Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miss me yet??

I’ve been very busy, but Mommy’s been way busier than me.  So we haven’t had time to tell stories and show you pictures.

I’ll try to do better… here’s a couple for you from the last week.

Here’s me and KiKi walking with Daddy into church last night… we found some cute new dresses that a friend gave to us.  I think we look pretty nice!

Here’s me and KiKi all ready to go to the swim party at Miss Cindy’s on Monday.  It was FUN to get to swim all day!!!


We’ll be back with more soon!!


  1. I have missed You and your Mommy Braska! I am glad that you are busy having fun though...

  2. Yes, I have missed you, but it was good to see you in person yesterday. Auntie Ju is doing much better today.


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