Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day and see ya later

Me and KiKi are going to church camp this week with Grammy and Auntie Ju.  We went to see Grammy and Papa this morning so we could get in Grammy’s car. Here’s Kinlee with our Papa.  She’s looking funny because it was bright outside and she smiles weird lately.

I don’t think Daddy liked that we were leaving on Father’s Day, but he knows we’re gonna have fun with all those big kids. 

And Mommy had to have a goodbye picture, too, before we left for 6 days.

We’re gonna play outside A LOT and swim and play with little kids and big kids and sleep in a great big place with lots of bed.  And Grammy and Auntie Ju are gonna be there the whole time.  Kinlee was sad that Mommy would miss us, but I think they’ll be alright.

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