Friday, December 30, 2011

Mommy life: Prepare for BLTN posts

BLTN: Better Late Than Never

Because I’ve totally fallen behind in …. well, in life in general, in many ways…AND in blogging, obviously, I am going to be posting several old posts, and I’m going to have them post closer to when they happened, so that as I archive my blog chronologically, things will fit properly. 

That means that if you are NOT on a Reader getting posts automatically, or getting them by email, you will likely miss many of them (unless you want to hunt back through the archives from this past fall...)  So this is my attempt at giving you fair warning…  Sign up for email notifications, which sends you an email with new posts (little box at the top of the blog on the left) or click on the “Join this Site” under  Braska’s Best Buddies. 

The point is that I don’t want to forget to include times like this in our family memories archives… even though I’ve failed to be timely about it.

I’ll also try to keep up the BLTN Posts list in the left margin as well.  But I make no promises if it will always be up-to-the-minute.  I do all my posting from Windows Live Writer, so I rarely ever actually enter Blogger directly.  (Streamlining is important to me. Posting to 5 blogs in a matter of a few clicks with no sign-in changes is priceless!)

So there you have it… there will be content coming. It might be a tad hidden.   But now you know how to find it!   Remember—you can comment on old posts and they still show up and come through notifications for me. So tell us what you think!  Comments are part of our archives and back-up as well, so I cherish them for later when Braska can enjoy what friends said back when she was “little.”

I hope to do better with the freshness of 2012 to rejuvenate me.  Current posts and BLTN posts??  Here’s hopin’ !

Happy New Year!!


  1. yay! I miss you!

    we love that book.

  2. Happy New Year!

    Wait, FIVE blogs? Hyperbole or am I missing out?


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