Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Like Christmas again!

See all this stuff???  All these super cool and really fun toys came from our friends.  Look at all that in the picture.  ALL of it (except the bouncy turtle with the orange ring on his head) came from our friends Amber and Katelyn!

But that’s not all!!!  Look at this!

And this, too!!

Amber and Katelyn didn’t need their toys anymore because they are big girls and they got other toys, so they gave these to me and KiKi!  Isn’t that so nice?!?

There were two butterfly outfits in the box, too. So me and KiKi put them on last night.  Mine was too big, but Kinlee’s fit just right.  Mommy said we were pretty cute little butterflies

We got coats for me and KiKi for next year and some neat pink pants that I can wear in the snow when I get bigger.  Miss Nico gave us another pair of those pants, so next year me and KiKi will be able to go outside and play in the snow together. I think that’s going to be fun!

We’re going to take some of the toys to Grandma C’s because she needs some toys there, too, and that way we can share with Xander and Shay so they can also have fun.  Anyone wanna come play at my house??

Thanks Amber and Katelyn!!


  1. I see a couple of the cutest butterflies I have ever seen! My perfect peach and plum butterflies:o)

  2. Just a reminder that the Lord will continue to provide! Neat pics!

  3. Matthew would love to come and play. But I don't know if he'll want to dress as a butterfly. LOL!


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