Thursday, September 2, 2010

Parties and more parties

When you go someplace, or when people come to your house, and there’s lots of friends and fun stuff, it’s called a party.  And tomorrow and the next day AND the next day we’re going to have a bunch of parties!  There’s a bunch of my blog friends and Mommy’s mommy friends who are coming to our town to play together all weekend.  (I think there’s some daddies, too, but a few of them might like to go to ball games more than play with us.)

It’s going to be LOTS of fun!  And I’ll show you some pictures while we’re playing, and then we’ll have a whole bunch when it is all done.

Here’s what we’re all going to be wearing… shirts with this on them.

Don’t forget to come back and see pictures of all my friends!!  Have a happy weekend!  I know I will!


  1. Must have missed this announcement! Bummer! We would have loved to come!

  2. Sounds like great fun! Tell all your new friends your Grammy wishes she could be there, too:o)


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