Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 for 21: Two-Party Friday

Kinlee reporting: Friday was 50s day at my school. Mommy made me a skirt really fast for me to wear.

Braska’s school was on a vacation day so she came with Mommy to my party.  She has lots of friends at my school since she went there last year, so everyone is always glad to see her.

This is all of the kids from the kindergarten classes at my school with all 3 teachers. We had a fun 50s day! 

We even had a sock hop…it’s a dance!

In the afternoon, Auntie Rach came to pick us up and took us on a secret mission. We went to get ready for a surprise party for Mommy’s birthday.  It was a super fun time! There was a lot of music and friends to see.


It was a great day of parties!

Mommy has more pictures of her party on her page too…

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  1. Wow your girls are growing up! Love seeing these pictures! Missy


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