Monday, August 13, 2012

Big kindergarten stuff

I went to my new school today.  I went to my new kindergarten class.  I like my teacher a lot. And I like the new friends.  There’s 8 of us in my class.  They are all way bigger than me though.  And everything there seems big, I think.

Like my backpack hook. It’s WAY up there.  I can’t quite reach it but there are lots of nice people who will help me when I’m reaching high as I can.

We will show you more pictures and tell you more stuff about school soon. But there’s a lot to do when you’re a big kid like me in kindergarten. Even homework. So I have to come back later to finish more stories.


  1. Braska, you are a big and busy girl! I am so excite to hear all your stories. You are a shining star!

  2. Wow, kindergarten. You are getting so old.

  3. AHHH! Kindergarten how can it be? I know you will do great Braska! Good luck.

  4. First - Yeah! Kindergarten!
    But also, seriously, you're killing me with these hair bows. Serious case of jealousy here.


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