Monday, December 28, 2009

Fuzzy Christmas Jammies!

Here’s a bunch more pictures of me and KiKi and Jack from when we tried on our matching p-jammies that Miss Julie got for us… remember they all get bigger if you click on them.
triochair4triochair3triochair1triochair2jackbraskaxmas2 triobooktriobook2 braskabook jackbook2 jackbook1

“Hey, can I read that with you??”

”Watch it, girlie.”
(Make sure you click on the pic below to see Jack’s face!)
jackbraskabook3jackbraskabook2 jack2 jackbraskaxmas1 jackbraskahat1triostairsxmas2triostairsxmas1triostairsxmas3jackbraskaxmas3 jackbraskaxmas7jackbraskaxmas6jackbraskaxmas4 jackbraskaxmas5 triostairsxmas4 triostairsxmas5 triostairsxmas6


  1. Cute pics! I can never get footie pajamas to fit on Kayla -- she has such short stubby legs!

  2. Christmasy AND Patriotic colors, indeed! Darling pictures!

  3. Braska, Kiki and Jack ~ Brandon and Alyssa both think that your pj's look fun and happy! With all of that silly giggling going on they must have been LOTS of fun!

  4. Looks like they had a blast with their cute jammies!


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