Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laynee’s angel day

Today is going to be hard for Aunt Karol and Uncle Jim and Jamee, Grant, Jade, Brock, and Moise, too.  Last year on this day my blog friend Laynee went to be with Jesus and her mommy and daddy can’t see her anymore. 
So me and Mommy worked on something to show all of you how great Laynee was, and we thought Aunt Karol and Uncle Jim would maybe like to see it, too.
Here’s our movie we made of Laynee.  She really is so pretty!


  1. What a beautiful remembrance.

  2. We fell in love with Laynee after a post you did for her Princess Birthday.Such a beauty.Such an Angel and as coincidence would have it,her sweet mommy left a message on our blog one day after I wrote about a visit with some other chromosomally enhanced loves with middle names of "Grace".I did not have the privilege and honor of getting to know her before she took flight,so I thank you for this beautiful tribute for your beautiful,beautiful little buddy!Peace and strength to you all and all who love and miss her so.

  3. Thanks for sharing this blessing with all of us.


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