Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grammy’s names

My name is Braska, and KiKi’s name is KiKi.  But Grammy calls us different names.  I’ve been saying them alot, so we made a little movie for Grammy.


  1. Oh, Braska, we've missed you! I hope you don't mind, but LC and I pretended that smooch at the end was for us, too.

    What a splendid talker you are! We're so proud of you!!!

  2. You are truly my little sweetie peach! And now you can even talk about my little sugar plum, too! Kisses back to you!!! Love you bunches :o)

  3. Great video! Love to SEE and hear you talk! I'm glad Grammy wrote in. For a moment I thought it was "Sweetie Peach" and "Sugar Plop." Peaches and Plums ... sweeties indeed!


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