Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh no, LC’s so sad!

My little friend LC is the cutest thing you have ever seen!!  And if you haven’t seen her, well, you just don’t know what cute is, that’s what I say…

LC has been missing her Daddy because he’s been busy at work, and she’s so sad.  But she likes to talk to him on the phone.   You just have to go see how their talk went the other night, it’s on her blog

Really, I’m sorry you’re sad, LC!!  You’re Mommy’s great too, though…you should try cuddling with her, maybe!


  1. Oh Braska your so sweet and that is so precious that you worried about and don't want to see your friend sad. You guys are lucky to have each other to cheer the other one up. Great friends are hard to find, but it sounds like you have found a keeper.

  2. Oh, I AGREE!!! We're so lucky to have our Braska Buddy...thanks for the support's important to have such good friends when daddies are leaving us high and dry at bedtime. We can't wait to play together. soon...and...GUESS WHAT...after our last visit LC cannot get enough of the primary colored cups she got from nanny. I'm absolutely sure LC is trying to be like her Braskabud.

  3. Braska, I love the new "sister" pics. You both are SO special! Love you, Sweetie Peach!!


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