Friday, October 29, 2010

Pretty good Friday

Today we just hung around in our p-jammies for most of the day.  That was fun.  We didn’t have to go anywhere so we just played at home almost all day.

After nap, KiKi went shopping with Auntie Rachel and me and Mommy got ready to go to dinner with Daddy.  We got a present to go out and eat at the place with the olives, so we did.  I colored and we had a fun time just me and Mommy and Daddy.  KiKi and Auntie Rachel went to dinner with Uncle Patrick, and they had lots of fun, too.

Tomorrow Miss Julie and Mr. Allan are leaving to go see Dashlyn!!! They’re going to be gone a little while, so Jack’s going to be at our house A LOT!  Me and KiKi are SO excited!  He’s gonna go to school and eat lunch with us and take naps at our house and play with us and we’re going to have bunches of fun!

They don’t get to bring Dashlyn back this time, but Miss Julie and Madelyn go back really soon and then she gets to come home! Woo!  My new friend will be home before it’s Christmas time, and she’s gonna be the best present ever!

So get ready for lots of fun stories and pictures of the three crazy friends next week!  Anyone else wanna come play??

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  1. that is super exciting stuff Braska! you have fun with Jack and we can't wait to meet his new sister. we'll pray for safe travels!


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