Monday, August 24, 2009

I love Signing Time and Miss Rachel!!

Last month, some guy broke Daddy’s window on his car when he was at work and that guy took some stuff from our car.  He took my movie player!  Can you believe that??  (You can read more about the story here and here and here.)

One of the movies I got at the library was in the movie player, and the guy threw it away.  Why wouldn’t he want to watch it?  That’s what I wanna know!  Anyway, since he threw it away, we had to pay the library for the movie, and Mommy talked about it on her page.

Miss Rachel, the one who I watch every day on Signing Time and Baby Signing Time, saw Mommy’s story about it, and she left her a note.  They talked a little and Miss Rachel said she would send me a new movie since that guy took the other one I borrowed from the library!  Isn’t that super nice!?!

So the other day we got a box from Miss Rachel and this is what it had in it… (Remember, you can click on pictures to see them bigger.)

Can you believe all that stuff??  Me and Mommy were SO excited!  I just kept telling Mommy “I want Baby Signing Time movie please!!” 

There are some cards that have words and pictures of the signs on them.

Here’s the movie that the guy took from us.  Miss Rachel even wrote me a note on it!

And she sent T-shirts for me AND for KiKi!  

This is a picture of Miss Rachel and a note to me.  We’re gonna put it in a nice frame so I can keep it forever!

And this is the movie that she sent so that the library could have theirs back too!!

There are also some fun things like stickers in there for me and KiKi to play with.  They go on our skin.  Mommy says it’s like a taa-too.  Oh, and there’s CDs too so we can listen to the songs and sing along when we can’t watch the movies!  I tell Mommy “I want mooosic, please!”

Isn’t that the nicest thing you ever saw?  Miss Rachel did such a fun thing for me because she sent me my favorite things ever.  Signing Time movies!!!

Thank you, Miss Rachel!  I am watching them lots and lots.  And I especially like to sign “wind” when I lay on the floor by the thing that blows cold air out at me.  I always tell Mommy “Cold! Brrrrr! Wind!!”

If you don’t have Baby Signing Time movies, you should go get some right now!

(Mommy note: The signing has just really taken off, another spurt, except that she can verbally say all the words too.  I hope to have some video of her latest stuff very soon.  The full-sentence requests are just plain amazing, I think!  And once again, many thanks, Rachel!!)


  1. that is so awesome!! she's amazingly nice :) enjoy all your fun stuff braska, and i promise i will get your stuff in the mail THIS week!! i'm such a procrastinator!!

  2. That is so generous of Rachel! How fun to get treats in the mail!!

  3. Wow!! That is awesome!! How sweet of Miss Rachel to send you all this stuff. Enjoy!!

  4. That is really special. Thanks for posting the pictures and the story!

  5. That is just SUPER cool! :) Yay!

  6. Thanks for the pictures Braska.. Evan talks quite well but I want to teach him other ways to talk so I think we might have to check out Baby Signing times.. You are such a good teacher..

  7. That is so cool that Rachel sent you all those awesome videos and cards!
    Keep up the great work Braska!

  8. WOW that is great! Really super amazing! Keep up to good work Braska!!!

  9. Sweetie Peach, that is so special! Miss Rachel is fun to watch on TV and she's apparently a nice person in real life, too. Here's my thanks to her, also!
    Love you!

  10. I am SO glad you received all the fun stuff I sent! Keep signing!


  11. So awesome!! She's the best! Have fun with all that stuff!

  12. One more thing to add to the LONG LONG list of reasons I LOVE Signing Time!

  13. That's really cool! How nice of her. Alexander and Sophie love our DVDs too, but who wouldn't?

  14. Very cool! Such a nice thing Rachel did in sending all the fun ST stuff!


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