Monday, June 14, 2010

A good fashion statement

I’ve heard people talk about a fa-shun stayt-munt.  Mommy told me how to spell it right so you would know what I mean…fashion statement.  Have you heard about this?  I’m not sure, but I think it’s when you put on pretty clothes and then tell someone something.  And I have something to tell you!!

So here’s the pretty clothes… these were our Sunday pictures from yesterday.  Daddy took them while Mommy was getting ready for church. Me and KiKi were playing and we didn’t stand still to do good Sunday pictures.  But Daddy sneaked in some good ones.

And now, here’s what I’ve got to tell you…..

To celebrate my new pretty blog that we worked really hard on, me and Mommy are going to be giving some fun things away to somebody who likes to read our stories!  Do you like to get stuff for just reading my stories?

And here’s how you can get stuff… You’re going to like it!  And there’s more than one thing! 

1. Leave a comment on THIS POST TODAY (Monday) for an “early entry.”  (That means you want to enter even though you don’t know what we’re giving away!)  That gets your name in the hat TWO TIMES already!

2.  There’s a place on the side of the blog that says “Followers.” (Mommy thinks this is a silly name because it sounds like we’re in a big line going somewhere.)  But anyway, we’re going to see if we can’t find a bunch of new friends to share our stories with!  So if you are in our Follower list already, you’ll get your name in the hat ONE TIME  just because we are happy you like us!! AND---if you want to get on our list new this week, you’ll get your name in TWO TIMES!

3. Because Mommy likes to have friends like I do, she’s going to put her friends on her Followers list in too!  If you want an extra chance to win stuff, you can get on Mommy’s list new this week, too!  That gets your name in TWO TIMES! Click here to go to Mommy’s page so you can get on her list.

4. If you have a blog too—or if you have that book of faces thing-- and you want to tell other friends about our fun stuff this week, then you get your name in the hat another time!  Just leave me a note so I can come see it.

So there’s a BUNCH of ways that you can get lots of chances win stuff… and on Tuesday, we’ll tell you what you can win.  One of them is one of my very favorite things in all the whole world!

Wooooooo Hooooooo!!!  This is gonna be SO fun!!!  Come play with us!


  1. I love the new look miss Braska! It is great for the big girl you are becoming. Evan says hi and you are a friend on his blog:) BTW- I love Kiki's piggy tails. Hope you all are well:)

    Jessi, Dave and Evan Poynter

  2. Well, I follow you always because you are my little poonchin(yes I know, I have a lot of little poonchins)and I don't really need anything but I wanted to comment anyway. You and your sister look beautiful.

    Now I will go see if I am following in the followers column.

  3. I absolutely love the piggy tails! Beatiful girls:)

  4. Okay you hooked me into commenting...

    I love reading Braska's blog because she's about a year ahead of Katelyn. And Katelyn loves fashion accessories! :-)


  5. Oooh, Braska, you got me! I love a giveaway. I am so excited, because I'm already a follower. I went and followed your mommy, too...I've been a "subscriber" for a long time, but now my picture is in the squares! Hooray!!! look beautiful in your Sunday dress! Polka-dots are my favorite!!! :)

  6. Braska we want to join in the fun and LOVE your new look on your blog. Have a great day!

  7. I'm curious! Can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow.

    Your blog is in my google reader(and so is your mommy's), but I have no idea if I show up as a follower or not.

  8. I love comments - and we love followers on Violette's blog too -

    Check out my horrible monster - I'll get you pictures soon!

  9. Hi Braska! I don't know if you follow our blog or not- but you should :)

  10. Braska,

    You are a sweetie! And even though we haven't met, I love hearing all about you and your adventures. Take care little girl!

  11. I don't understand this "followers" thing, but I check on you everyday, so I guess I'm following you. Tell mommy thank you for posting pics for us!! Love you, girls!!!

  12. What a pretty new blog!! :) Love the pic at the top!!!

  13. LOVE the "fa-shun stayt-munt"! What beautiful new dresses and blog:)

  14. Ok, I think I've got this covered! Your blog looks AMAZING! I am leaving a comment. I have followed YOUR blog AND mommy's blog with both MY blog and Emmalee's blog! And I will post about your giveaway on Em's blog as well!

    Wooh. Now I need a nap!

  15. Braska, your website is so awesome. I love visiting you and keeping up to your wonderful stories. I told my friend this morning that you are so good at updating your blog. You should tell your Dad to follow YOUR example. *hugs* to my favorite little angel. Love ya. Ms De.

  16. Love the new look-very cute!


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