Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas p-jammies

Miss Julie and Madelyn found p-jammies for me and Jack and KiKi so we could take some cute pictures.  So we did it yesterday and there were a BUNCH of them!!!  But for now, you’ll have to just see one and wait til they’re all ready to see the rest. 


(Mommy note: Apparently it was a finger-chewing good time!)


  1. awwww Love the jammies!! Too cute!

  2. I love Christmas Jammies! Such cuties! How funny they all had their fingers in their mouths!

  3. I wondered what you coated their fingers with just before the shoot :o) Three super cutie pies!!

  4. I love that pic! So glad that you weren't annoyed that we took it upon ourselves to outfit your girls. Adorable!


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