Friday, November 19, 2010

My baby cousin

Auntie Skye had a baby this week.  Uncle Jody was there, too.  I haven’t got to go see her yet, but Mommy did and she said she’s pretty cute.  We found this picture Auntie Joy took, so I can see how little she is.

That’s Auntie Skye’s mommy and sister with her.

Before we just knew her name was Baby A, but now we found out her name is Arden Mae.  Me and KiKi have been looking at pictures and KiKi says, “That’s Ardie Mae!”  She doesn’t say her name right, but I think it’s kind of cute, so I say it that way, too. 

Did you know that I’m the one who gave KiKi her new name, too?  I didn’t want to say all of Kinlee when she was a baby, so I just called her KiKi.  Now everyone does!  I’m smart with names!

Mommy tried to get us to say it right, but we don’t listen very good sometimes. We hope our new baby cousin doesn’t mind that we already gave her a new name!

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  1. Your new cousin is another dandy! Have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY, BRASKA! And give Kiki a hug for me, too! Love ya, PaPa


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