Saturday, February 13, 2010

Me ‘n Jack: KiKi’s party

This weekend me and KiKi are at Grammy’s house while Daddy plays games with his friends at our house and Mommy’s getting some quiet time by herself.  So here’s some pictures from last week to hold you over til I get home.

Jack and his mommy and his sister Madelyn came to KiKi’s party.  We had almost the same clothes on, and we didn’t even try to do it!


  1. Parents must be farmers, with all those bib overalls! Grandparents, too, probably. Good lookin' crew! (It's funny to write you a note on the blog, Braska, while you are playing at my feet....)

  2. love it! way to cute! hey brigitte and i will be in st louis on march 15th to spend the night. want to hook up???


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