Friday, September 14, 2012

School Pictures 2012

I’m sad that my 366 has fallen by the wayside.  Seriously.  I wanted to do it so badly. I miss that I don’t document everything like I used to. 

But we’ll try to hit the highlights… like school pictures!  They came home with the girls today.

Braska. Kindergarten. Mrs. E’s class.
(My guess is that the other shots weren’t all that flattering since the one they went with was kind of not straight on and the usual pleasant-stoic. Which is ok. Personality!)

Kinlee. K4. Mrs. S’s class
(This is the fake “cheese” or force a smile face. But that’s also ok. Seems like a classic first school pic. She’ll love it in 15 years.) 

So far the school year is going great, in the school part.  The home part is struggling because apparently I don’t know what to do with 3 mornings a week “free” so I book them AND the rest of our days to excess and insanity. So the house is in worse shape than ever, meals are sporadic at best, and I feel too too too too too busy. 

I keep hoping I’ll get a clue *next week*.  We’ll see how that goes.

For now, we’re loving our new school, the teachers and staff.  And the girls really do LOVE going and spending time with their new friends.  Win-win!


  1. I am cutting stuff like crazy around here. Focusing on school and realizing the importance of down time. We're blowing off dance class right this very minute, in face.

    Pix are awesome! (and no guilt on the 366!)

  2. Don't feel bad. I've seriously fallen off the blogging boat too. Someday, soon hopefully, I'll get back on;-) The girls' school pics are so, so cute! I love Braska's sweet side pose and and Kinlee's adorable "cheese" smile!

  3. Those pictures are darling! It might take a while to get the hang of 'free time' but you'll get it. And oooh are you gonna love it!! :)

  4. She looks like she's mid-giggle and giggling is contagious - awesome shot.
    And you're absolutely right about Kinlee's. Gotta love those cheesy grins!

  5. Love, love, love-love-love!! They won't remember the clean house or the "to-do's" being all complete. They will remember how awesome and fun their mom was to put them first and spend quality time with them :)


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