Monday, September 28, 2009

Retropost: Meeting Henry

A few weeks ago me and Jack went meet a new friend, Henry.  Well, he’s not so new, but I never had met him for real, just in our blogs.  Our friend Matthew was there, too. We played at Henry’s grandma’s house in the back yard. It’s SO pretty!
We had a pretty fun time.  But there was a little oops.  See that blue tub in that picture up there? I was standing up there holding on to it, Jack was standing next to it by that little bush plant.  I decided to give Jack a big hug, so I put both my arms on him, but he couldn’t hold me up. So we fell back onto that bush, then we flipped over our heads and down the hill.  We weren’t too happy about it, and we screamed pretty loud, but our mommies got there pretty quick and we were ok.  My mommy said she really wished she had it on a movie for us to watch over and over because it was kind of cute.

Later Jack did end up with a boo boo when he fell and bit his tongue.  It was icky and bloody!  But everyone’s ok, don’t worry.

Here’s three of the mommies.  Miss Ria had already left to go home.  Miss Julie is Jack’s mommy, Miss Heidi is Henry’s mommy, and there’s my mommy.

Miss Heidi and Henry went back home to Texas later, but we will be sure to get to see them the next time they come to visit!  Thanks for asking us to visit, Miss Heidi and making lunch!!


  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time! Way to go, Braska!

  2. Oh, Braska, it's just like you to want to hug your friend. I'm glad neither of you was hurt! See you Saturday :o) Love you, Sweetie Peach!

  3. we should do that again when Heidi is in town again! Sorry I missed the Mommy photo op. Maybe you can photoshop me in. hehe.


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