Monday, December 14, 2009

Mommy report: Call from school

Braska’s been in preschool 3 weeks, today started her 4th week.  And she’s been snotty and congested since day 3, not surprisingly, but still annoyingly.  She’s missed one day because I didn’t think anyone would want to deal with the excessive snottiness, but generally she’s been going. 

Today the school nurse called at about 11am to say that she had been lethargic—she was zoning out and not wanting to eat snack--in the classroom and they’d taken her temp, then they sent her to the nurse who also took her temp and got 100.8 F and that she needed to be picked up.  This is interesting to me because she’s never had a fever due to illness before. Yep, in 3 years…not a bad record.  She might have been up a degree here or there, but never a “fever” that needed attention.  And not wanting to eat, well, we know that’s no new thing.  And zoning out, depending on the context, she does sometimes do that.  Wish I could have seen it to be sure, but I’m not worried.

No problem picking her up, that’s fine.  But what’s funny is that on the way home I stopped to pick up a new thermometer since all ours are pretty old and questionable in their reliability.  So we get home, I check her temp (no meds having been given yet) and it’s totally normal, even low, as she usually is.  I check Kinlee and hers is also fine, as is mine, so the thermometer seems to be ok.  And Braska’s fine, playing, chatting as usual, getting around fine without any lethargic hint at all. 

So now she gets to stay home tomorrow, due to that 24-hour-no-fever rule, and we’ll hang out or do something fun.  I’m thinking that she had a little fluctuation, or she’d been playing hard, or who knows.  But other than the continuous clear runny nose, and an occasional little cough, she’s in good shape.

Not a bad first-call-from-school situation, all things considered.


  1. Welcome to life in school. This happens with Moise all the time. They call saying he doesn't seem to feel good, he's listless, he has a slight temp. Then I get him home and he's bouncing off the walls. There's not much to do but comply,

  2. I'm glad your a being positive but it will be interesting to see what the future brings. The key to special education is documentation so if you need to talk to them about something that has happened in the past you have your notes. BTW, have you seen this website?

  3. that is weird. the fever thing seems so arbitrary to me. It's not like a fever is a definite sign of anything.

    well, whatever, I'm glad she's feeling okay.

  4. RK ~ This has happened to me one too many times. My answer to the nurse when she calls to tell me that one of my kids has a temp and must go home is, "Thank you so much for letting me know! I'll be there in a few minutes." I pack my thermometer in my purse and head up immediately to the school. Funny how 90% of the time my children have no fever. I give my kiddos a hug and tell them I'll see them after school. The nurse doesn't call me so much anymore! It's usually right after recess or PE that I get the call, so it's quite possible their temp is elevated slightly, but not enough to remove them from school. I used to work in a high school clinic. By that age the kids knew how to work the whole temp thing. In the end I think if our kids are terribly ill, we know to keep them home. I hope Braska gets over her schnotties (as my Alyssa calls them.) We have them here too! Take care and have a blessed Christmas!


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