy girl Miss Braska! I love your bag and hope you have a blast with Grandma!!

  2. Love the bag, Gotta know where you got it!! If it holds that much stuff, I bet you are going to LOVE it at Grandma's Braska!

  3. Totally off topic, but you have animals that won't eat out of the bowl too??? I thought our dogs were the only ones! By the time they take a piece out, walk across the room, put it down and eat it...only to walk back for another, they have burned off the first one. Then again, maybe they're on to something!

  4. Oh, Braska! Your Grammy is going to get lots of deep sleep while you're visiting, I bet. Something tells me you will be busy girls together! I'm sure your Mommy missed those hugs of yours while you were gone, though. We can't wait to hear about your trip!


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