Thursday, March 14, 2013

Celebrity in training

There’s been some things like web pages and booklets that have my pictures on them lately.  And lots of my friends are there, too.  Here’s a couple if you want to see them!

**Be sure to check out the page about WDSD. Some familiar faces helping the page be adorable! 

**This was the All Ability Expo where my cheer squad did a show.  I’m in there if you look for me. (5th picture from the top)

**And here’s our little email newsletter from the DSAGSL.  Each week I get to be up there in the top with my smile!

We heard that I’m also on one of those big signs next to the highway for one of my schools, but we haven’t seen it yet.  It’s on one of those like a TV that changes it’s picture every minute or so, and we haven’t been able to see if it’s me yet.



  1. Such an awesome picture! PictureS!

  2. What a little movie star you are! Beautiful, Braska!


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