Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Down syndrome awareness bling!!

Most of you know that I’ve been doing rhinestone and custom accessories and such for a little while.  After just about bursting from excitement, I can finally release my newest original rhinestone design! Specifically for DS!!

**Perfect timing as we countdown to World Down Syndrome Day!
**Great gifts for teachers, therapists, family members, and friends! (And yourself!!!)
**Make sure you and your “posse” who are all meeting up in Indy this summer are decked out! 

Details about how it works,  what it benefits, and how you can get one –including PayPal checkout--are on this page...Just RK Designs
Or you can find out about how to win a FREE one at the Just RK Designs Facebook page.

Share the word, spread the sparkle!!!   Please link and repost!  Smile

(By the way… if you’re not into bling, I’m looking at doing this design in screen print.  If that’s more your speed, let me know and we’ll make that happen!)



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