Friday, March 18, 2011

Stringing letters

My teachers at school are just the best. I like all of them so much. And it’s so much fun to see what new things we’re going to do everyday.

Miss J had a fun new thing for me to try a few weeks ago.  They are LETTERS! My favorite thing in the world!  Miss J helps me learn how to use my hands better and make them stronger, which is really hard for me.  But these fun new letters are so great I don’t even mind doing them for practice.

Then the coolest thing happened…. I got home and there were MORE letter beads, just like my ones at school!  It was like magic! Somebody special loves me a whole lot, I think!

KiKi plays with them too, but they are my special toy to practice with.  The first day we had them at home, Mommy let me play with them some after KiKi went to nap.    Here’s a little movie for you to see…  check out my skills!

Mommy note:   Neat things to note in this clip…
~~Fine motor is a VERY difficult thing for Braska.  She has only been in regular fine motor focused therapy for about a year, because prior to that most of her OT time was focused on feeding.  It is one of the areas that she shows the most delay. But we’re not bothered by that.  She’s doing great! She now has two OTs at school (the best two, in my opinion!), one for feeding and one for fine motor. (They are a GREAT team and overlap a lot in each area.)
~~ Suddenly every letter was her “fav’rit”. As in, “Oh, the letter U, my fav’rit!”
~~Most of the letters you will hear her say “makes the ___ sound.”  This is something we’re working on, mostly because Kinlee is obsessed with what everything starts with and what sound all the letters make.
~~You’ll notice phrases “I better go get it” and “I do it again” and others.


  1. She's such a gorgeous bean! Ahhhh she makes me want to squeeze her!
    I love how she tells herself 'That's a good job' lol!
    Her speach is absolutly amazing!

  2. She is so cute! Great job with your letter beads Braska!

  3. Braska, you are a rockstar!! So proud of you! Love!

  4. Her fine motor skills are doing great! I noticed how she is able to put the string thru, then hold the string AND the block in one hand while she pulls the string thru on the other side. I've seen older kids who can't do that. Super job, Sweetie Peach!!

  5. Wow, Braska! You are growing up SO FAST! Thanks for putting this great video on the blog!!

  6. She is beautiful! I love her talk and her short letter sounds.


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