Thursday, November 21, 2013

I’m 7 now.

Today’s my birthday.  I’m 7.  But I’ve been telling people I’m 67 all day.  I think it’s silly.

Mommy made me a sparkly bling shirt and I did my picture by the door like all the other birthdays.


Mommy came to school and brought cupcakes and goodies for my friends.  Mr. H gave me a cool birthday hat when I went to his class.  When my friends sang to me in Mrs. F’s class, I put it on again.

This is when they were singing to me.  It made me laugh.  And my picture is on the big board behind me too.  Mrs. F made that for me. 

Saturday is my big party.  Lots of my friends are coming, so it’ll be so much fun!  I’ll show more pictures after that.

But being 7 is kind of tiring, plus I had extra therapy tonight and I stayed up a little past bedtime to finish my Christmas show I was watching, so it’s time for sleep.  Mommy and me took a quick picture before bed… we’ve been together for 7 years!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRASKA. I hope it was super fantastic. Did you know your birthday is the day before Uncle Jim's


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