Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wanna know how big?

Mommy likes me to keep track of how big I’m getting, so she wanted me to put it on here so she won’t forget.

Yesterday we went to a place and they checked to see if I had gotten bigger.  When they put me in the little chair that tells them if I’m eating good, it told them I was 22 lbs.  That’s really big!! I think that’s bigger than I’ve ever been before!  And then they made me lay down on this big hard thing to see how far down my feet went.  I did not like it at ALL!  But when they let me get up, they said I was 33 1/2 inches.  I think that’s good, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, I’m with Daddy and KiKi at Grandma C’s today so that Mommy can have some quiet time at home.  We’ve been kind of hard on her this week, and she was asking us to start being good girls again…especially KiKi.  She was really bad.  I’m the good girl, don’t worry.


  1. wow you are really growing Braska!! Mayson is 24 lbs now but you are a whole inch taller than her!!! glad to hear you are the good girl and giving your mom a little break!

  2. baska?

    iss lc.

    i kumd to yer hows wun tim.

    i payd wif yoo an yor sitsir.

    baska? how did that big get on yoo? i nevir node a kid so big as yoo is.

    is it cheetos, baska? is cheetos puteeng big on yoo? cud yoo splane dat to my mom, peez?

    i luf yoo baska.


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